Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This Week in the Garden

The pretty things are starting to show up in my gardens now ...


bleeding hearts

bleeding hearts ... drained of blood

"stinky bush" ... each of these little buds holds a powerful stink!

astilbe ... scented!

ferns ... ahhhhh

miniature yellow rose ;)
Virginia bluebells (mom's)


lenten rose

lilacs ... can't wait!

Solomon's seal


 Every day is bringing changes ... don't you just love Spring!

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  1. Ah Wendy!!!!! The things that make it all good! Your photos are seriously stunning!!! I am loving every bit of what I am seeing! Happy gardening friend! Nicole xo

  2. These photos are gorgeous, Wendy! You must be so happy every time you go into the garden.

  3. Oh I can't wait!! My daffodils have bloomed and the tulips are starting -yay spring!!!

  4. Late spring is the best time of year....full of promise and new life.

  5. How good and green your garden looks! And how pretty when all those buds open!
    Happy Spring to you Wendy!

    Sarah xx

  6. Oh yes, I love the spring colors and flowers. Your bleeding hearts and the ferns are my favorite, gorgeous. Have a happy day.

  7. Oh wow! My lilacs are out.. and the smell is just divine.. I say mine like I planted them. I didn't!! ha! The new house, new garden thing is bursting with surprises everyday! Gorgeous photos Wendy xxx Hazel x

  8. Very nice pictures! Our garden is just about at the same stage.

  9. I love those wonderful photos!! What an exciting and reassuring time of year this is!

  10. Loved seeing what's "growing" for you! It's been so cold here at night, that I haven't even visited a greenhouse yet!

  11. Great photos, I just put in a new hosta yesterday.

  12. Simply gorgeous !!
    Gail x

  13. Your garden appears to be further along than mine but we're slowly coming to the point of buds and blooms. What is the stinky bush? That made me chuckle!
    Did you lose any plants over winter Wendy?
    Have a great Victoria weekend.

    1. I'll post another photo soon and maybe someone out there will be able to identify it. I've never seen another one in the garden centres, but the flowers really smell awful! Yes, I lost a few things ... redbud tree, lavender, balloon flowers so far. Not sure what else. The wigelia took a real beating, but it seems to have about half still living. Two harsh winters in a row is really tough on plants.

  14. Sublime photos, Wendy! The first flush of Spring is beautiful isn't it. Ooooh Lilacs......won't be long till they are gifting you with beautiful flowers and sweet fragrance.

  15. So much green! A perfect May post :)

  16. It's all looking great, I really enjoy May in the garden x

  17. Lovely photos, Wendy!! The wide-angle shots look gorgeous. Your garden is a beautiful melody of green, white and with colour-bursts. Enjoy!!


  18. So beautiful! We are constantly fighting the dust here so nothing ever looks that green. A stinky bush ... very interesting. Hopefully the lilac aroma will overpower the stinky blooms. : ) Best wishes, Tammy

  19. Yes, yes, things are changing by the minute now, it seems! Isn't it GRAND!! :)


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