Sunday, January 14, 2018

Baby Cat Hat

Well it's been a while. Christmas has come and gone. New Year's has come and gone. I haven't been doing much after the big rush of Christmas which is the only excuse I have for not being here or on Instagram for the past couple of months. 

This weekend I worked out a pattern for a little hat for a baby. A cat hat! I searched the internet and Ravelry and eventually came up with my own version of this popular hat. I thought you had to shape the ears in the knitting, but it turns out the hat is knit in a straight tube and when you put it on the baby's head, the ears just naturally stand out to the side. Simple and effective ... my kind of knitting ;)

I have posted the pattern here onto Ravelry if you're interested. I'm not entirely sure of the sizing, but hope it's big enough for a newborn or maybe 3 months. All my daycare kids are away right now, so I can't test it on a baby's head! It fits over a ball of yarn that is 16 inches around with still a little more stretch left in it (helpful, right?).

Something to keep a baby warm during this cold winter. And how cold has it been here you ask? I think this was the lowest we had ...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wendy ... and Cody


  1. That's cute!

    We're back in the deep freeze again after a warm up of a couple of days.

    1. Thanks William! Yes, we had some warmer temps last week and a LOT of rain. I'd rather have snow and cold this time of year ;)

  2. It's so cute Wendy and thank you for the pattern I will try some of these. Keep warm and have a great week. :) xx

  3. Oh my gosh that's cold! We're ok in the day time, but dropping below freezing at night.

  4. It's so sweet, Wendy. Just perfect for a little baby girl. I really like it. Hi, Cody. :)

  5. What a darling hat for a wee one. Stay warm!

  6. Glad to see you pop up in my reader! And very cute version of the hat - I especially like the way you added "stripes" like many kitties have on their heads :)
    And I think we have the same thermometer! Lee Valley Tools?

  7. It was a little chilly there for a bit, wasn't it!

  8. Brrr! I do not like to be cold. Cute hat! Warm wishes and Happy New Year! Kisses for Cody.

  9. Hello, the cat hat is the hat the women are wearing on their Women's Day marches. It is a cute hat. I love your Cody! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  10. Happy new year, Wendy !!Cat hat is lovely. Hi Cody !

  11. Cute hat, Wendy! It's been very cold here even though we had a break last week when it warmed up and rained. Cold again today....staying inside and puttering around the house kind of day. 😊

  12. Hi Wendy! Oh my word - that hat is ADORABLE! Would it be weird that as a grown up I want one? Lol
    It's been frigid cold here too. A few nights ago it was 30 below with windchill again. things are looking up as it's supposed to get in the 30's above zero by the end of the week. Yippeee!! ;)

    Also, wanted to let you know I"m doing a blogaversary giveaway - I posted about it yesterday. And I'd love for you to commment to be entered to win as a way to thank you for your friendship here in blogland! Just FYI if you get a chance. I'll be drawing a winner on Friday.

    Blessings on your week ahead. xoxo

  13. Welcome back Wendy!
    I missed you on always leave great comments!
    Adorable hat...
    Stay warm! Hahaha!
    Linda :o)

  14. I echo the other comments: cute hat!

    The extreme cold alert that lasted for weeks was brutal. I felt like Laura Ingalls from the Long Winter.

    I finally joined IG...silly me didn't realize that you could only upload photos using mobile devices. I'm old school and prefer to use my laptop (bigger screen and keyboard!) to upload photos and write comments so I haven't posted much on IG.

  15. Hello Wendy, and Happy New Year. That pink hat is just the cutest thing, would love to see it on a little girl. I see the cold was about -20 for most of our Canadian holiday, and sometimes much colder. We arrived home to a heatwave which hit 38c on the weekend. No wonder I am wilting...I had more energy in the cold and snow!

  16. Oh my goodness, that's cold! Super cute hat. It's good to see you back here - Happy New Year. xx

  17. That's a lovely little hat. And, it has been extremely cold here too. But it finally started to warm up a bit today, so I'm looking forward to my walk!

    Have a great week,

  18. That's a lovely little hat, Wendy. I can just imagine how cute it would be on a baby's head. Brrrr. You've had it cold! Today out west the wind is howling, but it was 10 degrees this morning. Grey skies.

  19. Hello! Such an adorable hat you've created! I love how putting your own touch on things makes them extra special!
    I understand the cold, we warmed up for a bit, but it's dropping again. My son and I filled up our big woodbox on the deck we're ready. :)
    Hope you stay nice and warm..snuggling with your doggie to!

  20. Happy New Year, Wendy! Goodness, that is cold! Your sweet hat looks warm and cozy and very cute. Cuddle up with Cody and stay warm! xx Karen

  21. A Happy New Year to you, Wendy. Oh what a sweet "cat hat". It looks snugly and warm. Love that photo of Cody.

  22. a hat
    stopped for a chat:
    did you notice that
    I'm shaped like a hat?
    I only hope that
    it doesn't make me look flat.

  23. That's a cute little hat! Boy, that is cold where you are and makes me wonder what we are complaining about here. Although I'm off to get another sweater in a minute... sitting still doing admin on the computer makes me cold! A bit late, but happy new year Wendy!


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