Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Where the Pond and Industry Meet

Last night my son came home to say he and a friend had gone down a small paved path quite close to our home and found a nice pond. I've lived here for 20 years and never knew the pond was there. While they were walking through a bit of the tiny wooded area, they saw two great horned owls up in the trees! I felt I had to go and see for myself and walked over there this morning. I knew of one of the paths, but there is a new one created below a new housing development, and the new path takes you alongside quite a large wetland area. Here's a panoramic shot of the whole area.

It's difficult to see the details, but on the left is the small wooded area and behind that is a housing development. On the far left is light industrial with a train track running right across this marsh. Directly behind me was the new housing development. Straight ahead you will cross a major highway (Hwy 401), some fields, more train tracks and then Lake Ontario. There are a lot of train tracks in my town.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that this area is being allowed to revitalize naturally. The sign also asks "not to disturb it". But in reality the pond is built up on three sides by housing and light industry, and all of this development has created a lot of garbage all around. That was disappointing. I walked into the woods a little ways to look for the owls, but all I found was a large area covered in discarded water bottles. I know that the Boy Scouts do a litter clean up in various areas in our town, and I'm wondering if a suggestion could be put to them that this natural habitat could use a little help.

I did see lots of water birds today. One lone swan, nesting Canada geese, mallard ducks, a flicker, a blue jay, red-winged blackbirds and a great blue heron. I could hear lots of the birds and I could also hear the peeper frogs! It was just such a nice surprise that I tried to overlook the garbage blown all around. 

industry on the one side of the marsh

can you see the rabbit?

A tiny plant has pushed its way up through the asphalt! 

from a side angle

great blue heron
Canada Goose on its nest. Red-winged blackbird keeping a lookout for the goose
this flicker flew right up beside me and landed on the railing, but as soon as he saw me he flew far across the pond

there goes the train ... this is the other side of the wooded area

beautiful blue jay in the woods :)
I'm sorry I didn't see the owls, but I hope to go back to this spot and have a look around again.


  1. Oh, I hope the area can be cleaned up and allowed to flourish. What a great place to see so many birds.

  2. Hello, sorry you missed the owls but it looks like it was still a nice walk. Wonderful variety of birds. I like the cute bunny, goose family and the swan. The pond and a natural habitat is awesome for the wildlife. There maybe owlets nearby. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. its amazing that nature and industry can co habit so well!

  4. Urban planners have done a remarable job of trying to protect natural areas, and also provide paths for walking. Hope this one gets the garbage cleaned up and turns out to be worthwhile.

  5. If they can block the industry view it would be perfect. Glad they're protecting wetlands.

  6. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us! You captured some lovely shots and that little plant growing up through the asphalt is quite amazing.
    Loved the sweet rabbit, of course we love rabbits.
    Here you have this area so close to you and yet didn't even know about it.
    I remember the days when we lived in Ontario and drove the 401, it's quite a large highway. When I first visited my husbands family and went on the 401 it really seemed like a grand highway coming from a small town in the mountains where we had frontage roads.

    Joy! Debbie

  7. A really interesting place. I hope that it can be returned to nature!

  8. Industry and nature! Such a contrast! Sorry you didn't get to see the owls, but looks like you had a great time spotting other hidden gems. Beautiful photos.


  9. Plenty of nature to be observed desite the proxmity to industry and housing. What a shame about the garbage. Still, it mut be great to realise you have this marshland close to home to revisit! Loved the geese and gosling photo!


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