Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What Do You Do

What do you do when the winter days lag on.

Do you sit indoors until you are positively sure the day is fine and there's no need for heavy clothing.

Or do you head outdoors anyway, and hope for a  pleasant walk with pleasant company across muddy ground where ice is still around.

I dragged my not-too-reluctant husband to go for a short walk through the marsh paths for some fresh air on the weekend. Maybe you're all tired of seeing the marsh over and over again, so my apologies. I seem to recall doing the same thing last year, although there were heaps of snow around then, and the temperatures were -20C on a good day. On Sunday it was about 8C, although it may have been warmer, but let's just say it was beautiful. No hat required. 

Lots of folks were easing their restless cabin fever by heading down to the marsh with us. The parking lot was full, and the paths were crowded. Everyone had seeds for the little birds (well, except me). I stole a couple of handfuls from an overflowing feeder at one area, and carried it around with me in my pocket to feed the hopeful chickadees that flitted through the trees and bushes alongside the paths. There were a few other furry hopefuls enjoying the handouts as well!

Walking from one area called Lynde Marsh, to an area called Cranberry Marsh (below), the crowds thinned out considerably. Both marshes are still iced over, so no waterfowl there yet. They were all gathering on the other side of this line of trees out on Lake Ontario. Very soon some of them will move into the protected waters of the marsh to set up house among the bullrushes and fallen trees. On Sunday Cranberry Marsh had a very melancholy atmosphere ...so still and quiet.

A tiny brown creeper was flitting up and down and around this tree searching for sun-warmed bugs. Rather a difficult bird to capture as he never stops moving! Missed his head in this shot, but it's all I got.

 Humungus fungus ...

The path that takes you down to the lake. The chickadees along here weren't quite as aggressive, and they were even a little bit timid in coming to my hand. I always like the look in these abandoned fields of the red branches of willow? dogwood? (not sure). Very bright against the leaden skies.

Lots of activity with the Canada Geese honking and flying back and forth. They get very vocal and restless when the spring weather comes.

A quiet spot down at the lake where we can sit out of the wind and enjoy a sun-warmed bench as we watch the geese and ducks bobbing on the lake. 

On the way back to the parking lot we passed a little boy holding out his hand with bits of bread on it hoping the chickadees would come to him. I gave him the last seeds I had in my pocket and told him that chickadees won't come to your hand for bread. I didn't tell him, but bread is not an acceptable food for birds, but there are signs around with all that information.

I have a few more photos of the marsh, but am saving them to join up with Soma at Whims and Fancies on Thursday, February 4 for her Wandering Camera first link party. If you enjoy photography and have a nice photo to share, why not hop over and see what that's about ... maybe you'd like to join in! 

Camera And Photography Linky Party | Whims And Fancies

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This little Marsh Red would like to say "hello" to Linda's City Red ;)


  1. Hello, I tend to be a hermit in the winter months. Looks like a great walk, I love the chickadee in the hand, the brown creeper and the cute squirrel. Enjoy your day!

  2. Wonderful photos ! Hubs works so it is just me and my Miggs we go for a walk every day in our valley , other then in the pouring rain and high wind conditions but other then that I have to get out side each day or I go nuts so does Miggs lol I love the outdoors and find if I dress for it all is good and I love to hunt for things to photograph . The winter has been amazing really cant complain about it better then being buried in snow not able to go out at all but heck even that dont stop us really lol ! Rain for us tonight and all day tomorrow and the temps are any where from + 5 to 10C amazing for this time of year . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. I don't tire of your walks to the marsh! It is wonderful to see what is happening in your part of the world and to see the different birds and animals. Those fungi are incredible too! A lovely walk to take with you! xx

  4. There are so many lovely moments of wonder when going for a walk with you Wendy in those marshes of yours. Oh how sweet is little Marsh Red; he seems such a friendly fellow.

  5. Your photography is beautiful Wendy! I have to admit I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to winter hikes. But you are well rewarded by getting out and exploring. I wonder if I could get my backyard chickadees to eat from my hand? They're such brave little souls, aren't they?

  6. I like the sign, The Bread Stops Here.

  7. HI Marsh Red! Hahaha!
    Love your Chickadees again, Wendy...
    I never tire of your marsh photos....
    Just like I hope no one tires of my cottage pictures!
    Get ready for the rain!
    Linda :o)

  8. Your marsh is so full of life and is unique in every season. I don't tired of photos of it. Like you, I enjoy getting outdoors in almost any weather - as long as I'm dressed correctly and in the right mood!

  9. I put up a second bird feeder today, in hopes of attracting cardinals and other birds in addition to my chickadees and tufted titmice. It remains to be seen if I have managed to outwit the grey squirrels...my old feeder is "squirrel proof" but some squirrels figure out how to get to the seed regardless. It's always interesting to watch them, and I don't mind them having some of the seed, but they are not big on sharing!
    Fingers crossed for tomorrow morning, when the squirrels appear and discover the second feeder! ;)

  10. Hi Wendy, it looks like you had a really nice walk. I'm so glad you had a chance to get out. You live in such a beautiful area! I loved seeing the different kinds of plant life around the marsh, as well as the birds. I don't think I've ever seen a warning about bread for birds before, but I will keep that in mind. Sometimes I put stale bread out for birds in my backyard and that's probably not a good idea either. My kids love to put out seed for them; you'd think they were farmers the way they cast out pounds of it every day. :) I hope you're having a good week so far.

  11. Such a nice place to go for a walk and the scenery is beautiful - I think I could never get tired of it. Love seeing all the lovely photos and your descriptions of all you see and hear. Winter has such a delicate beauty with the bare branches and pale skies. So nice that people bring treats for the wild things, too. A nice way to start the week! x K

  12. I so enjoyed your walk at the marsh, and a glimpse of Lake Ontario. The little squirrel is so adorable :) It brings me closer to my daughter over there, seeing the country again. We won't be going over this year, but she is coming to visit us in Australia! x

  13. Beautiful images here...glad you got out and about! :) xxx

  14. We get out in all weather and enjoy Nature. Today it is pouring of rain but we're getting the rain boots and coats out and going out for awhile.

  15. Good morning, I never tire of your photos. a walk is much nicer with a partner than alone for sure. we lost our pet Nikita three years ago now and she was my walking partner every day no matter what the weather-I have been struggling since to get back out there and walk. I finally did that the last three days when we had spring temperatures-and really enjoyed it for the first time since then. I don't enjoy being cold though if I don't have to be-so I won't be going outdoors today as it has dropped to low 30s with high winds. I will instead try to get some waking accomplished indoors-

  16. Fabulous photo's Wendy what a lovely walk such beautiful scenery. :) xx

  17. We don't get out much for walking during the winter, for me it's catch up time on reading and cleaning etc.
    I understand you're having mild temps right now which will be perfect for getting out as well.

  18. I wish I had a better spot to walk in the winter. So many of our areas have so much ice (seems especially this winter) - so I get more treadmill time indoors than I'd like. I hope the early Spring is true and I'll be out walking again soon! I love the photos of your swamp path - please feel free to keep sharing so I can live through you for now. Lol ;) Blessings Sweetie. xoxo

  19. What a wonderful walk you both had on Sunday. I love how pretty it all looks. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

  20. I bundle up and head out. I love your photos of the marsh so much. Wish I had something similar. Gorgeous photo of the marsh red. Thanks so much for sharing about Wandering Camera. Glad you had a less dramatic walk on Sunday :)


  21. I'm really enjoying your photographic journeys- you have a natural eye for it all.

  22. I'm glad to decided to go outside. I enjoyed our walk and all the little critters.


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