Monday, January 06, 2014

Sea Scroll Scarf

I finished up the scarf I was knitting for my daughter before Christmas (and I'll admit I was still working on it even after she unwrapped it!). 

It turned out beautifully, even if I do say so myself.  I love the various shades of blue in this yarn, and the scroll stitch pattern repeated across the scarf made it look like ripples & waves in water. 
Close up of the pattern ...
It was quite lumpy and irregular before I blocked it, but it all flattened out and the pattern showed up really well.  The ends sewed up well too.  I was a bit worried when I started the knitting that the rippling edge would cause problems.  I didn't get a photo of the ends sewn together, but after sewing & blocking, it made a very nice neat, straight edge.  You can see my Ravelry notes here.
Now I have a special project in the works for my son.  He was given just a ball of yarn & a pattern on Christmas Day.  I'm glad I didn't even start this project before Christmas because it's taking all my concentration to work through it.  I'm trying new things in this, and although it's a bit tedious, I'm enjoying it so far.  More on that soon ;)
I've joined up with the Knit a Block a Week Challenge over at Linda's Crafty Corner.  That's starting up this week, and everyone shows the block they've made every Friday on Linda's blog.  The blocks will all be knitted from this book:
and I'll be deciding on which block to knit today.  I think I'll make up an entire blanket (not done that before), and then I'll decide whether to donate it to a charity or keep it.  The yarn I still have in my stash isn't really suited for a blanket, so I'll have to purchase the yarn I use.  If I want to give the blanket to a charity, the yarn has to be washable.  If I keep the blanket for myself, I'd prefer wool ... although the thought of handwashing a blanket does put me off a bit. 
Our temperatures here are hopping up and down this past week.  Last night we had freezing rain and then snow.  Today is bright clear skies, but our street is covered in thick ice as is our driveway.  I spent that past hour and a half trying scrape away the top layer so that the sun can hopefully melt away the rest.  What an exhausting chore.  I hope you're all staying safe and warm where you are.
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  1. I love the scarf you knitted for your daughter - very pretty. I finished off some socks for my husband on Christmas day after he'd opened them!

  2. This is so lovely Wendy! What a beautiful gift. I really love the stitch pattern and will have to try it one day.
    Sarah x

  3. the scarf is gorgeous-I love it! a perfect choice of yarn for this pattern

  4. Wow Wendy your daughter's scarf is BeAuTiFuL! Love love love the colours, the waves, the texture and the ripples! Fantastic work to be proud of!
    Happy New year - have been thinking of you loads during the severe weather we hear on the news.
    Looking forward to seeing your blocks and the creation for your son!
    Hoping your wolly projects keep you warm.
    Ali x

  5. Happy New Year Dear Wendy!!
    Love it! My sister in law made me a beautiful scarf with a very similiar pattern in green and I wear it all the time. So soft and warm:)

  6. It is gorgeous! I love the color you chose...perfect for this pattern. Looks like the sea! I know she'll enjoy wearing it! Enjoy your afternoon! Stay warm my friend and thanks so much for the sweet comments!

  7. So very pretty Wendy and the perfect scarf to keep her warm while she's out helping you scrape ice... least that what you should have said to her anyway!! Hazel x

  8. You make me wish I was better at knitting. Your daughter's scarf came out beautifully. Stay warm! It's pretty cold out there these days!

  9. Wendy, what a beautiful scarf, from its various shades of blue to the pattern and ripples and extra touches, it's truly a sweet and thoughtful, not to mention stylish, gift! Such talent!

    Stay warm, keep creating and enjoy January for its unique presence!


  10. Beautiful scarf I'm sure she loved it! I love the waves in the pattern and the beautful blue color!
    Take care,

  11. I missed this post before! The sea scroll scarf is BEAUTIFUL!! Your daughter must be so pleased with it, and you should be pleased with your work too. Well done!!! I love the colours and the way that they blend and change. Just delightful. xx

  12. Hi Wendy, You have done another beautiful scarf, just like ripples of the sea!!! love the variegated blues.
    - wish you a great weekend, -Gaia

  13. Wow, what a beautiful scarf! Love the color and are a very prolific knitter!

  14. Ah Wendy, the scarf has finished up looking really beautiful - I still love the colours too and I bet your daughter loves it! I'm also intrigued by your new project for your son and look forward to seeing it completed, as well as the lovely block you're working on now; you're a busy girl! Hugs, Joy xo


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