Thursday, October 01, 2015

Five on Friday

Every spring and every fall we get these really annoying swarms of tiny black flies collecting around doorways and in swirling masses around trees. They're not the "black flies" ... dreaded for their secret bites which you never notice until it's too late. These flies are non-biting, but you can't walk out the front door without inhaling a few ... cough/gag, or open your car door without a few sweeping inside. The only good thing about these flies is that they attract beautiful warblers. Warblers love these little flies and gobble them up until they're full to bursting! The warblers only visit my yard during their migration to the north of us in spring, and then back to the south in fall. Today I was honoured to witness my pine tree full of flies ... but just as full of Myrtle Warblers :)

There was also a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker trying hard to look inconspicuous deep in the pine's boughs. He too was after the tiny black flies. He's awfully shy, and I couldn't get a decent photo of him. I rather like the quality of this photo though. I think this must be the female as the males are much more colourful.

Another little visitor was the tiny Brown Creeper, which creeps around on the trunk of the tree picking off all the little flies one by one ... you get 'em Brownie!!

We didn't see many birds while in Algonquin, apart from the last of the Turkey Vultures that were migrating away to warmer (warmer than 27'C?!) climes. But we did see these two beauties ...

What's that? You can't really tell what this is?! Yeah, it was terrible lighting at the end of our day, and the zoom lens was not with me, but this is a photo of a mother moose and her baby. I have 14 photos that all look about this bad. Thankfully, when we went for a drive early the next morning about 7:00 am, the same two moose were having breakfast in the ditch across from our campground, and I got some much better photos ... 51 better photos! I had to be dragged away from them ... so gosh-darned adorable :)

We saw a couple of foxes on the drive up to Algonquin, but it was nighttime ... no pics. I saw a martin just as we arrived ... in the dark ... no pics. The only other "animal" we saw was this rabbit-man petroglyph  pictographs on the cliffs of Rock Lake. 

It's difficult to see him, but I took a photo of this last summer too ...

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  1. Great photos! I especially like the mama moose and her baby.

  2. A fun selection. Enjoy the weekend, Wendy.

  3. Lovely photos, the little flies must be a nuisance but what lovely birds they bring to your garden:)

  4. Wow, you saw a moose and baby, and aren't they adorable. I have always tried to see moose on our trips to Canada, but no luck so far. The little birds are very sweet and all new ones to me. Rabbit man is interesting too - is it ancient? Great post.

  5. What amazing photos, such a lovely post. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Neat petroglyph! Love your photo-bombing (dog?) :-) How wonderful the birds get a treat with all those flies! Love the bird photos and adored that baby moose! Great post!

  7. Hi Wendy...
    What beautiful photos...and these Birds are new to me!
    I will be looking for some at the cottage this weekend..
    Great weekend to you!
    Linda :o)

  8. Gorgeous post Wendy. I loved all the birds and the Moose were just adorable. And that painting on the rock face- how old would it be? CT :o)

  9. Lots of great photos. You know I love birdwatching. And the moose are very, very cute. I'd have to be dragged away, too. :) Happy Friday!

  10. Love the photos... warblers are so cute, the moose look content and peaceful, and the petroglyph is magical. I love petroglyphs, cave art, etc.

  11. So interesting seeing all the wild animals and birds. Shame about the flies though. :-)

  12. Well I am glad that the birds are enjoying the flies because I am sure that you aren't!! I love that you too so many photos of the moose and baby, love it! Great photos!!!! All of them!!!! Love too that Cody snuck in for a final sixth item - as always! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  13. What great photos Wendy - love the one of the Moose and baby. Joan at

  14. You take amazing photos, but those flies must be horrible.

  15. Oh Wendy, these are wonderful, wonderful! Can't say which would be a top favourite ... love birds and bird photos. And those two moose, that is a treat indeed. And that Cody looks like a dearheart!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...

  16. Those flies sound horrible. I would most definitely gag. Lovely to be at rounded by so much natural beauty

  17. Amazing pictures! How old could that rabbit picture be? I am glad those moose cooperated and came back in the morning. I wouldn't want to miss that shot either. Mind you, we don't have many moose in my urban area!

  18. I love the moose shots! I miss seeing them. We had them almost outside our kitchen window where I lived as a child, but now I rarely see them. Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Sweet little birds I just love birds I can sit in the garden for hours watching them...Though the flies don't sound so hot.. Love your photos.. Happy Saturday with love Janice

  20. What great shots Wendy! You're a great bird watcher. My Dad is so good too & knows what many of them are called. So cool. ;)

    Love your cool moose shot & pictograph too!
    Blessings on your weekend. Xoxo

  21. Impressive shots !!!!! I love them !!!!!! Have a very nice day !

  22. Hello Wendy, I found your blog from a comment on Tammy's blog and came over to say hello.
    Yours is a wonderful blog....right across Canada from. Inge in the photo of the cattail X and the moose in the pond..happy weekend.

  23. Glad we're not the only ones with those pesky little flies, I've never seen them as bad as they are this year. Every day I vacuum up tons of them by the front door and yes, crunched one in my mouth this morning while out walking - ugh! Haven't seen any birds excited to be eating them here and can't believe with how cold it is over night that they still live.
    The paintings on the rock walls are neat, and hopefully authentic. ;-)

  24. Hi Wendy, wow what great shots of the birds, gross about the flies though. I love the moose photos.
    Yes that is interesting about the painting on the rocks.
    I hope you have a nice week.


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