Thursday, January 03, 2013

Do You Swap?

I've wanted to join in a swap for quite awhile, but I'm a bit nervous ... can I come up with a creative idea in the first place?!  But I've come across this lovely swap through Hazel at Cupcakery.  The swap is being organized by Shelley at all4meggymoo here.  My stumbling block is "copying the button onto my blog".  I'm still fairly new to blogging and have been sitting here trying to figure this out, but can't find the secret to copying that darned button to my sidebar.  So I've linked the page and copied the button here:

 ... and I hope that will suffice until I get better at this!!  The swap is open until January 14 with the hearts being delivered in time for Valentine's Day. 
So one more step for me into yet another new territory ... gulp!!   At least the swap involves knitting or sewing, and I'll once again be in my comfort zone for that :)
I think I need to get outside now ... the snow is coming down thick and slowly and as pretty as can be, and I need to feel those icy crystal flakes on my face to get the computer cobwebs wiped from my brain. 
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I can't do those buttons either! I love a good swap, got one over at mine at the mo! It's a bit of a complicated one though, I never make my life easy!!! Enjoy your swap! :) x

    1. Hi Ada, If I can figure out the buttons, you'll be the first to know! I did check your swap, and although I'm torn, I've decided I'm just going to work on one. It's my first swap and I don't want to be late with it and my time is very limited these days. Good luck with your swap, it sounds a bit of a headache for you, but a lot of fun for everyone else! Wendy

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