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Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

I'm Wendy and I live in Ontario, Canada.  In this little blog I like to share a bit of what I make in the way of knitting, sewing and refinishing.  I also enjoy the outdoors and share my backyard gardening and some camping trips to northern Ontario.  On this page I'll just share a few little bits in the way of photos from previous posts to show what you will find here.  I hope you enjoy your visit!

A Little Bit of Knitting ...

Knitting has become my latest creative enjoyment.  I taught myself how to knit about four years ago, and have challenged myself with new techniques with every project I start.  It's been a long haul, but I'm now at a place where I feel much more confident in the patterns I try.

Clockwise from top left:  Hermione Hearts Ron Hat, Zig Zag Cushion, Sea Scroll Scarf & Grandma's Fan Dishcloths

A Little Bit of Sewing ...
I enjoy sewing immensely, however, I've gotten away from it a bit while I've been learning how to knit.  I plan on getting back into sewing again this year, and have some new projects lined up.
Patchwork Heart GarlandSawtooth Star Decoration

A Little Bit of Crafting ...
I used to love making crafts with my own kids and with their friends.  Although my kids are older now, every so often I think of a craft that we really enjoyed and share it with you here.
Clockwise from left:  Feather Ornament, Crystal Snowflake, Wee Folk Doll
A Little Bit of Thrifting ...
I love old things and often share some of my little treasures here.  I hope to one day set up a proper sewing room when one of my kids leaves the nest, and decorate it from my store of goodies ;)

Clockwise from top left:  Seagrass Boxes, TinFigurineSewing Machine

A Little Bit of Refinishing ...

This is something new for me.  It all started with a set of kitchen chairs which I refinished for my daughter.  Since then I was hooked, and have refinished a few other projects. 

Kitchen ChairsSmall StoolRocking Basket

A Little Bit of Gardening ...

I inherited many plants from my mother's garden when she passed away, and it inspired me a great deal to do more with my gardening.  With lots of encouragement from fellow bloggers, the enjoyment of it all has definitely taken hold.

 A Little Bit of Camping ...

I camp every year with my family in provincial parks in northern Ontario, and just love taking photos on these trips.  

Left to Right:  Barron CanyonAlgonquin Park
I hope you enjoy your visit!




  1. OH boy we would make a good pair. I love all the things you love. Maybe not camping so much although I love the idea of it. Not sure I could be in an actual tent in the woods. A camper would work, you know something a bit more solid. I would so enjoy the woods and wild life. I would enjoy getting the pictures. I must say I have no common sense when it comes to animals. I am not afraid of them...........except in the middle of the night in a tent maybe. Anyway......all the things you like to do, so do I or have done so in the past. I now have 4 blogs to keep up with myself. I am enjoying yours very much.

  2. Well I'm not into the knitting and such (though my wife is a big quilter), but I'll enjoy following along on your outdoor adventures.

  3. Loved seeing your knitting and projects. I never could get my guage right...so stuck to simple things and I used to love to knit toys. They were always a challeng and not to long a project...well, happy knitting! I'm going to get back to my spinning and plying my yarn. I've been away from it lately and so....


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