Friday, January 03, 2014

Back Again

Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope you've enjoyed your holidays and ready to go full swing into this new year.

I had taken a break from blogging over the holidays just to enjoy time with family.  Although our winter storms seem to have been running back to back (with another one coming in on Sunday), I did get around to see some, but not all of my family and a few friends.  Yesterday was my last visiting and I was so happy to see three of my really good friends again.  The four of us have all been friends since our young days in a little country elementary school.  We don't see each other nearly enough, and after spending a horrendous drive through snowy driving conditions yesterday, we were all quick to agree that our annual Christmas get together needs to be changed to summertime instead.  So my friends (and you know who you are!), if you do get a chance to take a peek at my blog, I look forward to seeing you this summer ;)

Now before I go any further with my catching up, I must thank Lisa of New Zealand who was my swap partner for the Christmas ornament swap organized by Marianne at Ladybird Diaries.   Lisa has a lovely blog which I encourage all of you to visit at Wallace Craft Cupboard.   My parcel from Lisa arrived just two short days after Christmas, which was amazing timing, and I was so happy to open up this cute little box.

Inside were three adorable crocheted Christmas trees made by Lisa.  Three different sizes, and each one decorated differently.
I really like the middle-sized tree with tiny beads that twinkle in the sunshine.  Aren't they sweet?  Also with the trees Lisa included a set of beautiful gift tags with some ink drawings of birds & bees decorating them.  These are so nice!!  I love watching birds, so these were perfect!
I think I might not use them for actual gifts, but perhaps set them in a small frame to display at Christmas.  I've kept them aside to decide what to do there.  Thank you very much again Lisa, it was a real pleasure to receive your gifts from so very far away.  My parents travelled to New Zealand many years ago, and they were both impressed with your beautiful country.  My mother's favourite event was an evening's entertainment of Maori traditional singers and dancers.
Today I have finally boxed up the last of Christmas ...
... and tomorrow I will do the dreaded task of pushing it all back into the crawlspace under our stairs until next year.  It really is a "crawl" space and there are a lot of spider webs and apparently a chipmunk run amok in there now?!  I found hoards of sunflower seeds tucked away in between all our Christmas totes ... now how did he get inside our little hidey hole under our front step?  I still have to get the garland down from around the front door, but with our frigid temperatures today I decided to wait till it warms up a bit (fingers get too cold).
I woke up to this temperature ...
windchill brings it to -32C or something ridiculous!
... and then realized I had to put the garbage out at the curb for collection ... brrrrrr!! 
On Christmas morning we all were woken up by a terrific crash.  We all got up and checked in the garage and outside.  I thought some tree limbs must've come down on the roof from the ice storm.  We couldn't find anything out of place however, and it wasn't until today that we learned of something called "frost quakes".  Apparently, when the ground goes through a period of severely cold temperatures, the ground water freezes and cracks making a huge noise ... much like when thick ice on a lake cracks.  We weren't the only ones who heard this crashing sound.  I've never heard of this before, but I'm not surprised to hear it this winter as we've had some really cold days & nights.  Learn something new every day ;)
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Now that is just crazy!!! I have never heard of frost quakes before! And we too are getting blasted....they actually may be calling off school on monday because we are supposed to be getting such dangerous temperatures! Your tree by the way was gorgeous!!! And I am so glad you were able to reconnect with your soul sisters! Isn't that just the best?!?! And your gift is just lovely! Those trees are too too cute! You stay warm friend and have a great weekend...let us know if you catch your little friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Glad to have you back, and glad that you had a great Christmas. Those ice quakes sound awful (sorry, no pun intended), I hope that you stay safe. Your tree swap decorations are beautiful, such a kind gift. Hope that you get the chipmunk situation sorted out!!!! xx

  3. Welcome back and happy new year! Oh my word, that's COLD!! Can't even imagine that - the coldest I've ever experienced was on a shopping trip to New York in Jan '05 when it was -15C and a blizzard...bbbrrr... no wonder the chipmunk is staying cosy indoors!
    Stay warm & have a happy weekend,
    Hugs xx

  4. Hello Wendy and a Happy New Year my dear! Brrr, you have got it bad there ... Flooding here, the water came 10m from my gate and high tides again today. As long as not mixed with wind and rain, we should be ok ... Never got this far yet, but there's always a first time! Your tree was lovely, but I'm always glad to get it all packed away.

    So glad you got to see your friends, and summer trip sounds great! I'm going away with my friends for the weekend next week, and have known them nearly al my life so it will be special.

    Hope the cold weather breaks soon, and you get some lovely winter sunshine ...

    Love Claire xx

  5. Hi Wendy! Happy New Year. Loved learning about 'frost quakes'. Something like that would have startled me for sure! I am certain I could not tolerate living in weather that cold. We have had highs in the forties all week and the kids and I have been able to get out without coats. That is my kind of winter. I am wishing for at least one snow day but it isn't too common. I see you are joining the 'grow your blog' event. I thought about joining too but, I am having a hard time keeping up with my blog as it is now, and even more so with keeping up with my followers. And over the last few weeks, I have really enjoyed not blogging!!! I never imagined I'd be spending so much time on my computer when I started my blog. But maybe I need to work on being more productive this year. Oh well, I think you are going to enjoy the 25th! I don't miss blogging but I do miss you, friend!

    1. I went to visit Lisa's blog and I realized I forgot to tell you that I love your tree! The candlesticks are a very cool way to decorate the tree

  6. Happy New Year Wendy! and I thought we were having some pretty cold temps.....that's insane.Try to stay warm and cozy.
    xx Shari

  7. I've never heard of Frost Quakes before, no wonder you were startled. A beautiful Christmas tree and poinsetta. What a brilliant Christmas swop, the trees are gorgeous.

  8. I have just had a lovely wander around your blog. It is lovely. The photos in the ice are totally spellbinding. All we have had in the South west of the Uk lately is rain. Relentless rain!!!
    Thank you so much for popping into Chalky's and leaving such a kind comment about the Monster Quilt x

  9. Wendy my dear, keep warm....I feel cold just reading this! Happy 2014 :) x

  10. Oh my goodness, stay warm, Wendy! It sounds like a real nightmare with this cold front. I hope it warms up soon.

  11. Hi Wendy, thanks for stopping by today & leaving that sweet comment on my scarves. We have cold weather here too and snow. It looks like it's going to be a long winter. Great knit/crochet weather. Stay warm. Julie

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  13. Happy new year! Glad you had a nice time during the festivities. What gorgeous swap presents you received! I am so glad you enjoyed taking part in it.
    Marianne xx

  14. Hi Wendy,

    Your swap gifts are very pretty; what a sweet way to celebrate the season.

    Those frost quakes are new to me, too, and I grew up in Toronto. You know, I can't recall ever it being SO cold while I was growing up. Snowy, icy, rainy, slushy, yes, but not THIS cold!

    Your tree is beautiful and your home looks mighty cozy. Glad you had a lovely Christmas!



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