Monday, April 25, 2016

Backyard Birds

Things have been a little crazy around here lately, and it's on again, off again with the blog and visiting everyone. I would like to thank everyone for all the comments you've been leaving on my last couple of posts! It's been really nice to see so many of you stopping by and saying such nice things :) I just haven't been able to sit down to reply to everyone. I'm even having trouble visiting everyone, and had hoped to get around a bit this weekend. Didn't happen. I could write out a long drawn-out explanation of what's going on, but I'm not up to it. I did get some nice photos of birds recently. Actually I think these were taken two weeks ago.  Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for stopping in. I've turned comments off this time because I just can't keep up. Enjoy the pics. 

for Patricia at Red Cardinal ;)

female downy woodpecker

woodpeckers look awkward on the ground
crazy hair day (male downy)

pine siskin
watching a hawk
pine siskin (tiny) / house sparrow (chubby)

luv 'em

grackle, puffed up as he 'skrees'

prehistoric saber-toothed squirrel
Junco ... watching a hawk

pine siskin ... watching the same hawk
The little birds watching the hawk were so still. They all stopped eating and lowered themselves down and tipped their heads this way and that. I finally got up from my seat and stepped out from the patio umbrella and saw the hawk way, way up in the sky circling round. He flew away then, and the birds went back to eating.

Also, I have finally got pine siskins coming to my feeder! Happy about that ... unhappily I ran out of birdseeds, and haven't seen them since :(

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