Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Catching Up With You Before Christmas Catches Up With Me!

Hi Folks! It's been a while since I popped in here and posted anything. I have an excuse. I have joined Instagram. Please don't hate me, and I haven't deserted my blog, I just have been busy knitting and getting a teeny bit ready for Christmas that I found the quickness of Instagram has really been a blessing. I can knit and keep in touch with everyone just by my phone. I've never really been a "phone person", so this is all a new kind of madness for me.  If you click on the Instagram box on the sidebar here, it will take you right to my IG page. I've found some of my blogging friends on IG, but would love to be able to connect with anyone who is a regular viewer here as well. No pressure, because it took me a long time to finally join. I joined the dreaded facebook too, but I honestly don't like it much and find it difficult to navigate on my phone (although it seems fairly easy on my computer). I doubt I'll be on FB much because IG is so easy to use instead.

Enough of that dull stuff!!

What have I been knitting? Well, I finished the lace scarf I was making a few weeks ago, and have started a second lace scarf for a good friend. Not much to show on it yet as it is tiny work and the progress is slow.

The colours are truest in the final photo.

I also knit up two scarves for a charity here in awareness of Aids. I just happened to see a donation box at the library when I took the kids for storytime. The ad was asking for red scarves 6" x 60". Some of the scarves already dropped in the box were shocking red (a colour I kind of hate), so I went for a darker red, which once I got it home and started knitting it looked more and more like burgundy. Oh well, I knit them up and dropped them off last Friday. I hope they approve of the colour.


The daycare is keeping me busy with outings for the kids. We've been along the Waterfront Trail (a provincially maintained trail that follows the shores of Lake Ontario), and also to Lynde Marsh, playgroups and the library for fireside storytime. The weather has been so overcast in November, but we've been squeezing the nature visits in haphazardly. I always feel so much better for getting out though. 

These photos were taken yesterday at Lynde Marsh ...

lurking turkey ;)

And these were taken along the Waterfront Trail ...

I'm sure I'll start mistakenly overlapping some photos through the blog and Instagram, and maybe I've already shared these photos on my blog! I'm just spread a little thin these days, but wanted to keep in touch. I really want to visit everyone, but I don't want to promise that it's going to happen today or tomorrow. sigh ... busy time of year right? I even have trouble replying to comments on IG, so apologies if you've been neglected in that respect as well. I usually reply to everyone here on my blog (unless you're non-reply blogger), but things kind of unraveled a bit lately, and I know I've missed some of you. I do read every comment left for me, if that's any comfort ;)

I made three Christmas cakes this morning and they are still baking in the oven. I thought the batter looked a little runny, and I guess it was. I was following an old recipe of Mom's and it was a bit vague as to liquid measurements. I made this cake last year too, and I remember having the same trouble. Maybe next year I'll use a different recipe ... I must have a dozen or so!!  I took photos of the process on my phone (and shared them on Instagram), but I haven't uploaded them to my laptop yet. Maybe just seeing the final baked cakes will be enough? 

Well thanks for dropping in today ... sorry for the heavy load of photos (lack of organization on my part). Enjoy the rest of your week, and take care!



  1. Hi, I always enjoy your photos. I looked into instagram a month or two ago-mostly to enjoy others photography but to be able share photos as well-I soon discovered the platform is only for smart phones and not also computers-so since I don't do smart phones here being so rural (no wifi does not work) I got rid of my short lived site there.
    I go on fb a few years ago now only because all of my long time circle of blogging friends gave up blogging and only do fb--so I had to relent if I wanted to stay in touch-I really do not care for fb either-every few months I go in and delete allot of what fb saves on us.
    Your knitting is gorgeous-love the scarf. I decided to make christmas postcards this year instead of my usual handmade paper cards.
    Enjoy your holiday hugs from the Ozarks Kathy

  2. Lovely shots out in the marsh and trail, especially the dog!

  3. Nice photos of the marsh. Must admit I don't get excited about the knitting. Please forgive me!

  4. You have been busy! The scarves are wonderful and look so cuddly, too. Always love seeing the scenery there - the light through the trees is wonderful. Sweet little dog. xx Karen

  5. Hello, I am on Instagram some but not as much as my blog. Pretty scenes and photos. Your scarves are beautiful. I love your sweet dog. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  6. Having less time it seems myself it has been a joy to find and share with you on IG my dear! Your scarves are beautiful and will all be treasured by the recipients who will feel very special to have received one!

