Thursday, December 11, 2014

Today it Snowed

Today, for starters, it snowed.

Actually, it snowed overnight when we were all snug in our beds. This morning you would have thought it had stopped. But the clouds started to build, the sun disappeared, and the snow began to fall again. It's very pretty out there now. My husband is happily using the snowblower (he loves machinery), and will come in smelling like the fresh outdoors and snow.

Yes, snow has a smell for all you poor folk who don't get any. It also has a taste ... a taste most of us only experience during our childhood when we love to eat fresh powdery snow and have the crystals gently crunch between our teeth. People frown at you if you eat snow as an adult. People also frown at you if you lie down in the snow and look up into the falling snow. But that's exactly what I used to do as a kid. We'd be tobogganing or traipsing through the woods and we loved to just lay down and watch and listen ... so calming. 

After I shoveled the driveway this morning at 6:45 a.m. (I didn't use the snowblower because I didn't want to annoy my sleeping neighbours), my next priority were the birds. I filled the feeders and watched as jays, cardinals, juncos, chickadees, sparrows and mourning doves flitted around in complete happiness. I spied these little snow angels beneath my window. Aren't they cute?

Then I felt rather festive and dusted off my pinecone wreath and pinecone garland (they were stored in the garage, not the crawlspace), and brought them indoors. I now have them hung up in the kitchen. It looks quite pretty with the pinecones, birchbark snowflakes and the wintry background scene out the windows. Can you see the snow falling? Are you jealous?

I made these garlands just a day or two before Christmas last year. I wanted to use up some pinecones I had around and this seemed the perfect solution. I really like natural decorations, and I have a pine branch outside my patio door waiting to be used for decorating inside too.

I saw a pretty little white tree for sale at Canadian Tire a couple of weeks ago. I thought how perfect it would look in my new kitchen! Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of free space in the kitchen so I didn't bring it home (did I mention my husband was with me ... he thought I was crazy to want a white tree). But it's been on my mind a lot! I wonder if it's on sale now. hmmm

I was considering spray painting the wreath white to look all shimmery in the new kitchen. But I just can't decide. I'm horrible at making decisions. Once I paint it, there's no going back, and I'm afraid I might not like it painted ... so it's staying natural for now.

Almost ready to reveal the kitchen. Sorry this is taking so long to show you. I took some photos today thinking it might not be too bad if there's still a lot of stuff crammed onto the counters. But, no, it looked dreadful and my pride won't let me show them to you. You'll have to wait a bit longer. Plus the drawers are still getting their final coat (thanks to my husband ... I gave up).

Well, drive safe and keep warm if you're getting this same snow. I don't know how much they're predicting now, and I'm not listening to the weather reports. As long as I can drive on the highway on Saturday to visit Dad, I'm fine. I did some Christmas shopping last night which made me feel a little less anxious. I have to go out again tonight to shop for my nephews in BC. The deadline is ticking already passed (oh no!!) for me to send out their package. I also picked up my Christmas cards last night ... do see how far behind I am. I think after shopping tonight I'll sit with a coffee and write my cards out for tomorrow's post.  

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you're all enjoying the Christmas frenzy/calm ... whichever way you roll.



  1. winter wonderland !! I love the pinecone garland..

  2. Your snowfall looks beautiful! I love the little birdie prints. That is a great shot! Looks like the snow really got you in the Christmas spirit. :-) Enjoy it. And have a wonderful evening.

  3. I'm definitely jealous of your snow. We're in the middle of a Pineaple Express. Nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Two days ago it was up to 15 C. Crazy.

    Your decorations look so nice! You must be very happy to be so close to finishing your kitchen renovation.

  4. Can we come plow your drive? Go on....!
    Chris used the new plow this morning (I knew he'd try it first!).
    I love the pinecones! I'm dying to see the 'new' kitchen. I about I clear your drive and you re do my kitchen?!!
    Jane x

  5. We had a light dusting and more snow is coming down now.. Your snowy scenes are pretty. I like teh pine cone garland and the wreath.. The snow birdie is cute.. Great photos, have a happy Friday!

