Friday, October 28, 2016

Subtle Fall

The fall colours in my neighbourhood have been lacking this year. I guess with the warm, humid weather continuing up until a couple of weeks ago, it has affected the strength of colours. When I look out my windows it's still predominantly green with just subtle hues of colour.

Earlier this week I took the kids down to our local marsh for an enjoyable walk along the trail and to get a few fall colour shots, such as they are.

Kids look so tiny in the woods ...

There were a few nice bird sightings. Nuthatches are so fast! that I only got one good shot of him, even though I snapped about six!

The turkeys are back in the piney woods ... all ready for a free handout.


They don't think I see them ;)


This short video has the chickadees eating seeds from my hand. It makes me laugh because all I can hear is the little girl in my care saying "a little bird on my head" when a chickadee landed on her head. She's so good and didn't panic, but kept repeating it over and over ;)

A bright cardinal heard the commotion when we stopped to feed the chickadees, but he refused to leave the safety of all these red branches.

The Canada Geese are always busy down at the marsh. Most of these birds will winter here now. When the temperatures suddenly drop however, it triggers in their tiny brains a faint memory of flying south and they flock together, honk together, cause great commotion and then forget where they're supposed to go.


Although the colours were subtle, some of the scenery looked like a painting with a faint haze in the air.

Loved the sweep of these bare branches (below) ...

The faint colours are still nice close up ...

Lots of vines heavy with grapes and other berries. I was surprised the birds hadn't already devoured these ...

Far too quickly it was time to head home again. Although I love being able to take the kids out with me on these little outings, I just want to keep going, going, going, but these little guys run out of steam quickly. A group of hikers were in the parking lot when we started out, and they marched passed us on the trail already heading back! I think I would be bored walking in such regimental style. When we got back to the parking lot they were all doing their cooling down exercises before hopping back in their vehicles. 

This little mallard is sporting his new fall pin ... all the girls thought he was special.

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  1. such beautiful Fall photos, looks like home!

  2. Those turkeys look like real characters!

  3. Hello, pretty Autumn scenes and colors. I love all the birds, especially the turkeys. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Great fall shots, love the turkeys. I hate doing group anything. Can't imagine doing a walk like that.

  5. Your photos are always stunning, Wendy.
    Our turkeys have arrived as well, mostly the males but the rest will follow soon I am sure.
    What a beautiful cardinal gracing the branches of that tree.
    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us~~

  6. All beautiful shots Wendy! Love the turkeys especially. We have not had much color in our cabin in the woods either... So many of the trees have just seemed to turn brown and fall off. So fun to see those turkeys around your house though

  7. Very nice selection of fall pictures. Sometimes the subtle is more realistic.

  8. Beautiful photographs Wendy.

  9. Lovely pictures, Wendy! Nuthatches are one of my favourite birds, but sadly they don't seem to be in residence where we now live. Also sadly, the geese are in residence. Like so many other places we have a problem with there being an overpopulation of them. I have a theory that when they used to migrate a natural cull would happen. Now they just live a fat and lazy life.

  10. Your autumn looks very beautiful indeed! Just right in fact!

  11. Hi Wendy! Having fun catching up. I just copied your butternut squash soup - boy does that look good!!

    But as usual, loving all of your photos my Friend to the north (it's so weird to have a northern blogger Friend - as I'm usually the most northern with many of my other blogging buddies - Lol). I just love your nature walks and photos of wildlife! Might I ask what kind of camera you use? I've been so bad with using my sony - and it's older and I still have trouble with manual settings often times. I resort to my smart phone way more than I'd like to in most cases. I think I may need to get a new camera in the near future and utilize more for the blog.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing some of your Autumn with me! I loved it all - especially the mallard with the "special pin". Lol

    Blessings on your weekend Hon! xoxo

    1. Sorry forgot to hit "notify" if you're able to respond about the camera so I'll add it here. ;)

  12. Amazing photos Wendy thank you for sharing, have a great Halloween. :) xx

  13. What a lot there was to see on your walk, Wendy! Thanks for sharing. Your interpretation of the mallard made me laugh - he does look quite dapper and proud of himself! We still have a lot of color here - at least, we did before the past four days of drizzle and cold. It will look a lot different when I go out in the woods again, I'm sure.
    Thanks for leaving your catch-up comment on Comptonia - I very much enjoyed reading it! And since I sometimes leave long comments myself, I'm always happy to see a long comment on my blog!

  14. You captured some lovely late Fall photos. The little girl will remember the bird on her head, such a lovely memory. Those turkeys look well fed.

  15. Just had to stop by and say, I enjoyed this post ... lovely photo's.
    Thank you

    All the best Jan

  16. So wonderfully captured !!!

  17. This is such a beautiful post. I've never seen a chickadee eat from somebody's hand. I'd be filled with joy over something like that. The turkeys were a wonderful thing to spot too. Can't wait to get out into the country to see more than we do here.

  18. Hello Wendy, I wanted to stop back and say thanks for linking up your birds and post. Great photos! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  19. That's about as colourful as it gets here so it all looks lovely to me. I agree about the hikers - I like to be able to stop, look, listen. You couldn't do any bird or nature watching like that! But at least they are getting exercise. Lovely photos and I hope it has coloured up a bit more for you now.


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