Friday, April 01, 2016

Five on Friday ... I'd Rather Be ...

I should be doing my taxes. Are you like me though ... I can think of ten (or five!) other things I'd much rather be doing than totting up columns and finding receipts ;)


I'd rather be sorting beads, stringing beads and lacing cards ... 


I'd rather get the dog up from a sleep with the mention of "walk?!" ...

... and then go for one ...

"Grandmother Willow"


I'd rather step down to the lake for a stroll along the boardwalk ...


I'd rather take an accidental selfie! 
(I was actually trying to take the photo you can see in my glasses) ...


More than anything, I'd rather be sewing ...

... sigh ... but I'm not supposed to be doing any of these things :(
(and I can't wait till I can!)

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  1. Wendy, looked like a great walk on the boardwalk. Beautiful fabrics.

  2. I see a number of things that would be more fun than taxes and hope you get to do some of the crafty ones since the walk was accomplished. Hey, the selfie turned out pretty good Wendy.

  3. Our taxes are done we get our accountant to do and deal with it all much easier lol ! Lovely photos , I haven't been on the board walk in years I used to walk the entire thing from one end of TO to the other when I visited my friends . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  4. I'd rather be doing all those things too instead of taxes, but I must tackle them soon.

  5. Yes, I can totally see the appeal of any or all of those things, especially instead of taxes!!! I will have to do that soon, not looking forward to it! Lovely selfie - if by accident - of you, you are so lovely! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  6. Thank God my husband does the taxes, I couldn't deal with it. I'd rather clean toilets I think.

  7. I can see why you would rather be doing anything else than taxes. Your list sounds like a winner. :)
    Love the "selfie" !

    Have a beautiful weekend~~

  8. In the immortal words of Nike, "JUST DO IT!" I get through unpleasant tasks by telling myself that once it's done and over with, I can do something fun!

    I used to do my taxes manually (!) on those paper forms because my mom wanted us to learn how things are calculated. A few years ago, I convinced her to switch to a software. Once you go electronic, you can't go back!

  9. Oh, those dreaded taxes! I do like all those alternatives to doing them, though! That grandmother tree is amazing, and those sweet little ones and pup do require attention :) And the the idea of putting supplies in the train case. You know, I have one of those and just recently hauled it out, wondering what the heck I was going to use it for. Now I know! Very cute selfie. Hope you get through those taxes fast so you can do all those fun things! Mine still aren't done, either. xx Karen

  10. Such a lovely post, I love seeing the different scenery and landscapes when people just pop out for a walk - it differs so much all around the world. I wish I had a lake with a boardwalk I could stroll around.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  11. Anything but those darned taxes!! How lovely to take a walk at your place. There are so many glorious photos to be captured. Love your selfie, Wendy.

  12. I really enjoyed your post :-)

  13. How boring for you having to do taxes yes I would be putting it off too, lovely photo's Wendy I love the selfie my accidental selfies scare me to death haha. I luckily don't need to do taxes but have professional learning updating practice things to do I think I would rather retire. Have a lovely weekend. :) x

  14. You do some great procrastinating though Wendy! LOL

  15. Oh Wendy, that accidental selfie made me smile! Well done on deferring the gratification, and well done on your lovely Easter makes and photos - I have been away and am just catching up. You really captured the essence of the season. xx

  16. I love your accidental selfie! And I definitely agree about doing anything but tax returns (especially walks and sewing) :-) xx

  17. There are so many duties to life that I try to do quickly so that I can get to the pleasures. Love the sewing basket/train case. I have one the same that I like to store sewing bits and pieces in. Makes for a nice transportable sewing box. Great selfie.

  18. Your accidental selfie looks fabulous, my friend :) What a fun post, Wendy. Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs!

  19. I'm with you. I would rather be doing just about anything other than taxes. Sadly, that is what is on my schedule for today though. I'm on a sewing binge right now too. I laughed when I read you can wake up your dog by mentioning a walk. Fergus is the same. :-)

  20. Ha, they all look great diversions - hope the taxes got done so that you can move onto the more exciting stuff in life :) Popping over from Amy's Five on Friday

  21. Oh, I'm a master procrastinator :-)

  22. Oh you've got the right idea Wendy!! That all beats taxes any day. ;) I loved the selfie you gorgeous Gal!!

    Blessings on your week ahead! xoxo

  23. What a clever Five On Friday post, Wendy!! All great reasons for procrastinating on doing taxes. When you have such sweet little company and Cody, why would you want to spend time on drudgery :)

    -Soma xx

  24. Good Morning Wendy,
    Good to catch up with you. I enjoy these five on Friday:)
    Love Grandmother Willow, what an amazing Tree, she looks like she is straight out of Pocahontas!
    It is wonderful to see you:) you pretty Lady you, you do look a little chilly though...I would freeze in your neck of the woods.
    Is that a vintage Samsonite Train makeup case? It is adorable!!

  25. All pictures are beautiful and all perfectly photographed


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