Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Walk in the Woods

There was snow here on the weekend. Not a lot, just flying around really ... but it's just a blunt reminder that winter is not far away. Three weeks ago we were camping up north and people were swimming! The temperature was a hot 21C, and we still had the air-conditioning on when we got home. Now this. Seasons change so quickly here in Ontario.

Sunday I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn't been out in the beautiful fall weather much this year. On Sunday afternoon, I asked my husband to take a drive out in the country with me. We headed a little north and a little east to Kirkfield, where we had our lunch sitting beside the lake there. It was freezing!! We ended up sitting in the truck and admiring the view across the water.

Most of the cottages seem to be closed up now. No one was around except for one lone guy in a boat. Not sure if he was fishing or not, but he eventually pulled into shore at the picnic area where we were parked. He must have been chilled to the bone.

Yesterday I had an unexpected day to myself. I thought I would do housework ... ho hum ... but then I decided that since we had a good frost last night, I would now be able to take Cody pup out for a walk in the woods. The frost kills the pollen that he's allergic to. So happy dog hopped in the van with me and we headed up to a very nice conservation area in the north part of our town.

This creek reminds me of my parents' place where I spent many happy days walking along the banks with another dog, Emily.

The frost on Sunday night loosened all the leaves, and they were falling like snow all through the woods. So pretty. It was quite cold in the morning at only a couple of degrees above 0C. I wore my new pink & brown scarf, and it was a welcome warmth around my neck :)

I felt like I was walking with ghosts this morning. I used to bring my kids here with their friends a lot when they were all young. The path we used to hike along had many boardwalks over muddy areas where spring-fed creeks trickled down the hillside. The kids loved the boardwalks where they could hang over the edges and look into the tiny creeks. That path has now been closed, and the boardwalks all ripped up. A new path has been created up on the hill overlooking the old path. I could look down and still see some of the old pilings for the boardwalks, and also the old oil drum that confused my kids as to why it was in the middle of the woods, abandoned and rusted. I think I could hear my kids chattering down there too, and I remembered all those hikes and smiles and carefree days.

The colours were pretty good. Not a lot of red, but lots of golden yellow and orange. This old beech tree stump had some nice russet leaves from shoots that were trying hard to give this tree new life.

This is the new path, where there are lots of sugar maples towering over all the other trees. 

It was about 9:30 in the morning when I arrived at the trail, so the sun hadn't warmed things up yet. It was giving a beautiful soft lighting through the forest.

I took far too many photos, but sometimes you just can't help yourself!

There was this beautiful large oak tree spreading its limbs wide. You don't often see such nice mature oaks in this area. My parents used to have a hillside above the field planted with oaks. I wonder how big those tree are now. They sure take a long time to grow. This tree will look magnificent when the all the leaves finally turn.

Cody enjoyed his walk as much as I did. Two hours quickly passed us by before we had to leave.

Lots of leaves already on the ground, making a nice crunchy and colourful carpet.

Back down alongside the creek on another "unofficial" trail, the cedars take over 
and give the forest a mysterious air.

Doesn't this look like a fancy doorway into some magical tiny home? 
Enter if you dare ...

 Once I got back to this little pond, the walk was pretty much over.
("Thank goodness!" you're all saying)

Back to the van.
Back into town.

Today is rather grim looking outside. Still a nice day with no rain (yet). We had a massive thunderstorm last night with so much lightening! It went on and on and on for a couple of hours of light show and sharp, deep blasts to wake the dead. We haven't had many thunderstorms this summer, and having such a spectacular one in fall seems weird.

And on a final note ... GO JAYS GO!!
Our Toronto's baseball team is battling it out with Kansas City Royals again tonight,
after winning last nights exciting game!
Are you a baseball fan?

Thanks for stopping by!


.... oh, and Cody, as always :)


  1. Lovely photos! I love Canada though have only visited Quebec. It snowed here in New England this weekend, too. Nothing much, just some round hail. A few years ago it snowed so much here that Halloween was canceled. Can't have that again!

  2. I can feel the cold in that veryfirst picture. A wonderful 2 hour walk in the woods on a crisp cool morning sounds awesome to me. So glad Cody was able to get out there and enjoy it with you. I can understand you wanting to take so many photos as it is very beautiful. An Illinois blog friend was very sad the Cubs didn't win. Her dad turns 90 in a few weeks and they've been long time Cubs fans so she was hoping they would pull through. But her husband is from Canada and lived in Toronto so now she is rooting for the Jays. Glad to hear they are winning.

