Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Rocking Basket

I picked up this little wooden rocking basket for a few dollars at the thrift store recently:

It needed a bit of cleaning up, and even now I can't decide whether or not to completely sand it down and thereby remove the painted decoration (on both sides).  The painting is a bit tacky (really poor looking strawberries & daisies), but the small burst of colour sort of adds to it.  Anyway, for now, I've decided to make a lining for the basket in this cotton fabric:

I've had the fabric for a few years and it would look really cute with the wood.  I think I'll make it quite fitted with an overlap on the ends and some sort of ties around the handles to keep it in place.  I'll make sure I can easily remove it should I decide to sand the whole basket down.  I can never make up my mind!

One sad point about this basket that I didn't realize until I brought it home and put some things into it ... it rocks ... literally.  Everything I put in the basket makes it top heavy, and with the curved bottom it all rolls out again!  Oh well, perhaps I'll put sewing/knitting projects in it as they'd be somewhat lightweight and less likely to tip the boat!



  1. Thank you Wendy for your kind words on my blog! You don't have a follow button on here, you will need one otherwise no one will know when you put on a new post. If you aren't sure, go on to your blogger overview page, on the left hand side, go to layout. The follow button should be there, I think most people find it easier than email subscription!
    Enjoy yourself, blogging is lots of fun! Ada :)

    1. Great! Thanks Ada - I think that worked.


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