Wednesday, October 07, 2015

My Morning Walk

This morning it was a bit overcast, but the temperatures were warm, so I grabbed the pup and headed out for my morning walk. Normally, I just walk along the streets in my rather small neighbourhood. This area is surrounded by two major roads and a railroad track, none of which I like to cross over on a regular basis. 

The fall colours are still slow in coming. Today it's warmed up to 20C and in previous years when it's so warm so late in the year, the colours are not great, and the leaves sort of dry up right on the tree in a greenish brownish hue and then drop off. It's the brisk, cold weather that brings out the best colours.

Today I went up and across the major road and onto a short paved trail that runs alongside a pond.

The pond was once a part of a farm. I used to take kids skating on this pond in the winter, and it is still used by the neighbourhood kids for hockey games. The last few winters were great because the ice never melted until I think, what, June?!

Not a lot of water showing, mostly bull rushes, as we've had a rather dry fall.

And now onto the paved pathway. It's pretty along here, I just wish it was a longer trail.

Lots of willows and sumac lining both the pond and the path.

The goldenrod is about halfway finished. Some is still bright, deep gold, while other plants have already withered to brown. I hope Cody's allergies aren't too aggravated by me taking him along with me. I noticed he was limping slightly, so I think it's back to the baby socks for him.

My childhood home in the country had willows lining a small creek on that property. I loved those willows, and these are some of the same type (in right of below photo).

A very tiny creek trickles along the pathway and eventually empties into the pond. Sometimes there are ducks living down here in the shadowy waters. Didn't see anything today except water striders.

End of the pathway for me today, and I turned around after taking the next photo.

There's still evidence of the big ice storm from a few winters ago. The trees along this pathway were badly damaged. A lot of broken trees were sawn off and taken away, but there are some that still hang dead or dying that do not cross the path directly.

I recently picked up a Peterson's Field Guide of Wildflowers from the thrift store. I thought I'd try my luck at identifying some of the flowers I see around here.

I think this is "Butter and Eggs" or Toadflax. Apparently this is an alien plant.

I couldn't find a decent ID of this next flower. It looks like it might be of the orchid family.

The next one I couldn't find either, but I see it everywhere. Honestly, the book I bought is a bit old, originally printed in 1968, but this copy was reprinted in 1996. I wonder if they updated it even. Half of the pictures are not even in colour. I'm better at identifying birds than flowers in the wild.

I think this book might have been a waste of money now that I actually looked through it!

Well that was my walk this morning. the clouds dispersed by the time I returned home, but they have again closed in this afternoon and it sort of looks like rain is lurking with that strange greenish lighting.

We're gearing up for Thanksgiving weekend here, how about you? Obviously only Canadians will be celebrating this weekend. The big turkey dinner shopping will be done on Friday night. My daughter is coming home for the first time since beginning of September ... she would never miss a turkey dinner!! Her favourite food ;) 

I've skipped seeing my dad for two weekends in a row, but will be out to visit him again this Saturday to take him for his walk along the trail beside his nursing home. Here he is two weeks ago ...

I had to get a photo of him beside this very tall grass!! I would love some of this along my fenceline as privacy for our pool. Thanks for being a good sport Dad ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
We moved our fish indoors and I moved in a lot of plants. I'll leave photos of all of that for another day.


.... oh, and Cody, of course!


  1. Fancy leaving Cody until last..hang your head in shame! Our sumacs are as lovely as ever,but green trees outnumber colours up here..and yes, the trees have a case of the brown and crispys.
    Jane x

  2. Aha! So you do have a partner in crime!!! What a lovely pup you have! I enjoyed the walk. I miss the fall colour of the Sumacs... We don't have any out this way but our fall colour was glorious this year because we still haven't had a hard frost. So unusual for this elevation! xo

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. The colors will come, I hope. Those grasses behind your dad are really tall. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I mostly walk in the same area on sidewalks too Wendy so seeing an option of where you can go was enlightening.
    I have the same Peterson field guide which has greater detail from the drawings than Ontario Wildflowers, a Lone Pine book but it has good colour photos.
    We're heading to North Bay Friday morning and all the family will be together which is a miracle with all the shift workers.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. It was a pretty walk, Wendy, with all the soft colors of the grasses, trees and flowers. We had an ice storm in 2012 that damaged the trees here, too. So nice that you take your Dad out for walks when you can - I'm sure he loves that. Cody is so pretty and a real sport for tagging along. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving holiday with your daughter! x Karen

  6. What a lovely walk Wendy! You have a great place to go and see nature and just enjoy walking. I wish that we had more places like that around here. It is a shame that your book wasn't more help in making flower identifications, perhaps you will find something else another time! I am sure that Cody enjoys his outdoor exploits each day with you! xx

  7. Thanks for taking us along on your walk! You have a lovely area to go out in, and so many different things to see on your way. It's a wonderful thing to live in a place where you're surrounded by nature!

  8. Thanks for that beautiful walk with you Wendy! It is so pretty there. Cody is so cute. Have a wonderful fall weekend.

  9. What a lovely walk - that path is beautiful! Love all of the flowers you captured too. ;)

    That's right - your Thanksgiving is coming up soon. So exciting!! Fun to think about that menu and start preparing.

    The photos of your Dad are just precious. What a smile! And Cody is darn cute too.
    Blessings my Friend. xoxo


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