Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Faux Sun Prints

I make these faux sun prints every summer now, and they're so easy for any kid (or adult!) to do.  The results are really cool, and can be used for a variety of things.  I posted about the technique last summer too, but at the risk of repeating myself, I'll go over it briefly again.

What you need:
  • a piece of cotton fabric (any size depending on what you're planning to make with it)
  • acrylic paints
  • water
  • wide paint brush
  • fresh green leaves (nothing too stiff)  I used: ferns, bleeding heart leaves, ginkgo leaves
  • a board to set the project on in the sun
Gather your leaves and have them ready.  You might want to arrange them on the fabric first to get them in a pleasing pattern.
Place the fabric on the board first so that you don't have to lift up the wet fabric later.
Water down the acrylic paint so it's quite runny.  Paint the fabric with this paint.  You can use only one colour, or do blotches of different colours ... whatever you (or your child) prefers.
Press the leaves top side down into the wet paint on the fabric.  Gently press all over the leaves to get them to stick down fairly well in the paint.  The better they are stuck in the paint, the clearer the image of them will be at the end.
Now set the board with the fabric and leaves in the hot sunshine.  It seems this is the most challenging part of this craft this summer.  We've had a lot of grey days here :[

Leave the fabric in the sun until completely dry ... this is the second most challenging part because everyone wants to peel them off before it's ready!  Resist the temptation.  Once the fabric is completely dry, peel off the shriveled leaves and your sun prints will be revealed like magic!!  How cool is this!
Ta Da!
We used the smaller cotton pieces as bookmarks, and then framed the larger pieces with these cool frames from the dollar store.  You could also use the pieces for a cushion cover.
Next I'll be showing how you can turn your child's art into a garden flag!
Seriously, how cute it this?  Drawn by a four-year old with professional results!  Stay tuned, and hopefully tomorrow I'll get that post up.
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  1. Hello Wendy

    Thank you so much for sharing your faux prints with us,, they are all beautiful.

  2. The sun prints are beautiful! I'd like to try that too. I like to use that "sun paper" with my kids sometimes, but it's expensive so it's nice to have other ways to do similar kinds of art.

  3. This is something I've wanted to do but never have. I think I might have some fabric around here so might have to give it a go soon. Lord knows we got plenty of sunshine and the waiting period for drying time will be quite short since it's 120 out there. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Hi Wendy! These are so pretty and I love how easy they are! What a lovely summer craft - I have to try this! Love the sweet little toes :) xo Karen

  5. That four year old will go far Wendy! Love the fern ... so graceful ... Very pretty. Thanks for popping over earlier, I'll try not to stay away too long this time xxx

  6. How amazing are those Wendy!!!!!! I love this idea. You are so clever! xx

  7. Oh man friend! I was just thinking about this post because I thought it would be a fantastic one to do with my kids!!! Your fern up there is gorgeous! And those flags!!! Are you kidding me! It is absolutely adorable! Thank you for this post! You have given me some inspiration for upcoming projects! Wishing you a lovely week Wendy!! Nicole xoxo

  8. I love this crafty idea! Such a fun project to do with the kids....or by myself ;) I am always looking for fun unique ideas for the walls in the kids rooms.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I miss crafting with my kids, no longer wee ones. :o) Love the beautiful art by the talented 4 year old.

  10. Wendy, your faux prints are cute and what fun they are to make! The last drawing is wonderful! Great ideas and post!

  11. how fun-I have used special sun paints from France for this technique-never thought about other paints working too-these make into some wonderful pillows and such

    1. oh and I pinned this to my textile art board so I could get to the recipe again

  12. That is just beautiful! And I love the sweet little toes. :-)

  13. Such fabulous results and I just love that flag!


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