Saturday, July 11, 2015

Five on Friday

Linking up with Amy of Love Made My Home for Five on Friday!

1. Winged Things

a butterfly wing I found on the forest floor
A scolding red-winged blackbird
pileated woodpecker
female mallard duck
little green heron

2. Pretty spots at camping

This old rock slide made a perfect sheltered rock garden. There were lots of wildflowers blooming there, but they didn't really show up so great in the photo. Wouldn't you love to have a backdrop like this in your own garden?

this tiny island just glowed in the sunshine!

cormorant island ... they were all sitting up in the top of one of the trees

3. Fauna

An adorable mink! 
He was swimming and had a tiny little fox-like face, 
which he turned away at the last second:

Sneaky raccoon inspecting our firepit!
4. Flora

I'm terrible with names of wildflowers, but these were pretty.

A nicely rounded mossy rock ... a great combination, wouldn't you say?

I loved this pattern of the various sized lily pads on the dark water.

5. Back home ... a few of my garden blooms


A tiny piece of my hens & chicks that the squirrels left after winter.
It's about the size of a nickel.

And that's all folks! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I'm off to the dentist before I have a crowd of family coming in for a BBQ this afternoon. I plan things well don't I?

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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

I Heart Camping

This past weekend, we headed up to clear waters and rocky shores to do a little camping. We usually extend our weekend camping on either end of the weekend to make the journey worthwhile. Charleston Lake was our destination this time, just north of Gananoque, Ontario.

Charleston Lake is a beautiful lake with a provincial park at one end (where we camp) and cottages dotting the rest of the shores. It's not overly crowded with cottages, so it's not crazy busy on the waters with motor boats.

We paddle around to the many inlets and the tiny islands where my son and husband like to fish.

While they fish (....yawn...) I take my camera and a good book and enjoy the quiet with the pooch.

 Well I try for quiet, but Cody just wants me to "Please throw the stick?!".

He never lets me rest. Throw the stick. Swim after the stick.

Retrieve the stick.




Wait for the stick ...

It's easy to lose your place in your book with such distractions. My book has a few permanent muddy splotches to remind me of our day on this island thanks to the obsessive rolling in pine needles and shaking off water!

But the fishing was good ...

... and we saw lots of wildlife, both big and small ...

White-tailed deer on an island.

Painted turtle
Little Green Heron
... plus we got our fix for canoeing and kayaking in a tranquil setting.

I even made time for tea back at the campsite ;)

A very relaxing and enjoyable time with my little family ... less one :) 

Who could ask for more?

I may not have a lot of computer time for the next couple of weeks as my brother and his two young boys are here visiting from Victoria, BC. I'll try and pop round to visit you whenever I get a free minute.
Thanks for stopping by!


my ride :)

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Do You Pin?

Good morning! It's finally sunny here today, and I have only a quick couple of minutes to spend on the blog before I have to take charge of the day. 

astilbe ... a favourite shade flower
I have a blogging question for your this morning. Are you on Pinterest? I only recently joined Pinterest and have a few boards made up. I want to show the Pinterest link on my sidebar, but can't figure out how to do that. (Now figured out ... see update at the end of this post) If you have managed to do that using the Pinterest logo, could you let me know which "gadget" to use from the "layout" in Blogger. Thanks, I'd appreciate it :)

New shebunkins in the pond :)

Until I get that sorted, if you want to see my Pinterest boards the link is here.

My sons' garden art ... a welded dragonfly on the side of his arbor

Thanks for your help!


Update: Thanks everyone for your input on the Pinterest question. Amy pointed me in the right direction, and if you are wondering how to do this, here are the instructions:
In Pinterest click on your name in the top right-hand corner to go to your own boards. Now under your name in the top right-hand corner you will see  a box "Edit Profile" with a cog wheel beside it. Click on that cog wheel and a drop-down menu will have a few items listed. Click on "Make a widget". A new window opens up called "Add a Pinterest widget to your site". Copy the entire code shown in the box. Go into your blog; click "Design"; click "Layout"; click "Add a Gadget"; click "HTML Java Script"; paste the Pinterest code into the "Content" box; click "Save" and you're done!

Lilies are blooming now!

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