Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

Taking five minutes of my day to share five things.


A walk down at our marsh ... yes, again :]
Lake Ontario looking more like the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday!
It was bitterly cold (and still is) at minus-negative-whatever temperature,
and the windchill f----r* making it worse.
(I've just stopped looking at the thermometer now.)

"Aye! Whitecap Bay!"


The wild turkeys came out of the woods in full force looking for handouts.
Then they scooted past me on the trail and took off running!


He's bright red in a bleak landscape ... need I say more?


Everyone's feathers were getting ruffled in the high winds.



But they were sure happy to see a few seeds being handed out.

A happy American Tree Sparrow


I went to the marsh looking for the Barred Owl that two people have now told me has been spotted here. I think I chose the wrong day though. It seems the owl had more sense than I and stayed deep in the pines, out of the severe winds and stayed as warm as he could.

"Silly human ... go home!"

Thanks for stopping by!


*windchill factor ;)

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  1. Wow Wendy, I love the beautiful photos you took and the birds and the deer. Hope you had a nice week and enjoy the weekend. Stay warm!

  2. Gorgeous photos!!! Bloody turkeys, we have HUNDREDS of wild turkeys running around my neighbourhood these days. They are not the brightest of birds...

    lol! Have a great weekend!

  3. Amazing photos! Looks so cold though!

  4. It' stupid cold again tonight...hope all the critters are hunkered down for the night.
    Jane x

  5. Love those waves on the lake! Sorry you aren't enjoying the cold yet!

  6. Oh I love the sparrow. Yes its cold enough to freeze Grand Traverse Bay over two years running, I don't see it warming too soon but when it does it goes up to 90 within a couple of weeks.
    I have been wanting to get to the beach to take pictures but its too cold for me, you are a brave soul.

  7. The photo of Lake Ontario is amazing, Wendy; that wind chill f****r, in this case, anyway, has turned a quiet lake into a pretty painting! Seeing the bright red on this bird amongst all the black and white would surely put a wide smile on my face!

    Kudos to you for braving the bitter cold; we Canadian expats truly appreciate your courage!:))


  8. Good of you to face weather and bring us these beautiful photos! I do love them, so different from the nature around here.

  9. You take such great wildlife photos Wendy. Hard to believe that first one is not the ocean. It looks so wild.

  10. Lovely photos Wendy, I almost want to be in the snow, I do like the turkey shot xx

  11. Hello Wendy, I love the shot of the lake. It looks so cold. And all the birds and the deer are pretty. I love the turkey running away! Great captures! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  12. Beautiful photos! That cardinal is mesmerizing. And that shot of the lake?-gorgeous and wickedly cold looking.

  13. Your comments about the owl are so funny Wendy!! I love your sense of humour! Thank you so much for taking part, I have added your link in! Hope you are having a great weekend! xx

    1. Ignore that bit about your link - silly me!!! xx

  14. Your shots are just amazing even though I am certain you are totally ready for spring and warmer weather. It has been cold now in texas for a week and i am so over winter... so can only imagine how you are feeling. What a privilege to see those wild turkeys right in front of you. And the waves look so cold. My friend from Nantucket island sent me an ocean shot where a wave was frozen in place. Can you imagine? Think SPRING!

  15. Amazing!! That's Lake Ontario?? Wow!! Wish I was there!


  16. Terrific shots! Love that Road-runnin' Turkey and I always love seeing Cardinals!

  17. I'm surprised the thermometer hasn't frozen over! Wow it looks freezing there....but oh so beautiful!! Absolutely stunning photos, Wendy!! The photo of the vibrant red bird sitting in the middle of the bleak landscape is pure magic!!

  18. I'm about to pass out......that first photo.......are you kidding me!!?!??! It is the prettiest photo ever Wendy!!! GOLLY!!! I just love it!! I keep going back up to it to look at it! So thankful you braved the cold to pass it along to us! Nicole xoxo

  19. Spectacular photo's Wendy I love the first one of the bay and the red bird against the bleak background beautiful! You really need to sell your photo's or have an exhibition you are so talented. :) xx

  20. Isn't that cardinal stunning! I haven't had a single one at my feeder this winter, but maybe they will return with the warm weather. Someday.

  21. I love this 5 on a Friday series.. well done you! We are experiencing a cold front coming all the way from Canada today.. thanks for that!! ;) It's pretty brrrrrrr... over here right now! But your pictures have brightened me right up! Have a great week Wendy XXX

  22. What great pictures, it still looks so cold there!, brill five on friday, I am trying to send over some spring sunshinex

  23. These pictures are so beautiful; love how the turkeys are running !!

  24. Mesmerising pictures! What an incredible landscape to live amongst. Love your wildlife pictures-they make you feel as if you are there.
    Have a great week,
    Alison xx

  25. Wow, these are fantastic photos!! Those turkeys are funny, and love your bird shots. And that lake -- brrr!!

  26. Such beautiful photos! You live in an enchanting area of the world, but I hope the Snow Queen releases her grip on it soon...stay warm!

  27. Loved all these photos Wendy. The Turkey looks like she is doing ballet, right up on her points! Love the gorgeous colour of the red bird and the first pic of the sea is fab x

  28. Remarkable shot of the turkeys!

  29. Wow, amazing shots. I especially love the one of the cardinal. We had a family of them nesting in our tree last summer, and I loved having them around. But they are long gone now and all we've seen around these parts, during these (very cold) days, are a few sparrows.

  30. Hiya - really enjoying all your photos, especially the bird ones, and I am so impressed you can take photos at all when it is soooooo cold there! I'm a complete wimp and find even +5C too cold for my poor fingers! :-)

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