Friday, September 11, 2015

Five on Friday ... Five Random Things

Linking up with Amy of Love Made My Home today for Five on Friday. I'm going to do five random things from the past little while. 

As we were eating supper on Monday night, I suddenly noticed a curious bird resting on our fence. I knew at once that it was a Whippoorwill!! I have never been lucky enough to see one of these nocturnal birds before, so I was thrilled that it chose our backyard to have a little rest before it began its night of hunting. They have such tiny little beaks for catching bugs. His feathers do make him look like leaves scattered on the forest floor, so I can see how well he would blend into the forest. I took far too many photos of him, but will share only the best. It was getting late in the day, so lighting wasn't great. Oddly enough this is the exact same spot that a tiny Saw Whet Owl sat a few years ago.

My dad continues to drift through life in an oblivious kind of fog. I visit him most Saturdays, and have been able to take him for a nice long walk along this pathway that runs below his residence. I take photos of him among the wild flowers and tall grasses, and he seems to enjoy his time outdoors. "A change is as good as a rest" ... Dad always quoted! So I take him out for a change of scenery.

I haven't been to the thrift store in ages. I usually only go now when I am looking for something specific. Earlier in the summer I was looking for things I could use in the garden for plants. This week I popped in for no reason at all, but saw this cute little Staffordshire creamer on the shelf and scooped it up right away! Isn't it a nice size? I have it sitting on top of the microwave with a few other blue & white pieces for now.

Another thrift store find was this cute chocolate fondue pot. It was MIB (mint in box), so it made for a nice find. I've been looking at the fondue pots since last winter. There seem to be a lot of abandoned fondue pots after the Christmas season. But I never saw one that I liked. This pot is a nice size, and with four forks, perfect for my family. It has a little tea light candle underneath. Now I've been looking up recipes etc. on Pinterest ... ready for a sweet dessert soon!

I did a bit of crafting with kids this summer, and this is one that turned out pretty good. I picked up some canvas stapled onto a wooden frame at the dollar store. Using green painters tape I taped on the letter "N" (first letter of a little boy's name I know), and then I had that same little boy dab paint all over the canvas. Once it was dry, we peeled off the tape, and Voila!! Now this hangs in the little boy's room. He's just 18 months ... I think he did a great job!

On another summer day, I helped a young girl make her very own tote! 
It took us all day to work through it, but she did an amazing job.

Well, I always have to squeeze in one more. Yesterday was my husband's and my 27th wedding anniversary!

A photo of us at my parents' home when we were dating

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  1. Happy Anniversary! This was a list of five great things. Love the idea of the canvas with the initial. And the fondue pot is simply lovely, especially with the French writing on it! Have a great weekend.

  2. Congratulations on your 27th wedding anniversary! Great finds at the thrift store!

  3. First of all, happy anniversary! Your Dad looks like a sweetie. Your care of him reminds me of when my Dad needed so much care, and it was mostly Mom's place but I tried to visit as much as I could. Love your beautiful frogmouth! Wow...I was so surprised to see him on the fence! And I also love your thrift store finds...beautiful creamer and fondue pot!

  4. Happy anniversary! That blue and white jug was a lovely find!

  5. A lovely collection of fives (sixes :o) ). I love the craft work with the children- what a lovely thing to do, and your little nightjar is beautiful- what a gift to have come visiting you.

  6. ps- forgot to add happy anniversary!

  7. What a great idea the "N" picture is. I'm sure it will be treasured.

  8. I am not going to try to write the name of that bird, but gosh, what an incredible name!!!! Lovely to see the photos of your Dad smiling in the flowers! A nice memory for you I hope. Love your new finds, the blue and white is very pretty isn't it, will looking good in your blue walled kitchen! Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more for you and your hubby!!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday! I hope that you are having a great weekend! xx

  9. I have never seen a picture of a whippoorwill before, and thank you for sharing yours with us. It really is quite a curious looking bird. Your Dad is beaming, obviously enjoying his outing. We are taking my Dad out tomorrow - he also loves to go out, and also lives in a bit of a parallel universe these days. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  10. Good morning, Wendy! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! I enjoyed this post, I love the awesome Whippoorwill. Great photos. The painting is cute and the tot bag is adorable. They are both cute projects. It is nice that you and your dad were able to get out and enjoy some different scenery and fresh air. Have a happy weekend!