  3. Last weekend was so windy Thanksgiving weekend that the trees are almost bare up here. We haven't seen many red leaves either. There are usually lots of trees that are that gorgeous red/orange that makes them look like a flame.

    We had a bit of snow around the edges the other day. It's 16 today! Colin needs dry and sunny to get the rest of the beans off and to start at the corn.

    Looks like a lovely place for a walk. Much like our Shaw Woods.

  4. I did something very similar this weekend in the woods hereabouts. Enjoyed your lovely photos and the memories and the colours. Woods are special places. So glad Cody can relax and enjoy being outside again, bless him x

  5. Looks like you got to take in some lovely Fall colours on your trip and walk. As a young girl I spent a few summers in Kirkfield, family friends had a cottage there. I love seeing the lift locks there too. It's a dull Tuesday, just pottering around the house today.

  6. so odd that you should have seen snow when we have yet to see even a hard frost!! Not complaining :)

  7. Lovely post Wendy I hear you about the ghosts in the woods. My youngest son recently took me & the dog for a walk in some woods he & some friends had found. I hadn't the heart to tell him I used to play there with friends when I was young too & actually knew a quicker way to get there! Plenty of childhood ghosts were there that afternoon. My cherry trees have red leaves on them but nothing as magical as the displays you have there. Have a good week x

  8. I don't think you could ever take to many pictures if they all looked lot those! Just spectacular!! I wonder if any animals live under those trees roots? Our leaves are just begining to turn in northern Illinois. I am rooting for the Cubbies!! Been a long time for a World Series around here!

  9. It was cold in Kirkfield on Sunday,wasn't it!! Did you drive past our house? You should have popped in for a warm, and a hot drink..we could have just about squeezed you in amongst all the reno stuff!
    Autumn/Fall is incredibly beautiful in Ontario..you captured it well.
    Jane x

  10. OH Wendy - what gorgeous photos and what an amazing place to go hiking. I loved how you talked about the ghosts of your kiddo time there of the past. Time is as precious as the leaves that grow, change and then slowly fall to a new journey. Fall always gets me nostalgic too I guess. ;)

    I'm so happy for your baseball team. I don't follow baseball much but know what it's like to love and follow a team (Go Packers! Lol)

    Blessings on your week my Dear. xoxo

  11. PS: And I can't believe you already had a fun in with the s-word!! I hope I won't be seeing any flurries around here anytime soon!!!

  12. Beautiful pictures as always....and the weather today is not too bad either.
    Go Jays !!!!

  13. That sounds - and looks - like a perfect walk, and I'm sure your pup enjoyed every minute!

  14. What a lovely walk. Beautiful memories too. Cody is a cutie! I love the gorgeous Autumn colors. The weather does seem to change quickly. Congrats to the Jay's, I hope they win! Enjoy and have a happy day!

  15. A beautiful walk in the woods!! Just the right time of year for it. Glad that Cody enjoyed it, I hope that you did too - in your new scarf! xx

  16. A lovely walk Wendy it looks so beautiful the colours are amazing. :) xx

  17. Not too many photos at all - this is why I love the autumn/fall. Thank you SO much for sharing them. x

  18. A fabulous place for you to enjoy the fall beauty and let your dog run for exercise. I had in mind trolls under that big tree root... :-)
    Too bad your picnic turned out to be such a cold day but it's a reminder of what's to come. Brrr...

  19. I love walking or even driving in a car when the leaves are falling. It's so magical. Right now we have acorns falling like crazy and when you drive in our neighborhood, the acorns sound like bullets hitting your car! What beautiful photos you took! Enjoy your week...stay warm! Hugs!

  20. Oh, what a pretty walk, Wendy! I love the leaf covered trails and all the gorgeous trees and water. There is something about a walk in the woods that really clears the mind, especially when there is that little nip in the air. I know how you feel about the 'ghosts' of all the sweet memories..... So glad that Cody is able to enjoy an allergy free walk, too. He's such a pretty dog. Hope your team wins! xo Karen

  21. I so enjoyed this walk, ghosts and all. We are still waiting for a 'proper' autumn, it is quite hot.

  22. What great fall images, Wendy! I'm not a huge baseball fan but I've also caught Jays fever. Go Jays Go!

  23. Wendy,
    Several things to catch up with! One your Jays creamed our Rangers! But because they are your team- I can live with it!
    Second, I needed this post this morning- I have been on such a fast track this last month that to sit here with your beautiful countryside, sweet memories, and you was just what I needed to refresh my soul!

  24. I had such wonderful time reading this post. It felt like I myself was in forest. Beautiful photos and I loved reading your reflections. Cody pup is beautiful as always :)



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