Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frozen Craft

Since we've been plunged back into the deep freeze again, I thought I'd share a fun, easy and quick craft idea with you.  This is great for kids of all ages, and the results are sure to please.  All you need is for it to be below freezing outside.  Today we're 23 degrees below freezing, so it's good!
I just wasn't sure what to call this, so I'll call it Ice Medal in honour of the upcoming winter Olympics ... not that it has anything to do with sports, but I think we all deserve a medal for making it through this winter!

Pretty eh!
Sparkly in the sun
A frozen medal you can hang outside (and actually only outside) in the sub-zero weather to admire through your windows.  If you want to make one (or many) for yourself, here's what you do.
  • small dish, bowl, pie plate, whatever you have that's not to big around & is smooth inside
  • bits of natural objects (acorn caps, tiny pinecones, flower heads from your frozen garden, snippets of evergreen bushes, whatever you can scrounge up)
  • a small length of string for hanging (I used twine)
  • temperatures outside below freezing :)

Close up:  I used acorn caps, zinnia flower heads, pinecones, birdseed & greenery
First, arrange your string in the bowl with both ends in the bowl. 
Try to put as much string inside the bowl as there is left hanging outside to give a good anchor. 
Ice is heavy.
I used a toy saucepan, but usually make these in margarine containers
Next, add the greenery on top of the string ... this will hold the string down. 
Now lay the pinecones, acorn caps etc. on top of the greenery.

Next, fill the bowl with water.
Everything will float, but not to worry, it'll all look good when it's frozen.
Hard to see, but this IS filled with water.
Now just carefully carry your bowl outside and set it on a flat surface
Leave it there until the water is frozen.  It could take quite a while if it's just below freezing. 
I made mine this morning and it was completely solid in an hour ... probably in half an hour, but I didn't check it right away. 
Wiggle the bowl a teeny bit like you do with the ice cube tray, and the ice will pop right out!

Voila! A masterpiece!
Hang in a prominent spot just outside your window to admire.  You might want to keep it out of direct sunshine because it could still melt on a clear day.  If you use only natural materials (as opposed to anything plastic), when the ice melts, it won't deposit garbage in your yard.
I think these would look great as a garland strung across a fence or gate, or maybe your mailbox for the postman to admire ... wouldn't you like to give the frozen postman a little smile on a cold day like this?
A great way to watch winter melt away ... sort of like the proverbial car parked on the frozen lake, when the car sinks, spring has arrived ;)
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  1. What a lovely idea Wendy it does look pretty but I'm hoping we won't have the weather for it, we have been lucky so far...23 degrees below! how do you stand it. xx

  2. Such a fabulous idea! Sounds a bit cold for me, though!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. You just know I have to do this!!
    Jane x

  4. That looks amazing but I doubt we will ever get weather cold enough for us to make one!

  5. I am sure I'll be able to do this soon with the temperatures dropping. This is such a great idea and thanks so much for sharing it. Have a great week. xx

  6. Well, aren't you just clever! How do you come up with stuff like this? Love it!
    Hugs, Shari

  7. Organic art at it's finest. Much better than frozen cars on lakes!

  8. The perfect creative project for a cold and blustery day; beautiful!! Just spoke with my sister in Unionville, who told me that you guys are already in the next Arctic Vortex with -18, but 30 with the wind chill!! Yikes! At least your pretty ice medal will stay hung on the tree!:-D

    Thanks for sharing this fun, frozen craft, Wendy!


  9. A lovely frozen wreath, Wendy!! Winter at its best. I did not want to go to work this morning :( Although the ones who were skating at nathan phillips sq. did not mind it too much. - Gaia

  10. Ahhhh my Dear, there is nothing like putting things in perspective! We are talking about the cold here, since it's to be -2 degrees tonight. And your day, had you at 23 degrees below freezing. Oh yes! That puts our cold, in perspective!!!

    You commented that one of your daughters sill rides horses, at university. Our oldest grand daughter still rides, when she comes home from college. And her Mom does, all year long.

    Stay warm!

  11. Your project is precious...

    And it sparkles, 'cause it's ice...


    Stay warm,

  12. What a great idea Wendy, I can't imagine how cold it must be for you for the water to freeze that fast!! Brr doesn't begin to describe it I should think!!! Very pretty ice sculpture to look at though! xx

  13. Beautifully done! I've never seen it done quite this way before - with beautiful bits of nature seemingly bursting out of the ice, not all encased by ice that is. And I LOVE this take on it! Such a grand way to celebrate winter (and this absurd COLD).

  14. Hi Wendy... I am totally pinning this one up! It is beautiful art and yes, you do deserve a medal for dealing with weather that cold! I love ice art but I think the freezing temps have passed us by. This wouldn't last more than a morning at my house! But I do love it!

  15. very nifty-love it-I agree we all need a medal for this winter-lol

  16. Ah Wendy!!! This is too too cool! We are so below zero again and this one would be awesome to do with my little people for sure! It is all about embracing this intense weather and what better way than to make some outdoor art! So brilliant friend! Thank you for always inspiring! I am pinning this one! Have a great week lady.....Nicole xoxo

  17. That turned out beautifully! it is a lovely way to display winter nature. I like the idea that you can do DIYs for the outdoors as well :) have a good night!

  18. How cool Wendy! Fab idea to make the most of your freezing temperatures.
    Ali x

  19. We don't have the temperatures for this but what a super neat idea! I can see the kids, really getting into it, making displays from found things... Very pretty! :) Hazel x

  20. Beautiful! You're right, I think it would make an amazing outdoors garland!

  21. This is very cool! Looks like a fun project with the family-if I lived where it was colder I would make one for sure!

  22. Hi Wendy, thanks for stopping by my blog today and this is so cool what you made! Wishing you a nice week and stay warm. Julie

  23. That really is a work of art. I can just imagine a bird or squirrel checking it out, too! I guess I can't have one down here in Florida! Sweet hugs!

  24. I have always wanted to make something like this. This seems like the perfect time to try. Lord knows it would never melt away!

  25. OMGoodness...I love this! Gonna try it today in the subzero temps, they'll be up in no time! Thank you for sharing. Aloha

  26. Hi Wendy! I've been away from my blog for some months now and I saw that you followed it. Many thanks!!!!!!I like yours, too!Hope to start blogging again soon and be in touch with you!

  27. Oh my gosh this is awesome!! I absolutely love it! What a gorgeous thing to have in the garden!
    I hope you have a great weekend,
    Tammy x

  28. Love this! and a great craft while in the middle of this polar vortex:)

  29. wow that looks great ! oh I don't envy you with the winter you are having this year ...for us it has been much milder (and wetter) than usual ..stay cosy and warm ! Gail x

  30. What a great project! My kids would love this!

  31. LOVE this. I once made a snowball lantern which looked great but this would even be faster. One problem: it is not cold enough over here this winter (and I do hope it wont get cold enough any more as I am fed up with what this winter has been bringing us this year (rain causing mud) and I don't want to get it cold late in the season, I am ready for spring as the flowers in my garden are...


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