Friday, September 05, 2014

A Quick 'Hello'

Thought I'd pop in for a quick "hello".  I've not felt much like writing up anything for the ol' blog lately, and haven't even tried to keep up with reading everyone's blogs.  I just felt I needed to step away from the virtual side of things for a while.

A lovely "rock garden"
 Summer was a bit of a bust weather wise, but we've suddenly got sunshine, heat and humidity now that we're into September and kids are back in school.  The pool has been drained, but the a/c had to be switched on.  I'm sort of hoping the storm they promised us clears the air overnight.
I don't have much to share these days (hence the break), and these photos are all from July since I haven't been very busy with the camera either.

 I've been tossing around the idea of quitting the blog, but haven't come to a firm decision there.  The time spent on the computer has been interfering with other things, so I'm just trying to sort all of this out in my head and hopefully come to some sort of solution.
My daughter has gone back to university town last weekend, and the house seems empty without her.  We had a fun day moving her back and doing a big grocery shop for her, then an early family supper out.  I thought I saw a bit of glassiness to her eyes this time, so I hope things go okay again this year.  Her housemates are starting to cause waves, and I'd hate for her to have to deal with silliness there when she's studying.  I've moved her rabbit Smudge back into the living room to keep him company, but I too enjoy having a furry friend beside me.  He's been enjoying the view out the front window today after his cage got a thorough scrubbing.   
My son has gone back to high school, but with a new career path set out in his mind.  It's not a career path that will be easy for him, but I know he has the smarts to get there.  His plans are ambitious, and they've made me unsettled throughout the summer.  Why can't these things ever be easy. 
The dog's allergies are in full swing and he's an itchy mess, leaving fur balls all through the house and adding daily vacuuming to my chores now.  Poor dog.  Nothing we've tried helps his suffering and this continues until the first killing frost.  He's rubbed his eyelashes right off, and his paws are starting to bleed from his biting them :P  My daughter suggested I give him a good soak in the laundry tub, which I might do, but I don't think it'll help once he's out of the water. 
I've got a few things to attend to in the next few weeks.  Some projects, some work-related stuff, some reading.  I've been enjoying reading more since I took my break.  I used to read all the time, but then put it aside when I started blogging (no time!).  I've just finished three books, my favourite being Margaret Laurence's "The Stone Angel".  A favourite author of mine, and a wonderful novel. 
Well, like I said, there's not a whole lot of exciting things happening here.  I've been wandering the aisles of a couple of thrift stores, but only picked up a few things this summer.  Nothing spectacular, and I've really come to the point where although I enjoy looking at the stuff, I don't have much need for any more things in the house.
 I've noticed a few migrating birds through our backyard again.  Heading back south.  I enjoyed hearing the Snowbirds roar past our house on Tuesday too!  I missed seeing them though.  By the time I got out the front door they were gone.  The Snowbirds buzz one of our local schools every year on the first day of school in honour of one of their downed pilots that grew up in our town.  The town named the school after him.  I hope they can continue this wonderful tribute each year as I love seeing the jets.  The year he died, the Snowbirds paid tribute by having an impromptu air show over Lake Ontario.  My husband phoned me and told me it had been announced on the radio, so I grabbed the kids (they were quite young then), and headed down to the lake and enjoyed an amazing air show right there in front of us. 
 Well I guess I've rambled on long enough.  Enjoy your weekend folks.


  1. Hello there my friend! I just popped to see your blog for some reason you came into my mind, you must have just posted this!! It is lovely to hear from you. I hope that you don't quit your blog, but I know that it is difficult to get a balance isn't it. I have given myself set times or amount of time when I will read blogs - such as if my husband is watching something on tv in the evening that I don't care for I can read blogs while his show is on. It means that I spend less time reading, but more time doing other things and it seems to balance out. They say that the first year of blogging is all about finding your voice, but I have found that it is all about finding the balance as much as anything! It is like any new hobby, you get all consumed at first and then it settles down into a routine and normal part of your life. So lovely to see your pictures from earlier in the summer and to know that you are well and that your children are getting on well with their lives. I hope that you don't find your sons plans to worrying and that it all falls into place in the way he wants it too. Take care, and I hope to hear from you again sometime. Love and hugs. xxxx

  2. Beautiful photos of the water lilies!

  3. When life is challenging, it helps to step back and look at what matters. Sitting at a computer for hours on end definitely doesn't matter. Getting out and enjoying the world and taking beautiful photos of it seems like a better alternative. I'm also cutting back on my computer time. I read recently about a woman who has even deleted her email account. A decade ago we communicated in other ways. Now email seems essential to everyone...but is it really?

