Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Here & Now

Loving walking the dog in the crisp winter air even though it's earlier than normal.

Eating crock pot whole chicken after a day of painting.

Drinking lots of warm drinks ... tea and hot chocolate.

Wearing hats, scarves and gloves and my new winter coat which comes below the knees, but today my legs were icy even with all that.

Feeling a little twinge of excitement for Christmas now that it's snowed.

Last Christmas ... I don't have decorations up yet this year!

Wanting to get my kitchen finished and back into place again!

my pink Christmas cactus

Thinking about knitting gifts for Christmas ... what could I make and would my family want them?  I'm itching to get back into knitting and sewing again!

Dreaming always about moving back to the country, but that dream slips further away with each passing year.

... and I just had to add one more ...

Watching the strong wind blowing leaves from trees that still have not finished dropping them all for autumn even though there's a layer of snow on the ground now.

Joining up with Sarah at Chantille Fleur with her Here & Now post. 
 What are you loving/eating/drinking/wearing/feeling/wanting/thinking or dreaming about today?



  1. I like these thoughts, specially wearing; waiting for the street car this morning all bundled up :) it is still windy out there though. I love your mug too, makes me want to pour myself a nice cup of tea.
    have a great day ..Gaia

  2. The cactus is looking very happy! Mine is full of buds, ready to burst forth. Have a wonderful, warm, and cozy day.

  3. I love your Christmas tree that you had up last year! I do not have mine or any Christmas decorations up yet this year as I like to take care of one holiday at a time! I want to get me knitting projects done and doing a lot of Christmas preparations done too. Take care.

  4. LOVE this post - and your Christmas Tree from last year is gorgeous!!

  5. Such a lovely post Wendy! It sounds as though your mojo is fully up and running and having a great time inspiring you to all sorts!! xx

  6. Got a bit worried for a moment there when I saw the tree (which was gorgeous by the way!)

  7. That is such a beautifully-decorated tree! I'll now be looking forward to seeing this year's :)

  8. Why does the first snow always put an excitement for Christmas in the air? We are already drinking lots and lots of hot chocolate. Your last year tree is so pretty, can't wait to see this years!

  9. I'm not loving the weather right now.
    nuff said.
    Jane x

  10. I loved reading this Wendy! Thanks so much for writing a Here & Now! :-D

    Last year's Christmas tree looks so pretty! And your dog looks lovely and snug curled up there too :-)
    Hope you're kitchen is back in order shortly. I would love to knit people gifts, but I never know what to make and like you I never know if they'd want them..knitting seems to be a hard thing to gift :-)

    Sarah xx

  11. PS Is that the mossy stump you made a little while ago? It looks extra pretty with the snow on it :-)

  12. I was admiring the snow-capped mossy stump too. So pretty. You're beautiful Christmas photo (from last year) has got me feeling excited about the season!

  13. nice thoughts, hope you aren't getting too much snow today, we are just getting a bit

  14. So much to appreciate in this life of ours isn't there. So invigorating to have that first snow, and it does add excitement to the upcoming holidays , doesn't it!

  15. Your Christmas cactus is lovely Wendy, I still can't believe it's nearly Christmas again already it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since the last one your tree was beautiful and I'm sure this years will be too. Crock pot chicken sounds good and I'm just off to make some hot chocolate right now. :) xx

  16. Your tree from last year was beautiful, Wendy. I'm just now starting on my Christmas decorations. It's very cold here, but no snow, no rain, the drought goes on. I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever end. I love that mug, so pretty!



  17. Hi Wendy, love hearing your thoughts today! So nice to see the dusting of snow and I can imagine the brisk, cold wind blowing against your legs as you walk. Winter always creeps up on us fast, doesn't it? Your Christmas tree from last year looks like a postcard- so pretty. I love your blue mug, too. We have no snow yet, but it was very cold for about 2 weeks - in the teens at night. It is now warmer with rain expected - I still have to finish planting my bulbs. Couldn't do it with the ground frozen! Enjoy your weekend! Keep cozy! xo Karen

  18. Hey Wendy,
    I've been meaning to hoof round my fellow five on Fridays and then your lovely comment popped up! I am rather envious of your kitchen revamp. Mine is in desperate need, but I never seem to get round to it. The colours you've chosen are lovely. And I did chuckle at your naked dancing neighbour! As for mint oreos. We don't get them here, which is probably just as well...
    Leanne xx

  19. Hey Wendy, Just a shout out to say I enjoy your blog and I'm your newest follower. :)


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