Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Night Sew-In and Five on Friday

Well, tonight I will be joining in the Friday Night Sew-In party with some fellow sewing gals from down under. I have my project all set to work on, and will share what I worked on on Saturday morning.

For now I am joining Amy for Five on Friday* and sharing some photos of my walks in the woods with the kids. 

I did finally find more photos that I took at the beginning of November, and I also went on a walk again yesterday to a conservation area. Just some fall colours in the north end and the south end of my town.

Along the marsh boardwalk on November 1 ...
The bright colours of the maples had passed by this point, and we were left with the golden birch trees and the russet colours of beech and oaks along the marsh. The oaks look magnificent, and there are quite a few good sized trees here that are boasting their colours to perfection!

Further into the trail ...
More golden birch trees. I couldn't seem to get great shots of the birches as the sky was overcast, but bright.

Back towards the parking lot ...
There were more giant oaks along this path, and although it may not show up great on the computer, the colours were pure autumn! Love those oaks and the leaves just shake and rattle in the breeze.

Yesterday was the walk in the conservation area north of town. 

Along the laneway ...
We followed a graveled laneway which was either someone's private lane a long time ago, or a disused roadway. There is no information about it on the signs in the area.

The last burst of colour on a few young tamarack trees.

End of the line ...
This is where our walk ended :( None of us had waterproof boots on, so it was a quick about-face and trudging back the same route we came.

We walk under hydro towers that stretch all the way to Niagara Falls to the west ...

... and all the way to who knows where in the east ...

The map of trails (below), which weren't very helpful to us. We ended up at the bottom of the black dashed line, although there clearly were a couple of paths that worked toward the east part of the park, there was no marked trail on the map for this area. The "You are Here" dot is the beginning of the trail where I parked the van. I want to go back without the daycare kids and explore this area on my own. I will enjoy it better ... my little guys just didn't have the stamina for this walk today and it was painful dragging them back to the van....ugh...

Heber Down Conservation Area
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*At the time of posting this there was no link-up for Five on Friday ...

what's a walk at the marsh without having the beloved chickadees
come for a handout ;)


  1. What beautiful scenery on your walk. Such lovely fall colors.

  2. What a beautiful walk, so few of our trees turn color down here.

  3. Hello Wendy, wow it sure is pretty looking at all of that fall foliage!
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Julie

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the pictures of your walk, so precious that you got to walk with your kids, and the sweet visit by the chickadee too! Such wonderful memories, and the colors of fall are glorious! Enjoyed the walk with you today :) Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Looks like a great place to walk! Nice to have a boardwalk theough the marsh. And so good of you to keep taking the kids into the woods.

  6. Lovely colors...the larches are so bright! And I love to see the great swaths of cattails. When I was a child that's what I expected to see in wetlands here, but now they have been sadly outcompeted in many places by invasive phragmites.

  7. Hi Sweetie! I think Amy was taking a break from 5 on Friday for a bit & deciding if she was going to keep putting it up or not. I LOVE all of your beautiful pics. You could take several of them & frame them to make a lovely collection to hang up together. ;)

    And the chickadee one is precious. Happy weekend! Xo

  8. Gorgeous fall colours, and a cheeky chickadee!


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