Thursday, February 05, 2015

Five on Friday

Taking five minutes of my day to share five things. 
Thanks to Amy of Love Made my Home for hosting!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, 
I thought I'd share some heartfelt goodness with all of you.

One ... 
knitted hearts that I made following this pattern. 
If you choose to make some for yourself, just be warned ... they are quite addictive!

And yes, the sky was really that blue on Thursday ... I didn't touch up this photo

Two ... 
my pretty little heart trinket box that I found MIB at the thrift store last year. 
It's Portmeirion's pattern botanic blue. 

Three ... 
a very special card given to me by my son when he was just starting school. 
We collected tiny little reddish rocks from our beach, 
and he glued them into a heart shape on the front of a card for Mother's Day. 

Four ... 
a wooden heart I painted up years ago. It decorates a wicker picnic basket.

Five ...
a sweet pot holder that my grandmother made.

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winter photo shoot ... snow makes a great backdrop!

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  1. You had me at all of these Wendy! Those hearts you made are outstanding!!! And your son's sweet creation would be framed in my house as well! How wonderful are these tokens of LOVE!!! Wishing you a fabulous weekend Pal!! Nicole xo

  2. I love hearts. And beautiful blue skies. Your knitted hearts are lovely and the potholder made by your grandma is so pretty. Happy Friday. Tammy

  3. Everything is sweet but I love the potholder. Super sweet!
    xx Beca

  4. Wonderful collection of hearts.. I love the knitted hearts and blue sky! So pretty. Have a happy weekend!

  5. That card is just the sweetest thing! I have a heart shaped stone my eldest son found for me years ago & I treasure it x

  6. Lovely! Your knitted hearts are smashing and the blue butterflies on the trinket pot are lovely, I am a sucker for blue flutters :o)

  7. Hi Wendy, I love those knitting hearts hanging in the tree and the heart card is so cute! Have a nice Friday and weekend.

  8. Hi, Love your heart collection, such great picturesxx

  9. All of your hearts are sweet, especially the handmade ones.

  10. You have such special hearts to make the holiday fun. LOVE the handmade ones, too! You have lots of reminders of how much you are loved. I mentioned you on my blog this morning! Hope you can pop in for a visit! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. Thank you for sharing your "Hearts" with us - very cool indeed!!

  12. Love the heart tree..You have quite a collection..All ready for Valentines day, you are!!

  13. Lovely hearts Wendy, I love your grandmother's pot holder. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  14. Five lovely hearts! And a lovely post!

  15. Such beautiful loving hearts! Especially the ones from your grandmother and son! How wonderful are they. I really like your knitted ones hanging in the tree too! Thank you for joining in! xx

  16. Wendy, your hearts are adorable! I especially love the little stone one that your son made! Thank you for following my blog. I'm your newest follower! :-)

  17. Love, love, love your photo collage. Yes, snow makes a beautiful background and it is very clever of you to use it :)

  18. Five lovely things, not a bad way to end the week :-)

  19. What a sweet collection of pretty hearts! The handmade ones, so very special, must be very close to your own heart. Thanks for sharing, Wendy!

    Happy weekend!


  20. Lovely Five on Friday, Wendy!


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