Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tea in the Village

Today I had a very pleasant outing with two lovely ladies ... Margie from Tea in the Valley, and Judith from Lavender Cottage. We are all part of a group of Canadian gals who participate in a tea and card exchange throughout the year. This is now the second year for our group, and the second time I've had the pleasure of meeting both of these fun ladies. We met up in the Village of Markham, Ontario at The Old Curiosity Tea Shop for a Victorian tea. The tea house was a cozy place with lots of old-fashioned decor. 

... and we fit right in!! ha ha!

left to right ... Margie, Judith and me

Margie and Judith were sporting their new fascinators and looked wonderful. I was not so daring, but I noticed on the way into the tea house that they had "Fancy Hat Fridays" ... something to consider another time eh?

The tea was served in individual pots with pretty china tea cups. This was my tea cup, which I now forget the name of. We had a tiered tray of fancy sandwiches and then sweet desserts! I enjoyed a wonderful Earl Grey tea with ginger ... perfect for our blustery fall day today.

The three of us had such a good time chatting about all things bloggy and family related. We were hoping to have a few more people, but they were unable to attend. Maybe next time we get together we'll be able to fill all the seats at our table ;)

I snapped this photo as we were leaving (sorry it's a bit out of focus (phone!), I didn't notice till I got home). But you can see all the jars of loose tea you can purchase, and it seems quite a few people come in just to buy the tea. Maybe I should have brought home some of the delicious tea I had! I can easily pop back there sometime as it was a very quick 20 minute drive on the toll highway.

While we were heading out the door, we noticed a display of pretty jewelry which was made from bits of broken china. I didn't get a photo of the whole display, but I got talking to the tea shop owner, and she said they were made by a woman in Kingston. When the tea shop owner first saw the jewelry, she quickly struck a deal with the artist and has these pieces for sale in the tea shop now. The tea shop sends the artist bits of broken china to make more jewelry, and you can even send your own broken china to the artist to be made into something special. I love that! Makes me want to "accidentally" break a tea cup! I really liked the unique pieces and one of them came home with me ....

It reminds me of some of my own blue & white china.

Well I'm glad to finally have something to share with you all ... I haven't been blogging much and I have only been visiting others very sporadically. I never know from one week to the next when I will have time to post and visit, so thank you for stopping by even though I'm a bit unpredictable these days. Stuff happens, right? Our weather has suddenly turned cold and we've gone from wearing shorts last weekend, to needing a winter coat today! Furnace has been turned on for the first time this fall, and it probably won't be shut of till next May ... back to the short white days soon!

Have a great weekend folks!



  1. It was wonderful to see you and Judith today! I think your teacup was a Rosina? I forgot to ask how your tea was--was the ginger a dominant or subtle flavour? Love your pretty new china bracelet! I was trying to be good and left without buying one, but now I kind of wish that I did!

  2. Hi Wendy, it looks like the 3 of you had a very special day together, sorry I wasn't able to make it. I absolutely love the bracelet you purchased, what a unique way of creating jewelry. I didn't like the sound of the heater kicking on yesterday, I guess I'm still in denial lol!! Enjoy your weekend, Kelly.

  3. what a wonderful time you had,, such a beautiful spot as well, the bracelet made from broken china is beautiful,, and very clever!
    thank you for visiting,, I have some catching up to do!

  4. Sorry, i couldn't come,maybe next time (if we have). I love the bracelet,so very unique.
    have a great weekend...Gaia

  5. It's always a delight to read of sweet bloggers meeting up. You, Margie, and Judith are such lovely ladies and it was truly a joy to read about your tea time.

    I just LOVE the bracelet you took home. It's simply beautiful.

    Hugs to you, dear Wendy.

  6. How lovely the three of you look dressed up for your afternoon tea and what a fabulous looking place. I can't tell you what your cup was but I have the same plates on my dresser that I can can just see on the table in that photo. What a pretty bracelet too!

  7. What a pretty tea house, and three pretty ladies having tea. It is always lovely fun to meet other bloggers. The bracelet is Gorgeous! I want to go to Markham now - looked it up on the map, only about 3 hours from my daughter :)

  8. Sounds like my perfect day out Wendy, the tea house looks charming. It's always lovely to meet up with like minded folk. I love your bracelet what a clever idea. :) xx

  9. How lovely to get together with friends. I love the idea of jewelry made with china, and you sure picked out a pretty bracelet. I'll have to search the maker out online.

  10. I had a wonderful time with you and Margie, it was good to laugh, eat and have heartfelt conversation. The bracelet you choose is pretty, didn't realize there was a tiny teapot at the clasp.

  11. This place looks quite inviting. We've had the heat on for a few nights now, and it's probably staying on until spring at this point.

  12. Hello Wendy,
    I'm envious of you CATE members getting together for tea. Wish I could join you! Yes, the temperatures are dropping here, too, but when the sun shines, it's still very pleasant.

  13. Sounds like a lovely time..
    and loving those fascinators!


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