  7. Time is swallowed up in lots of things this time of year. I've connected with you on IG, but I'm not on it regularly, more like spurts. I prefer blogging for the more in depth visits.
    Your job enables you to get out and see the world and share it with us! Beautiful walks. Your knitting is resulting in wonderful gifts that everyone will be glad to receive.

  8. The photos of your walk are wonderful and I love the colours of your scarves especially the heather colours in the first one. I'm not on instagram as I don't have a smart phone or tablet but I am on facebook which I use mainly for keeping up with distant family but I do have a few blogging friends there too:)

  9. The lace scarf is gorgeous! Really Beautiful colours! The two knitted scarves for donation are beautiful too. I hope they like them, I like burgundy/darker red over bright red. Lovely photos from your walks, I specially like the last two photos of Lynde Marsh, and it was great to see Cody again. Enjoy the holidays!


  10. HI Wendy....I love IG TOO! Soooo easy...but I still try to post at least once a week on my blog. How did I ever do a post every single day?
    Your knitting is beautiful...I have been crocheting up a storm....
    I also feel way better when we get outside...doesn't a Lake just make everything so much better?
    Hopefully we will get the tree up soon!

    Linda :o)

  11. As you know, I've joined the IG bandwagon, too! it is fun, and quick. But oh my, how to keep up with everything?! Your scarves look beautiful. It would take me forever to make those. I just finished one I started two years ago! Well, it's been sitting in the basket for almost two years, I just never finished it. Yes, busy time of year, but a good time. xo Deborah

  12. Beautiful scarves Wendy and lovely photo's too. I see you on instagram but I don't use it that often because my phone app is useless, I never seem to have the time to blog or get onto any social media, i'm hoping to do better in the new year when hopefully I'll be settled in my new home and my house will be sold. Try not to run yourself ragged, take a deep breath and just do what you can and enjoy the festive season. :) xx

  13. I've enjoyed the hike and your makes, Wendy. But how can it be December already?

  14. Beautiful scarves. Lovely colours too.
    Great photos taken at Lynde Marsh. Turkeys are always fun to run see. And he’s definitely spotted you too. :)
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  15. Hi Wendy! It's been great visiting with you on IG, and I agree with you, I am loving it too. It is quick and simple. I do so love to blog too, and it is there that really indepth and special friendships have been made. So I find I love them both as a beautiful way to connect with other like-minded ladies. I enjoyed all your pictures! The scarves you make are amazing! How sweet of you to donate those red scarves, they will bless someone! What a wonderful joy that in your job you get to get out and explore! Your dog is just precious! It has been lovely visiting with you today, and I pray you have a wonderfully blessed Sunday :)

  16. Your scarves look great! I'm sure that the charity appreciated your donations.

    I'm not on Instagram yet (my photography skills leave much to be desired. Heh), but I may cave and set up an account just so that I can follow you and other bloggers!

  17. I love the colour of your lace scarf Wendy... what a lucky friend. The charity scarves are also a lovely shade of red. Instagram is very addictive, I love it! Off to find you there...

  18. Your knitting looks lovely! I think the darker red in the one looks lovely!
    Such wonderful adventures you have in the forest and such beautiful pictures you take! Love your companion!

  19. A lovely catch-up post. Enjoyed my visit very much, Wendy. That lace scarf looks beautiful -- like the colours. And your red scarves look quite festive and cheerful, I like their colour too.

    Hope the Christmas cake turned out. We just baked three loaves the other day. Set them in a dark corner so they can inhale their brush with cherry brandy.

    Haven't tried Instagram -- I am enjoying Facebook and still like to blog, even though I do so less frequently.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...
    Brenda xox


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