  6. No jealousy here since we got a fair bit of snow as well and deep drifts formed by the wind.The only downside was a garden club pot luck for tonight was cancelled as the blowing snow made driving in such areas treacherous.
    The bird snow angels are cute, all I ever see are footprints.
    Stay warm Wendy.

  7. The pinecone garlands are beautiful! I love natural items in my decor, too. And I'm still working on my Christmas cards...maybe we can do them together! Holiday hugs, Diane

  8. It does look beautiful Wendy, the first fall of snow is always special, apparently we had snow last night but it didn't stay around for long and we are left with ice instead this morning. Your pine cones and wreath look lovely, I like natural but I also like white so I can't be much help to you there haha I think I would just leave them as they are, I'm writing out my cards today at work between busy periods if I can. Keep warm :) xxx

  9. I'm jealous of your snow !!! here it's raining again and again and it's warm (up to 10°c ...). Your pines garland is the one I want to make but no pinecones around here ... I have to wait to go in a place for collect some.... Thanks for sharing with us your snowy day !! Take care !

  10. Yep, that is definitely snowy!!! Brrrrr!!!!!!!! Please don't feel that you need to share it in reality though, seeing your photos is just perfect for me!!! I love your wreath and garlands, they look lovely don't they. Not to add to your already very busy workload, but, what about doing a little bit of dry brushing with white paint on the garlands and then you would get the snowy effect and the plain pinecones - the best of both worlds? Just an idea, sorry if you think that I am interfering, you know that my brain goes into crafting overload!! I hope that you haven't had any more snow overnight and that you are warm and toasty. xx

  11. Love the snowy pictures - not so keen on it in real life. Fortunately we don't get much of it here in my part of Scotland! Love the pine cone garland - so festive!

  12. What a lovely scene. Your blue walls are gorgeous any season but particularly lovely as the snow falls. I love the natural look of the pinecones against the blue and wintery white. Whose to say that once you reach a certain again you can't have any fun? Snow is not just for children! Enjoy.

  13. Very jealous of your snow, I do believe it is snowing somewhere here today but not where I live. Ii adore your garlands very festive!

  14. looks so nice and cosy inside your home ! we had just a little sprinkling of snow overnight too the angels in the snow nice !
    Gail x

  15. Lovely shots! The decorations are very pretty.

  16. We also had more snow Thursday, and the world is *extremely* pretty right now! And only yesterday I was pondering the taste of snow (it's different than in my childhood, but I don't know if it's the snow or me), and the smell of snow (unchanged and perfect), and the sound of snow (one of the marvels that some people miss, I think). Winter does bring difficulties but also compensations :)
    I LOVE your cone ornaments and your birch bark snowflakes! Did you also make those? I have never seen anything like them. So delicate and lovely!
    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my porch updates. We project people really understand the ups and downs of the process ;)

    1. Thanks Quinn, the birch bark snowflakes were store bought years ago ... they're metal. As soon as I saw them I snatched them up, and they're one of my favourite decorations :)

  17. Oh my goodness, I love your pine-cone garlands. Love Them!!! I just made new curtains for our office room and the fabric is light beige with brown branches and small little blue dots on the branches. The fabric was called pussy willow. I made them half curtains and left the top open . . . the windows have white woodwork like yours and those pine-cones would be perfect. I am so excited and I think they would look pretty all year round. Thank you for this idea . . . this fat lady is doing her happy dance :) Not a pretty sight, LOL. I am your newest follower. Come on over and check out my blog and if you like it as much as I like yours, then please follow me back. I have made so many lovely friends through blogging and sharing ideas.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  18. Wendy, your house looks so cozy, and yes, I am VERY jealous of that Canadian snow, (the slush, not so much!), and would love a light sprinkling of it in the mountains that surround our home, here, on the island! For now, I'll dream of fluffy, white snowflakes falling from a dark starry sky.

    Looking forward to your kitchen reveal, but in the meantime, your pinecone garlands are very pretty. What about a light spray of faux snow on the wreath? I think it would look lovely against the brown of the pinecones as well as the red in the ribbon.

    Happy Sunday!



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