Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It Blew in From Texas!

Well, that's what the weather folks tell us. This weather system we are getting today blew in from Texas ... yee haw! This is the tail-end of winter weather that no one enjoys. It started off dry this morning, but by 8:00 a.m. the snow started. I took the pooch for a good long walk just in our neighbourhood and got the cabin fever out of us. We were both covered in snow by the time we got home. He was wearing a crust of snow on his thick coat.

Since then it's been a mixed bag of yuck out there ... snow, ice pellets, wet snow, freezing rain, regular rain ... is there a term for just normal rain besides "rain"?! There seems to be new terminology for precipitation and weathery things every time we change seasons now. Last year the new term was frost quakes, which we'd never heard of, but then we had never had them before either. For those that haven't heard that phrase, it's when the ground water freezes and cracks! And you can hear those cracks, and they sound like a huge crash inside your house and everyone runs around in their pajamas thinking the robbers are in your garage crashing around as they steal your stuff, or a tree limb fell on your roof!!

not much snow accumulated before it turned to rain
Anyway, it's fairly crummy out there, and I just sent my poor lad out to deliver newspapers for our next-door neighbour while said neighbour is on a Caribbean cruise. Figures the weather turned nasty in time for this favour. He should be out there for over an hour :)

freshly cleared driveway :)
I only ventured out after my walk to clear the driveway of snow, but then it rained all over the driveway anyway, so maybe that was a waste of effort on my part. Brewing a small pot of tea when I came in was in order as I was wet and very cold. Oh, and I fed the birds since they get such a raw deal at this time of year. This is supposed to continue until tomorrow ... bring me cold and a proper snowfall any day.

cozy inside at last
The only good thing about this weather is it's such a treat to come back indoors and get warm and dry again and you can watch the rotten weather through the windows :) I may or may not have gotten really lazy (since I had no kids in today) and watched a movie all by myself too!

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  1. The weather seems to be going crazy everywhere you never know what we are going to be hit with next. Those frost quakes sound quite scary! The cup of tea and movie sounds good to me if I was closer I would come and join you. :) xx

  2. We use to get ice storms when we lived in Texas and you'd hear tree branches cracking and then the electric lines would come down. Not good. Stay warm.

  3. HI Wendy!
    We awoke to thunder and lightning at 7am....pouring rain....high winds and waves....bit of sun....tornado warning....Geesh!
    Enjoy your evening....
    Linda :o)

  4. Let's hope this is old man winter's last hurrah. Down here in FL, another tornado warning although north of us this time. Poured rain with high winds in our area.
    The frost quakes last year were scary, weren't they?

  5. Sorry you got the messy atuff. We got proper snow up here.

  6. Oh Wendy,
    I am sorry we sent you this Winter Weather! Geez, what a lousy friend I am;)
    Our Texas weather has been wretched - torrential rain and a hard cold wind. Good thing is, it doesn't last long and should blow out of your neck of the woods soon.

    At least you have a good attitude toward the weather and us Texans!

  7. It looks pretty awful out there. Luckily you have a lovely pot of tea at the ready. I hope the weather improves for the weekend. x

  8. Good morning, the weather lately has been all over the place. It has been warm, cold, rainy, icy, snowy adn last night a thunderstorm. I am looking forward to spring days and flowers. Love the photos and your furbaby! Enjoy your Thursday and the weekend ahead!

  9. I am sorry about the bad weather. I like your teapot cover and warmer.

  10. Pretty much the same here to Wendy ! Yesterday it was heavy rains and today a dusting of snow and then wet snow falling but it is melting in spots already as the land has warmed up so hoping it just falls and melts lol ! Oh I love taking Miggs for a walk on days like this and then come in all cozy an warm watch movies and drink cups of tea with a fire crackling in the wood stove and Miggs by my feet curled up snoozing perfect oh and maybe nod off here and there lol Retired life is great lol ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. Good morning, dear Wendy! It certainly looks icky outside! But it's definitely the perfect time to enjoy a hot cup of tea :) Stay warm, dear one. Hugs!

  12. That doesn't sound like fun to be out in! I think staying in and having a cuppa is a very good idea. Hope your weather is a bit better today. xx

  13. I remember getting caught in a snow storm while hiking up in the mountains. I hope your poor boy didn't suffer too much. Tea and a movie are the perfect way to keep that kind of weather outside!



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