Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Card Swap with Amy

Joining in with Amy of Love Made My Home and her Card Swap!

I was paired with Josie of Alcea Rosea 31, and she sent me this very pretty and very glittery card ...

I tried a couple of shots to get the sparkly effect, just click on the photo to see it larger.
It's really pretty, and the sun shines through the windows in the morning and really lights it up!

My Christmas cards this year are all from fellow bloggers. I don't know what happened to all my other friends and family, but I haven't received any cards from anyone else. I gotta say, bloggers are the best! You are a most reliable bunch of friends :)

Josie was a little sneaky and tucked in this beautiful tatted lace snowflake. Isn't it gorgeous! Even though we technically weren't supposed to send any gifts, I have to say that I was tickled to receive such an amazing piece of handiwork that Josie made for me. Thank you again Josie!

It looks so pretty on the tree when the sun shines through the front window in the afternoon.

Josie and I have exchanged a few emails leading up to sending and receiving our cards. It was so nice to meet yet another lovely lady through Amy's blog. Thank you so much for hosting the card exchange again this year Amy! I know you had to cut it short on the entries, so I'm glad I was able to get my name in there ;) 

On another note, since I think everyone has received their cards from me now in my card & tea exchange group, I thought I'd share what I made for all of them. These little felt decorations were the replacement gifts for the dolls that I made. 

Another cute design that I got from Pinterest. I just didn't have time to work up something of my own design, and these little foxes were so cute I couldn't resist!

I've got more gifts completed in the last couple of days ... and even more gifts started!! Will it ever end?! My brother and I have made a pact that we will now send our parcels to each other in the week between Christmas and New Year's (he lives in BC and I'm in Ontario). He's swamped at work, and I could use a little wiggle room there too. Sneaky of us I know, but now I can get his gift all together after all these other things are finished and out the door. 

A few more decorations in my china cabinet. I bought this cabinet a couple of years ago to hold some of the nice bits of china I received from my mom and dad. I've added some little nesting Santas (one set for each of my kids).

I really like this cabinet, and it has an interior light that glows nicely on these cold dark winter nights. I didn't turn it on for these photos as it was interfering with the shot.

My lovely carved loon that I picked up in Whitney this summer while camping in Algonquin. My very old advent calendar behind it. On the back is written "To Wendy, love from Grandma & Grandad, 1964". I'll never get rid of that, it is still full of childhood Christmas wonder and magic for me.

That's all for today folks! I'll take some photos of the scarves that I have now finished (thank goodness!) and another project I've started today which involves knitting one mitten and a bunch of felt animals. The mitten is finished ... now for the animals with some embroidered details. I enjoy doing these things, but I am getting a little tired of every moment spent working on them. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Merry Christmas!



  1. I'm glad I take part in card exchanges too, hardly anyone else sends cards here either! Your card hasn't arrived yet but I look forward to a little fox in the snow. ;-) The tatted snowflake is stunning, almost a lost art.
    The chickadee makes a sweet Santa's helper.
    Merry Christmas Wendy.

  2. Such a pretty card and the pretty tatted snowflake is beautiful. It really is a work of art. Your little felt foxes in the snow are very sweet. Love all your Santas in your cabinet, they would lovely with the light shining on them. LOVE your vintage Advent calendar. How very precious to have been given it by your grandad and grandma.

  3. Wow you have been an amazing busy little bee, no wonder you arranged to hit the pause button with your brother - good idea! In fact I have always thought there is merit to celebrate Christmas in Jan ! Love your gorgeous little bird and the sweet card and snowflake you received :)
    Happt Christmas.
    Wren x

  4. We don't receive many cards either. It was lovely to be involved in the swap. Your card is beautiful, I love a snowy scene. And the snowflake is gorgeous. A very special addition to your tree. Have a wonderful Christmas. 🎄 X

  5. A lovely card and what an extra special bonus... The snowflake is so pretty and beautifully made.

  6. I missed the card swap but to be honest, it was probably not my best year for Christmas cards anyway (I haven't written any, just found them yesterday).... Bloggers are great, such a friendly and supportive community from all around the world. Warms my heart. I like the pact you have with your brother, it makes sense. My brother and I only give gifts to each other if we actually meet over the festive period - every second year. Happy Christmas. xx

  7. How lovely Wendy ! and how nice to have your advent calendar from grandparents...so special ! Gail x

  8. I'm doing this next year. Too busy this year with painting and doing major improvements to the house. Next year, I will be ready for all of that....I can't wait.

  9. So glad you enjoyed taking part in the swap and that cards from bloggers and good friends have bought you so much joy! Happy Christmas!

  10. What a beautiful card and ornament you received! Loved your foxes, must go looking for that pattern. Wasn't the card exchange fun.

  11. Everything looks so festive and lovely! And that loon...my, isn't it a beauty!

  12. How fun to receive a Christmas card from across the pond! I'm a card junkie so I enjoy sending out Christmas cards and still receive Christmas cards from some friends. I liked how you displayed yours on the window. It made me smile to see the foxes together. Mine is now hanging from my purple tree. Thanks again!

  13. I love your little foxes. I have seen some lovely little ornaments that would look brilliant on a tree. Thank you for my happy polar bear, he is very happy on my card tree.

  14. Love the little felt ornaments. And all the cards,of course.


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