Friday, December 16, 2016

Five on Friday

I made my first ever Christmas cake with a recipe that Mom gave me many years ago. It's not a really dark one like she used to make, so I'm thinking maybe she used a different recipe. I'll have to search through some recipes I have of hers to see if there's a different one. I haven't sliced into this cake yet, but it is ageing in the garage wrapped in rum-soaked cheesecloth. It's tucked inside Mom's official Christmas cake tin too (which I didn't get a photo of, but maybe another day I'll remember to do that). It's an old unpainted heavy square tin that is quite aged and lovely because of that. It's not a pretty tin, but Mom liked it because it closed up tight. She stored her Christmas cakes in there every year, and there were butter tarts at other times. Good memories.

A couple of weeks ago the four of us plus one (my daughter's boyfriend) all went to Toronto to do a bit of fun Christmas shopping. This is inside the Eaton's Centre. They always put up a magnificent display for Christmas, and this is the "tree" reaching from basement level right up to the glass roof. I used to work just across the street from the Eaton's Centre and spent many a rushed, but happy lunchtime there Christmas shopping!

Back at home the following week, we worked on decorating our house and got our own fat tree assembled and placed in the front window. A lot fewer decorations adorn it this year, and I'm really happy with the results. The photos don't do it justice (phone!!!grrr), but it simply glows with the clear lights we put on it this year. I've always wanted clear lights and it's made quite a difference to the tree. I put strands of faux red berries, icicles, snowflakes and tiny felt mice on it. Also a long ribbon of burlap with red edging made by me about 30 years ago. I've always loved the rustic look of burlap ;)

A beautiful tatted snowflake from a new friend was gifted to me this year.

A crystal snowflake that we made from chenille sticks and Borax

A red-tailed hawk my son made out of papier mache
for a school project sis on the tree top
 The living room looks a lot nicer this year without all the clutter of Christmas decorations I usually set around it. We have room to put things on the coffee table and the buffet now :)

a cozy corner with Christmas cushions

Just a few decorations here and there ... this is a tiny porcelain snowman
I picked up when shopping with my girlfriend a few years ago

A cedar branch display with "nature" themed decorations.
Some of these stay on the branches all year. I peeled the bark
off the branches and they are super smooth and now darkening a bit with age.

A small thrifted aged lantern full of tiny pinecones

Another small snowman tealight & tree on top of the desk

Just a few things on the buffet with some greenery in front and
a big log tealight holder underneath

Log tealight, hedgehog bootscrape and metal reindeer (also made by my son)
My "Winter" Brambly Hedge teacup that my husband gave me years ago.

Mom & Dad's ancient tree-top angel that I cleaned up sits
on top of the bookshelf with a few friends

Father Time atop the only logical place
Just a few of the many nutcrackers we have. Even they were getting on my nerves in the past,
so I put only a few on top of the china cabinet this year.

The kitchen was decorated as well, and received it's usual garlands of pinecones across the windows and my pinecone wreath in between. I put some greenery around our light as well, but am a little bit leery of the oil lamp being lit right underneath it. So far, so good.

I made a little felt decoration that sits inside the wreath this year.

Our Countdown to Christmas chalkboard.
I really like this small calendar rather than an advent calendar and have
had it since my kids were little. It was a kit I painted up.

We have a full-sized red pick-up truck, so I couldn't wait to decorate my son's
childhood toy with a fake tree. Couldn't find a smaller tree, but we had a laugh
over this one ;)

A favourite wooden bead and wooden snowman & Santa garland leading into the living room

This is a tiny smoking table at the top of my entryway stairs. Just added my mini tree there with some polymer clay ornaments I made about 30 years ago. I'm surprised they lasted this long! The photo is on the table all year round and is from a blogging friend last Christmas :)

My son was looking around the house the other day and commented "we have a lot of pinecones in our house". It's true! But I find they are such simple yet pretty decoration year round. I get out more at Christmas time, but some are out all year round.

I'm joining up with Amy at Love Made My Home and her world famous Five on Friday.


  1. What a lovely living room you have! The tree looks wonderful. Some fabulous decorations you have around your house. Those little red pick up trucks with a Christmas tree on the back seem to be very popular this year - I have seen a few on various blogs.

  2. I love pinecones and want to pick them up every time we hike! heehee! Love your big pinecone wreath! And your coffee table is so beautiful and unique! Love your style! Holiday hugs!

  3. Your home looks very much like Christmas! So very pretty. I love the tree. And the pinecones too. The red truck looks great. The muffin tin behind it brings back lots of memories.

