Thursday, September 27, 2012

My First Post

Hello Blogland!

I've finally joined the masses and am very excited to now have my own blog!  I have absolutely no projects on the table at the moment, but hope to change that soon.  I've just finished some curtains for my daughter's dorm room at university, but didn't take a picture since I wasn't expecting to already be starting this blog.

One project I have been daydreaming about is to de-construct an old quilt my grandmother made in the 1960s.  It's quite worn with only a few good patchwork squares that I would love to salvage and perhaps make into something else.  I'm not too sure how to go about this, but I guess if I cut (gulp!) a large enough margin around the good squares, I could use those squares in another project.  I thought maybe a cushion (too boring?), or possibly frame, say, three squares in individual frames to put up in a row in my (eventual) sewing room.  (The photo up above is the true colour of the quilt ... the photo below is yellowed by late evening sun.) 

Anyone have any suggestions for threadbare quilt squares of purely sentimental value?



  1. What a gift to have such a beautiful piece of your roots. I like your idea of framing them, maybe without glass though. That way they can have a prominent spot, smiling their history as you create.

    Welcome to Blogland!!!

    1. I think I'm leaning towards the framing too - I'd like to have the texture more prominent and taking the glass out of the frame is an excellent idea. Thanks! Wendy

  2. Hey Wendy, congrats on starting up your blog.....I love the name you chose.
    The quilt is lovely and I think framed squares is a great idea.
    Pop over to Hensteeth blog and see what Viv does with old quilts she finds......
    Hope you come away with some inspiration.

    Claire :}

  3. Thanks Claire, I think my biggest roadblock is putting the scissors to the quilt. It's hard for me to deconstruct something like this, but hope the end result will look better than a natty ripped quilt! I'll have a look at this blog you mentioned - thanks for the link! Wendy


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