Wednesday, July 08, 2015

I Heart Camping

This past weekend, we headed up to clear waters and rocky shores to do a little camping. We usually extend our weekend camping on either end of the weekend to make the journey worthwhile. Charleston Lake was our destination this time, just north of Gananoque, Ontario.

Charleston Lake is a beautiful lake with a provincial park at one end (where we camp) and cottages dotting the rest of the shores. It's not overly crowded with cottages, so it's not crazy busy on the waters with motor boats.

We paddle around to the many inlets and the tiny islands where my son and husband like to fish.

While they fish (....yawn...) I take my camera and a good book and enjoy the quiet with the pooch.

 Well I try for quiet, but Cody just wants me to "Please throw the stick?!".

He never lets me rest. Throw the stick. Swim after the stick.

Retrieve the stick.




Wait for the stick ...

It's easy to lose your place in your book with such distractions. My book has a few permanent muddy splotches to remind me of our day on this island thanks to the obsessive rolling in pine needles and shaking off water!

But the fishing was good ...

... and we saw lots of wildlife, both big and small ...

White-tailed deer on an island.

Painted turtle
Little Green Heron
... plus we got our fix for canoeing and kayaking in a tranquil setting.

I even made time for tea back at the campsite ;)

A very relaxing and enjoyable time with my little family ... less one :) 

Who could ask for more?

I may not have a lot of computer time for the next couple of weeks as my brother and his two young boys are here visiting from Victoria, BC. I'll try and pop round to visit you whenever I get a free minute.
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my ride :)


  1. Wonderful post - I loved seeing the scenery and everything you saw. (esp. the Green Heron!)

  2. It looks amazing Wendy fantastic photo's that water looks so still and crystal clear, Cody looks as if he having a great time bless him. I bet the fish tasted good, enjoy your time with your brother and his family. :) xx

  3. The camping and kayaking sounds like a fun time. And Cody had fun chasing the sticks. Pretty scenery, great birds and it looks like an all around great time! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. It is so beautiful, I'll bet it was hard to come home :) The waters are so clear and I can almost taste that fish. Perfection!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Looks very restful.

  6. It looks wonderful, Wendy. I heart camping too. x

  7. Breathtaking Wendy....
    Such wonderful photos...
    Now...go and throw that stick again...for old times sake! Hahaha!
    Enjoy your visitors...
    Linda :o)

  8. It all looks and sounds so wonderful ... stick and all. :) That Cody is a love. We are heading to the States tonight so not sure if I'll be posting or visiting either since I never travel with a laptop. Enjoy your time. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. I'm not keen on camping but if this was where I was headed I think I could learn to enjoy it! It looks fabulous. Have a great time with your family over the next few weeks.

  10. I know this sounds silly but...I can hear the silence in your photos.
    Jane x

  11. I love camping too, it's so restful, somehow it clears the mind and refreshes the soul. Your pics are fab, looks like you had a great time.

  12. As soon as I started looking at your tranquil photos Wendy, I knew this was your kind of place. You have to know I honed in on the fact that you took time for tea too. :-)
    Hubby and I are going to camp (glamp - trailer) at Arrowhead for a few days with our daughter next month so I'll be enjoying some great outdoors myself up north.
    Wishing you a good visit with your family while they're here in Ontario.

  13. Wow I had never heard of this provincial park. It is beautiful and only a couple of hours ride from our house. I need to put it on my summer list. Thanks for sharing the photos. I agree with can hear the silence.

  14. Such beautiful photos Wendy! God's country for sure! Reminds me of my northwoods and our areas around here too - so I feel right at home.

    I love the photos of Cody - especially mid shake! Lol

    And those photos of the area with the canoes are should blow them up and make prints to hang up. And the scrapbooker in me gets giddy looking at all those beautiful pics and what a layout I could make with them! ;)

    Thanks for sharing and have fun with your family! xo

  15. What a great way to spend some family time! We visited this area once and then only just briefly. Your pictures make me want to visit for a longer stay. I love the dark color of the lake and the contrast of the trees and moss in some of your shots. The dog shaking dry is also a priceless shot.

  16. Wonderful landscape captured in those great photos.

  17. Oh Wendy, how wonderful! Camping is always fun and this is a serious pretty place for it.

  18. Beautiful like a picture postcard !!


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