  4. Your tree and home looks very festive and cozy with its Christmas decorations. I love the old sleigh coffee table and your sideboard is a beauty. I'm an antique lover. :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Wendy. Blessings. Pam

  5. What wonderful decorations, they look so natural, not store bought, but a part of the house. I do like your son's bird and reindeer, particularly the reindeer.

  6. I never used to be a fan of fruitcake, but I've grown to like it over the years. I haven't been to the Eaton Centre in decades! Wonder how they got that huge tree inside...Your Christmas decor is lovely mix of rustic and whimsy!

  7. My mom used to make fruitcakes as well, and drench them in rum or whiskey or some such, but somehow I never have made one like that in my 65 years. Seeing yours sparks good memories for me, though. It is interesting to see your Christmas decorations and learn some of the stories behind them. I particularly love your peeled cedar branches smoothed with years of use...a great idea! Thanks for posting, Wendy.

  8. It is so lovely that you have your mother's cake tin, and still use it at Christmas. I am very keen on such traditions, and have my mother's big tea-pot, used for family gatherings. So special. Your house is beautifully and thoughtfully decorated, and I love everything, especially the tree. A tatted snow-flake is a gorgeous gift, and just look at that magnificent hawk! Happy Christmas Wendy.

  9. Hello, your Christmas cake sounds wonderful. Your house is decorated beautifully. I love the tree with the berries and your son's hawk. Also the red truck, reindeer and the pretty angel. Happy weekend to you. I wish you and your family a bless and Merry Christmas!

  10. What a lovely Christmas tour. Do you know our trees are very similar? We both decorated with the almost the same things...great minds, right?!

    The Christmas cake looks goood! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  11. Oh Wendy - your house looks so beautiful!! I LOVE your tree. It's gorgeous!! Everything looks so cozy and inviting too.

    I love pinecones too! Perfect from my northwoods. ;) I did a holiday home tour recently too. I think it's so nice sharing our homes with our blogland Friends.

    Christmas blessings to you my Dear! xoxo

  12. Your home looks welcoming and festive with all the Christmas touches. I love pinecones, too - there are so many different varieties, sizes and shapes. My husband would like the Christmas cake - I'm not fond of it.

  13. Your home looks lovely ready for Christmas Wendy. Funnily enough we put a lot less decorations on the tree this year and I prefer it. I have memories of my youngest son throwing a huge tantrum at the Eaton's centre in Toronto many years ago. My eldest took him away for a walk so I could have a few moments peace. I'd come to Canada as a single Mum with four young boys... How mad was that!

  14. Your home looks beautiful and very Christmassy! Love your tree and all of your other displays and collections. I imagine that where you live pinecones are a very apt decoration indeed. Hope your cake is wonderful, I have a "dark" recipe if you ever want to try one, it is very good, I am sure that yours is great too! Happy Christmas!

  15. You are blessed with a beautiful home and you have certainly made it most welcoming with all your Christmas d├ęcor, a real delight.

  16. So lovely to see round your home and the lovely Christmas decs. I love Brambly Hedge too. The homemade reindeer is great!

  17. It looks like you're ready for Christmas!

    One of my cousins has a lot of nutcrackers too.

  18. Way to go Wendy, making your first fruitcake! I have made one with a jar of PC mincemeat in it for years but only baked Dundee cake and a cherry loaf this year for a change.
    I like the rustic decor about your house and love the hawk for the top of your tree. Our tabletop has many birds and pinecones with a peacock on the top.

  19. The cake looks yummy Wendy. Your tree look beautiful in your living room. Love your Nutcracker collection.

    Wishing you a Blessed and Joyous Merry Christmas !
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  20. the house is looking wonderful
    I love that you are making your mother's cake in her tin.. that is so sweet

  21. I love the look of your living room, looks so comfortable and welcoming. And that cake!

  22. What a beautiful living room you have, Wendy filled with so many lovely pieces of furniture. Love your buffet. Your Christmas looks ever so beautiful with those shimmering lights and the pretty decorations. Your mother sounds as if she was an excellent cook. I love all the pretty touches of the festive season sprinkled around your lovely home. I wouldn't mind sitting in that pretty chair by the tree enjoying a piece of your cake and a cup of tea.

  23. This is the first year that we have lived in our home, and prior to that, we lived in one room in the basement while we built our home above us. So, I went all out decorating with stuff I haven't seen in a few years. But I'm with you, I like less stuff. I think decorating with nature and a few special things is the way to go. I also like adding touches like table cloths, pillows, and things that do not take up the extra room, yet add a festive touch. Gotta have a red truck with a tree! Your decorations look wonderful. Have a Merry Christmas!



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