  4. So many stunning shots in one're spoiling us! The storm passed by us...dark skies,winds, and lots of distant rumbling but no rain.It has cooled down considerably though.
    We may be in W's Petsmart next weekend,at the adoptathon, trying to find Ralpy a home..please send all your friends to visit!!!
    Jane x

  5. The photos are beautiful!! Our weather has been similar to yours and I am hoping for the relief we have been promised tomorrow night. Yes, sometimes stepping away can be a very good thing. Although you will be very much missed if you stop blogging, it's understandable. It's a very time consuming hobby. :) So happy to read your post and hear all is well!

  6. Lovely photos - magical, really! Sometimes it's nice to take a little break and spend some time just 'being'. I hope you find renewed inspiration soon - we would miss you if you gave up the blog. I like to blog to keep connected now that I have an empty nest and hubby is always traveling for work. It can get lonesome around here. Just me and the pets...... Hang in there. xo Karen

  7. Have missed you Wendy. I think September is always a time of change and new beginnings. It can be unsettling.

  8. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts as you think x

  9. You are a treat to visit and your photos are like paintings. Each of us needs to do what's right for us. That is the only important thing. I completely understand the dilemma of sorts and reading...I dare say I used to read and LOVE it all of the time and I can't remember when I've read an entire book. Time to reevaluate and establish priorities.

  10. Nice to hear from you Wendy, your photo's are beautiful as always, it's always sad when the kids go back, my youngest son has been home this past week and will be going back to Cambridge tomorrow, I love having him home and will miss him when he's gone, As for the blogging I really hope you don't stop because I love reading your posts, just do it as and when you feel like it, it's supposed to be fun after all, have a great weekend. :) xx

  11. Well Wendy, you are not alone in becoming overwhelmed from blogging. Many blogging sisters have cut back drastically while others are taking a break. I hope you will continue at your own pace as you have interesting posts to share.
    I hope things go smoothly for your daughter and son; even once they're married you never stop worrying. As for your dog, poor thing - have you looked into a naturopath type remedy?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and when you post your friends will visit.

  12. I would say I totally agree with what Judith says above. Blogging is time consuming and I have also cut back drastically, limiting it to one day a week.
    On a different note, your photos are absolutely beautiful.

  13. Your photos are gorgeous sweet friend...I mean they about knocked me over with their beauty! That first photo is just beautiful! I will be sending some think thoughts out into the universe for your daughter. It can be such a hard time at that age...I remember having roommates and there being drama with this and that. Never fun but she will get through it because she has a lovely mom! Well you know my thoughts on the whole blogging thing....I go back and forth on this all the time! I think you will know when you know....though I would be so sad if you decided to stop I get it. I actually did not allow myself to touch the computer yesterday and it was awesome. So much time for so many other things as you said. I will keep you in my is to a wonderful week friend! Nicole xoxo

  14. Hey there Wendy. I've taken a more relaxed view of blogging. Used to think I had to post all the time, but I can't. I don't blog to get followers. I blog for the friends I've made over the years. They are constant and no matter if weeks or a month go by, they are still here when I do post. So I would say don't quit, for your true blue blog friends will always be there for you,.

    When I leave my son in Colorado, his eyes are always a little glassy, too. As much as he loves his college life, and being independent, still hard when mom leaves. Of course, I have more than glassy eyes -- I cry for several hours and then tear up for days afterwards. Never easy. I hope your daughter is okay and that her roommates don't cause drama. Yusef had one boy the first year who he said was a crybaby about everything. His family only lived a few blocks away but as a freshman, he had to live in the dorm. Any time something wouldn't go his way, he would run home to his parents. Not a good thing when some boys, like my son, were thousands a miles away from their own families. He's in an apartment on campus now and is rooming with friends so is even happier. And they have a kitchen, instead of the meal plan in the cafeteria, so he is doing all the cooking. I didn't know he could cook. ha!

    Your photos are all so gorgeous! And I see you've posted several times in October already. I wanted to come back to this post to see when you had come back to blogging after your break. :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Tammy


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