Thursday, October 04, 2012


I love the outdoors (who doesn't?!), and here where I live in Ontario the fall colours are only just beginning.  But just a little further north of us, the colours are at 100%.  Every year within the last two weeks of September, we plan a weekend camping trip to Algonquin Park to hike the trails.  This year we were treated to amazing colour, and got in two good hikes ... 10 km through the woods!  From the lookout points, the trees just look like a massive brightly coloured quilt!  We forgot our good camera(!!) and the phone just doesn't do it justice, but here you are:

Jack Lake, Algonquin Park

This little lake is always so pretty with the waves gently rippling and the colour (not picked up in the phone!) is a sort of greenish slate colour.  I wish I was there right now.

In my own backyard I took the camera out this morning and snapped a few end-of-summer shots of the flowers early in the morning, still wet with dew:

My miniature rose ... still blooming in October!!

Miniature rose buds ... so cute!!

Weigela a "spring" blooming shrub has fresh new blooms this week!

My mother's Redbud, replanted in my garden, now tinged with fall's colour

Fall is my favourite season - no more mosquitoes, crisp temperatures and beautiful colours.  What more could you ask for?  Here's a shot of the lake where we camp taken last year (with a proper camera):

Canisbay Lake, Algonquin Park



  1. It looks beautiful where you live! I've pressed the follow button! Ada :)

    1. Thanks Ada - I hope I can keep this little blog up to date! Wendy

  2. The colours, they've had a very surreal, intense quality this year. Must have something to do with the drought. Regardless, they're gorgeous, as you've so beautifully shown here.

    1. I agree, it is an exceptionally good year for the colours. Wendy

  3. Hello,
    I love the Autumn colours of your blog and have followed you through Ada's blog above!
    Wishing you a happy Monday!
    LoVe Maria x


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