  11. Happy belated anniversary. Hope that little whippoorwill is okay, I've never seen one either. Love the thrift store finds. Our local thrift store is moving into a bigger store and this week they had a BOGO sale. I got some cute little flower pots and hubby got a fix it book. That is another great craft with the kids you did. I did lots over the summer with the grandkids and now they are back to school. I'll have to add it to my list of things to do with them on the school holidays. It's raining today, which we really need, but it means I can't get the laundry outside to dry. Enjoy the weekend.

  12. I still have an electric fondue pot and our chocolate one in the basement. Of course, haven't used them in years but I don't want to give them up.
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, a nice photo of you and your hubby...before he was. :-)

  13. Nice to visit you from Amy's link! Congrats on your wedding anniversary!
    I do love blue and white striped pottery - great find!
    And your crafting projects are wonderful!
    Have a great weekend

  14. Hi Wendy!
    That bird is so beautiful - what a great catch!
    You know I relate about your Dad - caregiving can be so difficult at times, but it's loving and devoted work. Blessings to you there.

    I love your finds!! I used to have a fondue pot and don't know what happened to it. I bet there are some wonderful fondue recipes on pinterest! ;)

    I love the dating photo- so sweet!! Happy anniversary and blessings for many more.
    Happy weekend my Friend! xoxo

  15. Happy Anniversary! I love the photo of the bird - how interesting to learn about this species. Your finds this week are lovely. I too collect any china/pottery from England although I sure don't need any more pieces, haha. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  16. Happy Anniversary, Wendy! What an adorable photo of you and your husband!

    I enjoyed reading about all your fabulous finds, including the whippoorwill and the pretty creamer. How lovely that you can spend some quality time with your dad; he looks very happy to be doing the same.


  17. That little bird is so sweet. What a teeny tiny beak and unusual coloring. Love the blue and white pitcher and somewhere around here I have a fondue pot I've never used. Must remedy that one of these days. It's good that you are able to get your dad out for a change of scenery. It must be so special and refreshing for him, even if he lives in a foggy world. Happy anniversary! Great photo of you two with the Fall trees in the background. :) Have a great day!

  18. Hi - I've just popped over from Amy's Love Made my Home. You got some good finds from the thrift store and I love your letter N. Happy anniversary. Joan at

  19. Wendy,
    These are such thoughtful photos with an inspiring narrative. Your Dad looks so sweet and happy, you are such a good daughter. The children are growing up and are such good looking kiddos! I am late wishing you a Happy Anniversary, but I am now, and I am wishing you a lifetime of many more beautiful events. You are such a special Lady-Wendy.

  20. Happy Anniversary!
    We have a fondue set, you've made me think about getting it out for the children for some family fun soon, they'd love it, we haven't had it out of the box for years!

  21. Wendy, you've given me a great idea to keep the young ones busy this Thanksgiving if its too cold for them to go outside. And, a happy (belated) anniversary to you and your husband! Your Dad looks like he's really enjoying your visit. I love your Staffordshire pieces, so pretty!


  22. Hi Wendy,
    I loved your five on Friday.
    Happy anniversary!
    Have a wonderful week.

  23. I've never heard of the Whippoorwill, certainly never seen one.
    A belated happy anniversary, Wendy.

  24. Nice pictures of the whippoorwill! Their camouflage feathers remind me of woodcock which I have been extremely lucky to see here at my place. It's such a gift to see the rare ones, isn't it? You have to be in exactly the right place, in exactly the right time...and paying attention!
    Happy anniversary to you and your husband. He must be a pretty nice fella. Maybe let him use your lovely new jug sometimes.
    I think your Dad must feel so much better for being outdoors in a pretty place with his daughter. We don't always have to know things to feel them.
    Take care, Wendy :)


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