Saturday, July 11, 2015

Five on Friday

Linking up with Amy of Love Made My Home for Five on Friday!

1. Winged Things

a butterfly wing I found on the forest floor
A scolding red-winged blackbird
pileated woodpecker
female mallard duck
little green heron

2. Pretty spots at camping

This old rock slide made a perfect sheltered rock garden. There were lots of wildflowers blooming there, but they didn't really show up so great in the photo. Wouldn't you love to have a backdrop like this in your own garden?

this tiny island just glowed in the sunshine!

cormorant island ... they were all sitting up in the top of one of the trees

3. Fauna

An adorable mink! 
He was swimming and had a tiny little fox-like face, 
which he turned away at the last second:

Sneaky raccoon inspecting our firepit!
4. Flora

I'm terrible with names of wildflowers, but these were pretty.

A nicely rounded mossy rock ... a great combination, wouldn't you say?

I loved this pattern of the various sized lily pads on the dark water.

5. Back home ... a few of my garden blooms


A tiny piece of my hens & chicks that the squirrels left after winter.
It's about the size of a nickel.

And that's all folks! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I'm off to the dentist before I have a crowd of family coming in for a BBQ this afternoon. I plan things well don't I?

Be sure to visit Amy's to see what other's have chose for their Five on Friday :)



  1. Hello Wendy, gorgeous images, flowers and scenic shots. And I love the birds, butterfly and the cute mink? Great post, have a happy weekend!

  2. I hope that you have a wonderful BBQ and a great time with your family!!! I of course love the mossy rock, you must have been in heaven when you saw that!!! The raccoon is a cheeky fellow isn't he, nosing around like that! Good job there wasn't a hot fire in there, he would have had a horrible shock! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I love your photos and seeing what you have been up to!! Have a great weekend and BBQ!!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!! xx

  3. Love the photos of the critter, I thought at first the mystery one might have been a beaver. The raccoon is so cute!

  4. Great shots , but have to say that woodpecker nearly made me grimace as one of them has done thousands of dollars of damage at our mountain cabin this spring. Cute but treacherous

  5. Cormorant island looks like a "group of seven 'painting!
    Jane x

  6. Gorgeous photos, one and all.

  7. I love all your photos but the mallard in flight is amazing. You live is such a beautiful place. I hope you're having a great weekend.

  8. Beautiful photo's Wendy I love that tiny Island, your garden blooms are lovely, hope it was ok at the dentist I need to go too, enjoy your BBQ and have a lovely weekend. :) xx

  9. Poor butterfly, wonder what happened to the rest of it? Gorgeous camping spots Wendy and I found the raccoon inspecting your fire pit cute.
    Enjoy your family BBQ!

  10. Great photos of the winged creatures and flowers and beautiful views! I love that natural depression wildflower garden...oh yes, how awesome that would be to have on one's own property! The raccoon was incredibly cute!

  11. oooo I love your olde-fashionede watering can planter, that is gorgeous! Have a great weekend,

  12. Some beautiful photos, the racoon really made me smile. Hope you had a great BBQ catching up with friends.

  13. I hope you all had a wonderful BBQ, lovely photos Wendy, you must live in such a lovely area x

  14. Your camping trip looks great - lovely pictures. I live the Racoon and your fuchsia are beautiful. I hope the BBQ went well xx

  15. Oh wow Wendy, such beautiful photos and I love them all! I hope you had a fun BBQ and weekend.

  16. wow you live in such a beautiful area ! love the cheeky raccoon photo haha ! and I bet you are quite lucky to get a photo of a mink as they are quite shy I think. Hope you had a good BBQ ...
    Gail x

  17. Lovely photos. Are racoons always that bold?

  18. Such pretty photos of the beauty around you, Wendy! How exciting to see the mink! We have pileated woodpecker's here, too. They have a very loud call, don't they? Hope your bbq went well. xo Karen

  19. Beautiful photos. The flowers are lovely, and my favorite is the photo of the cheeky raccoon in the firepit. He looks awfully cute, but I know they can be a nuisance.

  20. What a lovely collection of things for Five on Friday. I'm a day late this week :)

  21. Hi Wendy!!
    Great photos...poor wee Hens and Chick!! I bring a few small planters of them in for the Winter...they like it!
    hope you are having a wonderful summer!
    Linda :o)


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