Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

Taking five minutes of my day to share five things. 

There's not a whole lot happening here in the middle of a very cold winter, and I know a lot of people are showing their budding gardens now ... but here in Ontario, well ...


The snow continues to fall and mount up all around us. Despite the weather predictions of rising temperatures all week, we are back down to -20C before the windchill sucks it down to -30C with an "Extreme Cold Warning" in effect ... again. I do like winter, but other things are compounding it this week.

Early morning on Wednesday


The good news is it will soon be maple syrup time (link to an old post on maple syrup)! I love the smell of woodsmoke in the springtime air. And the kind of days when there is still lots of snow on the ground, but the sun allows you to remove your coat. How I loved tending our own maple sugar bush at my parents' place when I was young, and even when my kids came along and the whole family had a hand in boiling down the sap. Good memories :)


Keeping the bird feeders topped up and seeds scattered on a packed-down portion of snow 
is the only critter-feeding time I enjoy at this house :)


I just gotta say that I love chickadees. 
I love their cuteness, their friendliness, their song 
and their name (taken from their song "chickadee-dee-dee").


Monday was the 50th anniversary of our Canadian Flag! 
Below is a flag in a neighbourhood plaza parking lot. 
It's the biggest Canadian flag I have ever seen, 
and I love to see and hear(!) it snapping in the wind. 

Our flag is reversible!
Not every nation can say that.

Thanks for stopping by!


45 cm of marshmallow topping
I measured ;)

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  1. Wow, I should not complain about the amount of snow we have here after seeing your place..I keep saying "COME ON SPRING". hurry please.. You have me thinking of eating pancakes with maple syrup now.. YUM! I love your cute dog and the chickadee.. The Canadian flag is pretty. Stay warm and safe, have a happy weekend..

  2. Lovely selection for your Five on Friday and wow, look at all that snow!! Suzy x

  3. OMG Wendy, the amount of snow!!! I was going to ask how deep it was and then you showed us! At this rate the depth of snow will be as much as the height of the table!! I remember reading in the Little House books about the maple sugaring, it sounded like a lot of fun, so I am sure that your memories of that time are wonderful too! I do love Maple Syrup! I never thought about the fact that the Canadian Flag was the same on both sides - pretty clever hey! Thank you so much for joining in! xx

  4. Hi Wendy, wow what pretty photos of the snow! Yes soon it will be warm and spring will arrive. I CAN'T WAIT!! LOL! Have a nice Friday and weekend. Stay warm it's only 3 degrees here this morning.
    Julie xo

  5. Thanks for your 5, so cold, oh my, can't even imagine. I do like your flag, simple and dignified.

  6. It is soooooooo cold,but glad to see the flag snapping in the wind!
    Jane x

  7. Love your five, and that male syrup bottle is adorable, I wish we could grow maple syrup here in the UK :-)

  8. Hi Wendy....
    Came by via Amy's blog....
    I too am Canadian...but I am missing all the cold weather up there, as I am vacationing in Florida... has been very cold down here too!
    I too am in love with the wee Chickadee....I miss feeding the birds at my home in Southern Ontario....
    Hope you will pop over and say hello...
    Linda :o)

  9. Good morning Wendy-that's allot of snow and cold for sure-you always share such pretty photos. I would love to see the process of maple syrup that would be pretty neat, I have a blog friend that makes some every year from her trees. In this area they used to make sorghum which I really like too. Hope it gets warmer soon for all of us

  10. It looks so pretty Wendy and the chickadee looks so cute, how nice to be able to make your own maple syrup! Have a great weekend and keep warm :) xx

  11. That's a lot of snow!! we like helping out the birds here too, they have been contending with rain for the last 24 hours, not snow, keep warm

  12. wow a lot of snow but your photos look so beautiful.. and I'm a huge bird lover as well. poor little guys in all that snow.. but that's nature intended.. happy weekend with love Janice

  13. Beautiful photos. Enjoyed the marshmallow topping on your patio table. We've had similar opps in our part of the world. I'm in Alberta..we've had rain here this week so lots of snow melted.

    Like you, I love, love the chickadees with their sweet songs. That's a great pic you have of that one.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.....

  14. Love seeing the beautiful snow photos and the sweet little chick-a-dee. I love the quiet stillness of snowfall and the bright reflected light. Here it is very wet and gray. Keep cozy, hugs xo Karen

  15. I can't believe this snow! It looks lovely in the photos but it must be a challenge to live with. And cold!

  16. Oh my goodness what snow! I do miss that here in Cornwall, we hardly ever get even a sprinkling, it looks so pretty but I expect it is hard to live with for a long time too. I would love to see those little chickadees, they are just so cute. Hope you keep warm and snug
    Alison xx

  17. 50 years I had no idea! Also had never thought about reversible flags either. You sure do have a lot of snow but the maple syrup. What lovely memories. Would love to be there and make syrup with you all. Enjoy it when it's time

  18. That looks about the same amount of snow we have here near Peterborough, ON. Enough already. Cheers fellow Canadian Blogger. Beckie

  19. Ooh that is a lot of snow! I love that chickadee, what a sweet bird. Have a good week, Wendy! x

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