Monday, October 01, 2012

Scarecrow Puppet

I have a few young children in my care during the day.  We do a lot of crafts throughout the week.  Last week we made a little scarecrow puppet.  I made up a pattern (rather too small for my hand to go in, but perfect for the 3-year old in my care).  He's made out of muslin, and I stitched him up and then set him before the 3-year old to make into his own puppet.  This is the result...

The 3-year old glued on eyes, silk leaves for hair, pom-pom nose and fabric scraps for clothes.  He drew the mouth with a permanent marker.  I stitched the small sunflower button onto his hat, stuck the bee's wire through the hat, and tacked the hat on his head with a couple of stitches.  The little basket was painted by the child and I tacked that on the puppet's hand with a couple of stitches around the handle.  Perfect for the fall season now upon us, and a great little decoration for both the Thanksgiving table this weekend, and right into Halloween at the end of the month.



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