Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Tin Love

I have a soft spot for old tins.  I have a small (very small) collection, but each one is special to me.

Some have been passed down to me.  Others I have picked up at flea markets and thrift stores.  I like to use them for my small sewing notions (needles, threads, buttons, etc.).

I just love this little tin (flea market find) because of the picture on the lid:

It's entitled "The New Pony" and since I also have a soft spot for horses and ponies, I couldn't pass it up!  And look!  It's the perfect size for my spools of thread :)

I'm waiting for just the right thing to store in this little tin (below) which I found in my dad's workshop while clearing out his house.  I had to bend the lid a bit to get it to open and close again, but otherwise it's in fairly good shape.  Dad had all kinds of fancy little tobacco tins from England (he's a Yorkshire man), and I suppose they were from his father who smoked all his life.  Unfortunately, they were so abused and beyond cleaning/repairing from holding bits of metal and greasy gears, that I decided not to keep any except for this one:

Even the undersides of lids hold surprises:

My mom had a "Wonder Fruit Cake" tin just like the two below where she kept her embroidery floss.  The lower tin was my great aunt's whose entire house was a shrine to early farming life in Ontario.  I always loved Mom's "embroidery" tin with its fancy scroll pattern and the intense colours, so I was thrilled to come across this same tin of my aunt's.  Then while at the thrift store recently, I found another fruit cake tin in a slightly smaller size!!  Scooped it up without even thinking about it. 

This destinctive tin (below) holds all my needles for the machine and for hand sewing.  I love the raised textured pattern.

And finally, this is actually a lid from a tin (again from my great aunt) ... now how pretty is that ... I so love the silouette of this little maiden ... like a storybook heroine, and just to decorate the lid of a tin of oatmeal! 



  1. My favourite one is the one with the textured lid, lovely! Ada :)

  2. Hey Wendy, what a wonderful collection of tins you have........I love them all but
    my favourites would have to be the tin you have for your needles. Love the colours and raised pattern and
    the lid with the black and white design is wonderful too.
    So nice to have tins with a history to them as well as your flea market finds.....

    CLaire :}

    1. Thanks for visiting Claire - yes, I like that needle tin too and it's got a nice hinged lid for easy access :) Wendy


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