Wednesday, February 05, 2014

My Frozen Heart

No guesses as to what's falling today ... I'm just going to ignore what's happening outside for a moment while I share some Valentine things with you :)  Last year around Valentine's Day I searched on-line for a pattern for knitted, stuffed hearts.  I found a few and tried them out with varied results.  All of the patterns I found had to be knit in two pieces and sewn together at the end.  Which is okay, but a bit fussy.
This year I searched again through Ravelry and found a very good pattern that is knit in the round from the bottom up.  Once you get to where the heart splits in two, you knit each side in the round separately.  Then simply stuff the heart & sew up the six remaining stitches.  Very cool! 
The first heart I knit didn't turn out that pretty (below) ... the Kitchener stitch was a bit messy along the top, but I realize where I went wrong there. 
The second heart I knit up last night (below) turned out pretty good, so I'm willing to try some more of these to hang up come Valentine's Day.  Here's the link for these cute little Love Hearts if you're interested.
So what's going on outside you ask?  Well, we woke up to the predicted snow this morning.

It didn't start until early this morning, and I've already cleared the driveway & steps twice (heading out again in just a mo) ... these photos are taken right after I finished the second time.  You can see the snow is still falling fast and filling in my hard work.

I wonder how long this will last.  They said it was supposed to taper off this afternoon, but it started later than predicted, so we'll see.
From my front door looking down the street.
From the front door ... my little footprints.

... an hour later ...

It's quite pretty, but I'll be happy to come back inside to warm up once I'm finished the third shoveling.  Cody seems a bit lost out there in the back ... those are my little hearts gathering some flakes for the photo shoot.
And since everyone here uses their patio tables as a unit of measure during a snowstorm, here's mine ... actually I kind of like the top hat on the bush in the background ;)
Hope everyone is enjoying this last (please be the last) blast of winter today!
It looks very wide spread on those weather maps, so a lot of us are enjoying this together. 
Hopefully you won't have to drive very far in it.
C'mon Cody, this sucks, let's go in.
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  1. Lovely hearts. I have knitted several and they are easy enough to do but lovely to give.
    Keep warm! That snow looks lovely but I'm sure its very cold.

  2. I live in Ontario too so I am getting hit with the snow also! I have to go out in an hour so I hope its not too bad out there! The hearts are so nice! I think I will follow the pattern too, it would be fun to knit some up in the spirit of the holiday :)
    Have a good day, drive safe :)

  3. Gosh that is some snowfall. It does look pretty but I know I would soon get tired of it. It makes a lovely backdrop for your cute little knitted hearts though

  4. Cody does not look at all impressed with all that snow!! It is so funny how some dogs love it and others hate it - my parents have one of each which makes for some amusing times! Your hearts are so pretty, I wish that I knew how to knit. It is a shame that I can't help you crochet and you can't help me knit actually in person! You have a lot of snow on the table, but I am looking at the massive pile on the ground!! Stay safe and keep warm and here's praying that spring comes and the snow goes!! xx

    1. Cody loves snow ... his hang-dog expression is because I told him to "stay" while I took his photo ;)

  5. Such sweet little hearts Wendy and oh boy, are you having some snow, that's incredible! It does make for gorgeous pics though and you've snapped some beauties there - I like the top hat too, and now I'm feeling sorry for Cody's poor little feet! I'm also thinking of the slushy mess that you'll have to deal with when this beautiful stuff begins to melt, but in the meantime keep warm and cosy and happy hearts to you. Hugs, Joy x

  6. The knitted hearts are cute and a good thing to keep busy with while it's snowing outside. It has been a winter of lots of snow, keep warm!

  7. LoVe your knitted hearts Wendy and your fabulous photography.
    Have been thinking of you stuck in all the snow - whilst it makes beautiful pictures I can understand your frustration - I can't imagine being cheerful all the time with such severe climate!
    Hope the thaw starts soon.
    Ali x

  8. Hi Wendy, I love the knitted hearts that you made! I think that they came out so nice and perfect for your Valentines decorations. We have so much snow here too and I'm so sick of it even though it does look pretty! Take care and stay warm.

  9. Ha! This sucks.... You crack me up!!!! Yep we woke up to this insanity as well and guess what......we are getting another round on Saturday! Your hearts are stunning! I love the colorful yarn you used for your them! You stay warm friend...and have fun with your hearts!!!! Nicole xoxo

  10. What pretty hearts, especially photographed in the snow. I don't knit very well but I crochet little hearts. I hope the weather improves soon for you! What a hard winter it's been! Stay safe and warm my friend! Sweet hugs!

  11. Brr! that looks so cold! But your hearts does certainly warm the heart--they are so cute!

  12. Oh poor Cody! It's so snowy and cold. we got hit with a snowstorm here as well and another is on its way. What a winter. Your little hearts are adorable. I love the colors you are using. They would be sweet to hang up on a little Valentine's tree. Blessings to you. Keep warm! Hugs, Bird

  13. Hi Wendy, I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award. Please have a look at my blog when you get a chance and you will be mentioned there. Have a great day.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  14. What a lovely assortment of pretty hearts !! The ones which are hand stitched on the sides have a finish that I like a lot. Seeing these I am inspired to look for a crochet pattern to try.
    -hopefully there will be no more snow for this week ...... -Gaia

  15. really cute hearts, I love the one with the key

  16. Oh Wendy it looks so cold, very pretty but freezing cold too, I hope you had a nice long hot drink to warm yourself up. Your hearts look very pretty lying in the snow and what a good idea knitting them in the round, no seams to sew! :)

  17. Beautiful, little hearts Wendy. What an amount of snow Wendy, yes it looks beautiful but please be careful, and enjoy a hot drink when you have finished.

  18. we had the same stuff. I shoveled early, then the boy went to school for an hour and came back - so he got to shovel the rest of the day! (Isn't that why we have teenagers?) Pretty yes, but enough already!

  19. These hearts are adorable! They just make me want to sit down and learn how to knit this weekend! I might do just that. I hope you are well, friend!

  20. Wendy, I love those darling hearts you knitted! I wish I could send you our California weather...I know we'd gladly take your snow here in the mountains where I live!



  21. Gorgeous hearts and photo's. much snow!!!! I think a cup of tea and crafting is definitely the way forward xo

  22. wow Wendy I feel so chilly now looking at all that snow ! love the hearts and Cody ! have a nice cosy weekend...Gail x

  23. It seems Cody just wants to play outdoors. Darn weather. Abby loves the snow but not the cold and our snow was topped with ice so she'd sink in and I'd nearly have to lasso her to get her out. Bad for her hips too. However your hearts are very heartwarming and pretty. Stay warm and happy knitting.

  24. Oooh I feel so chilly now Wendy .. good job there's a lot of warm cosy hearts around! Lovely work ... stay warm!

    Love Claire xxx


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