Monday, February 17, 2014

Although I am an "awards free" blog, I've agreed to accept the Conoceme Award from Lisa of Needles and Wool.  Thank you Lisa for thinking of me, and I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog ;) 

The award comes with a list of questions about yourself, and Lisa has posed
the following questions for me:
1.  What made you decide to begin blogging:
Whenever I finished a sewing project, I used to take it to my mom to show her.  She was always my best support for my homemade things.  When she passed away three years ago, I had no one to share this with.  I'd been reading sewing blogs for a few years, and decided to finally take the plunge and start my own blog so that I could again share the things I make with other like-minded people.
2.  When do you feel most inspired to blog:
When I have finished a project, or if I've been somewhere and taken some great photos that I want to share.  Right now I can't wait to blog about an amazing project my daughter created yesterday!
3.  What is your favourite season:
The fall ... here in Ontario the weather has cooled off, the sky is often a brilliant blue (no haze from our muggy summers), the bugs no longer bite and I love being in the woods where the smells and the fall colours make me so happy!
4.  Who inspires you most in your life:
Even though she's no longer with me, I'd have to say my mom.  She was the kindest soul and was a great inspiration to all who knew her in the way she lived her life.
5.  What is your favourite part about blogging:
I love being able to share things I've made, but to have made new friends along the way has been the best!
6.  If you had one tip for a new blogger, what would it be:
Rather than trying to conform to what you think others would enjoy reading, write your blog so that you are true to yourself .  I read one person's blog recently through the GYB event who offered up all sorts of advice on how we should write our blogs ... everything from the size/colour of font, how much & what should be written, to how many photos we should share in a post!  It was very presumptuous of her to assume we should all conform to her idea of what a blog should be.  Your blog is your personal journal and you shouldn't let anyone mess with what you want to put in that journal.  It's an expression of who you are, and obviously being different than everyone else is what makes it all so interesting.
7.  What time of day do you blog most often:
I usually blog first thing in the morning and later in the evening.
8.  What is your favourite colour:
9.  What is your favourite topic to blog about:
I love blogging about the things I've made.  I wish I travelled more, because I love to blog about places I visit too ;)
10.  What are your hobbies:
Sewing, knitting, reading, camping, canoeing, hiking ... does blogging count?
11.  What is your favourite food:
Pizza ... and salmon ... but not together ;)
So there you have it!  A little bit about me.  I've already explained to Lisa that I won't be passing this award along to 11 other bloggers, but it was fun answering the questions, and thanks again Lisa for thinking of me!
And since I hate to have a post without at least one photo ... here's a little clue as to what my daughter has been working on which I'll share soon:
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thank you for sharing a little part of yourself Wendy.

  2. It is lovely to get to know a little more about you in this way Wendy! I am glad that you don't like salmon and pizza together!! xx

  3. I enjoyed reading this. I totally agree with you about the blog you read with all the "advice." I've seen a few of those too, with "tips" on everything about blogging. I think my favorite was when the blogger had lots of criticism about how people choose to follow a blog! Pardon me. LOL. It's fun to read posts like yours, just to learn a little more about a fellow blogger. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Congratulations on your award Wendy, it was fun to read your answers and I agree too, it's up to us what we blog about and how we do it, Have a great week. xx

  5. Oh I can't wait to hear more about your daughter's project! And I really enjoyed reading your answers to her questions!! Your mom sounded like the most wonderful mom friend! And I could not agree more with you on the subject of blogging. When I started this adventure I wasn't sure which way to go and my sis said just be you...write about what you want and I'm glad that's what I do. I ran into another blog once and she went on and on about boring blogs and what makes blogs boring vs. interesting and I was shocked! Like hmmmm how are some of these people "experts" in this area! Ha! Gotta laugh cause it takes all kinds!!! Wonderful hobbies and a wonderful you!!! All the best friend...and by the way we are in the middle of a mini snow storm! Never ending! Nicole xoxo

  6. Congratulations...

    Wonderful advice! Blog for yourself!

    Why should we ever do anything else??????

    You use blogging to show what you have made. I am not crafty, but I do enjoy showing my photos. And books read. And this and that, which I muse about. Very me.

    If someone else enjoys reading in my blog, they will do so. If not, there are plenty of different blogs out there. We each can make our own little nitch. With Dear Blogging Friends.

    Gentle hugs,

  7. Its nice to read posts like this because you get to know more about the person behind the blog. Mine is almost an online diary and I can look back at the same time in previous years to see what we got up to and what was happening in the garden.

  8. Mums are our biggest supporter aren't they. It takes all types to make this big world of ours, and it takes many bloggers' personal musings, with their own voice, in their own style; to make this world such an interesting and delightful place. Keep being you, I enjoy reading what makes your li'l world beautiful! Lovely post....thank you!!

  9. Congratulations Wendy ! I always enjoy stopping by to read your blog. Waiting to see your daughter's project.
    hope you had wonderful family day weekend. Since I did not have to go to work, I watched the hockey game. Go Canada !!
    - Gaia

  10. Now we know all about you!
    I love the phrase "blogging without obligation"..something I stick to..and am glad you do too!
    Jane x

  11. That was a fun read!! I have enjoyed getting to know fellow bloggers since starting. Wouldn't it be a boring blog world if we all posted the same? Have a great week Wendy!

  12. I really enjoyed reading your blog today Wendy. I learned a little bit more of you which was nice. Can't wait to see what your daughter has been up too!
    xx Shari

  13. This was fun! It's nice to get to know you even better and see how much more we have in common! Blogging sure has been a wonderful way to make friends! Sweet hugs, Diane

  14. what a great set of questions - i enjoyed reading your answers. i love pizza. there was a day when i was young that my mom would pack a PB & J sandwich for me to eat - & now i could eat it every day. do you have favorite toppings? i love cheese & pepperoni. because the hubby loves way to many toppings. i love simple. happy week!! ( :

  15. Enjoyed reading your question and answers. I too love pizza. Mother is a wonderful company for all to share things. Same way blogging also helps to share many things and to feel happy.

  16. How lovely to get to know you a bit better Wendy, thank you for sharing yourself with us. You must miss your Mum terribly - I miss mine so much and she's been gone for many years! I'm looking forward to seeing what your lovely daughter has been up to - you are a tease aren't you! Hugs, Joy xo

  17. It is nice to get to know a little more about you. I don't do blog awards either. It feels like such a chore to share with the other bloggers. I would rather just visit other blog friends and comment as I please. I agree with your #6 as well.

  18. Oh Wendy,
    I loved this-it is always such a treat when we get a little glimpse into the bloggers we follow-we really do become friends. I was very close to my Mom too, she has been in heaven for 10 years and I miss her just as much now- my best friend, my go to girl, my inspiration! Oh, your daughter is a cutie and just look at her taking riding lessons! What a fortunate young lady she is.
    Have a lovely week!

  19. Oh Wendy, I love getting to know you better on your blog and I love popping by to see what YOU have been up to! Well done on your award! Hazel x

  20. I love horses! I ride flat saddle as I was learning dressage when I had to sell my horse during the divorce! I still love them and hope to have another one some day!
    Beth P

  21. Hi Wendy! I really enjoyed reading your responses to the questions I posed it was so great getting to know you better. I am sorry for your loss of your mom but it is nice to read that she has inspired you most of anyone. I enjoyed reading tips for new bloggers as I am fairly new to blogging myself. Thank you for answering the questions!
    have a great day :)


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