Tuesday, September 09, 2014

End of Summer Blooms

Well I've had a fairly good weekend and even went to a local regional fair on Sunday.  I didn't take the camera, and to be honest, the fair was rather sparse in entries of livestock, crafts ... everything! When I used to go to our fair in Milton as a kid, there were always lots of livestock being judged.  I wonder if that fair has declined over the years as well.  The lack of entries in the crafts (and particularly knitting) made me think about entering a scarf or something next year.  When I got home I checked out the different categories.  It would be kind of fun to get a ribbon, but I had to laugh that they offered prize money of $3 for first prize in knitting!!  

The weather has been beautiful here in southern Ontario, nice clear blue skies, warm temperatures and a cooling breeze.  Hot in the sunshine, but cool in the shade.  I love it!  There are still a few tough plants hanging in there in my garden, but overall things are drying out despite regular watering.  I guess it's getting a bit too cool overnight to keep them at their best now.  

The Scotch harebells seed themselves down, and although I tried ripping them out one year because they were getting everywhere, I changed my mind when they came up again as they're quite pretty and fairly rugged despite their delicate stems and flowers.  This summer I encouraged them to grow in a spot behind the grasses on the patio side and they've done really well and are so sweet :)

Scotch Harebells
This delicate flower (below) had gotten lost in the front garden, so in a sudden fit of inspiration I transplanted it to my patio garden last week.  I think it's going to do great beside the harebells and will drape nicely over the wall with the tall grasses behind it.

The black-eyed Susans last so long, and I love their sunny faces when so many other flowers have finished.  I had a bunch of daisies growing behind them, but I've finally admitted that I don't really like daisies and will be digging them all out.  The blooms don't last very long, and then within a few short days I'm left with ugly shriveled brown flower heads which I spend too much time snipping off. 

I still have to split the few remaining iris I now have, but I'm just a little worried I've left it too late. I've been quite disappointed that so many of them have rotted into nothing this summer, but hopefully some of them will come back next year.  I would hate to lose them as they are my prize flowers in the springtime!

Along with the black-eyed Susans are the turtleheads, another pretty late blooming flower.  They've done quite well over the years and now in late summer the bees are just swarming over this flower bed (below).


The grasses around the pond have really filled in well this summer, and now they're finishing up with various beautiful plumes.  They just shimmer in the breezes and sound so nice with the wind rustling through them.  I'd like to get some more grasses next year, but have to think about where I can put them.  Making up my mind about where to place flowers is the biggest challenge I have with gardening.  I'm horrible at making a decision about most things, and I could sit and look at my garden for hours and still not come up with solutions to plant location.

So the gardening season here is coming to an end.  I'm not looking forward to winter this year, and for the first time ever I'm even dreading seeing the leaves change on the trees .... just one step closer.  We have a camping trip coming up to admire the beautiful autumn colours north of us where the trees turn earlier.  Maybe that will help us ease into the short dark days.

Here's a little snippet of what will be awaiting us ...

Friday, September 05, 2014

A Quick 'Hello'

Thought I'd pop in for a quick "hello".  I've not felt much like writing up anything for the ol' blog lately, and haven't even tried to keep up with reading everyone's blogs.  I just felt I needed to step away from the virtual side of things for a while.

A lovely "rock garden"
 Summer was a bit of a bust weather wise, but we've suddenly got sunshine, heat and humidity now that we're into September and kids are back in school.  The pool has been drained, but the a/c had to be switched on.  I'm sort of hoping the storm they promised us clears the air overnight.
I don't have much to share these days (hence the break), and these photos are all from July since I haven't been very busy with the camera either.

 I've been tossing around the idea of quitting the blog, but haven't come to a firm decision there.  The time spent on the computer has been interfering with other things, so I'm just trying to sort all of this out in my head and hopefully come to some sort of solution.
My daughter has gone back to university town last weekend, and the house seems empty without her.  We had a fun day moving her back and doing a big grocery shop for her, then an early family supper out.  I thought I saw a bit of glassiness to her eyes this time, so I hope things go okay again this year.  Her housemates are starting to cause waves, and I'd hate for her to have to deal with silliness there when she's studying.  I've moved her rabbit Smudge back into the living room to keep him company, but I too enjoy having a furry friend beside me.  He's been enjoying the view out the front window today after his cage got a thorough scrubbing.   
My son has gone back to high school, but with a new career path set out in his mind.  It's not a career path that will be easy for him, but I know he has the smarts to get there.  His plans are ambitious, and they've made me unsettled throughout the summer.  Why can't these things ever be easy. 
The dog's allergies are in full swing and he's an itchy mess, leaving fur balls all through the house and adding daily vacuuming to my chores now.  Poor dog.  Nothing we've tried helps his suffering and this continues until the first killing frost.  He's rubbed his eyelashes right off, and his paws are starting to bleed from his biting them :P  My daughter suggested I give him a good soak in the laundry tub, which I might do, but I don't think it'll help once he's out of the water. 
I've got a few things to attend to in the next few weeks.  Some projects, some work-related stuff, some reading.  I've been enjoying reading more since I took my break.  I used to read all the time, but then put it aside when I started blogging (no time!).  I've just finished three books, my favourite being Margaret Laurence's "The Stone Angel".  A favourite author of mine, and a wonderful novel. 
Well, like I said, there's not a whole lot of exciting things happening here.  I've been wandering the aisles of a couple of thrift stores, but only picked up a few things this summer.  Nothing spectacular, and I've really come to the point where although I enjoy looking at the stuff, I don't have much need for any more things in the house.
 I've noticed a few migrating birds through our backyard again.  Heading back south.  I enjoyed hearing the Snowbirds roar past our house on Tuesday too!  I missed seeing them though.  By the time I got out the front door they were gone.  The Snowbirds buzz one of our local schools every year on the first day of school in honour of one of their downed pilots that grew up in our town.  The town named the school after him.  I hope they can continue this wonderful tribute each year as I love seeing the jets.  The year he died, the Snowbirds paid tribute by having an impromptu air show over Lake Ontario.  My husband phoned me and told me it had been announced on the radio, so I grabbed the kids (they were quite young then), and headed down to the lake and enjoyed an amazing air show right there in front of us. 
 Well I guess I've rambled on long enough.  Enjoy your weekend folks.
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