Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Scavenger Hunt - March


An old silo.


An antique greeting card in my little collection.


The eye is the window to the soul.


A painting by my mother done in the 60's. I found this when clearing out her house, and just loved it. Mom was in the hospital with cancer at this point, and when I took it in to show her, she said yes, it was hers and she signed it for me. She told me it's a church in Combermere, Ontario, where she and my dad had their honeymoon.


A favourite skyline at Canisbay Lake, Ontario.

A Favourite Word

I've never thought about a favourite word, but a word that means a lot to me is the name of my favourite provincial park here in Ontario ... which happened to also be the name on our old canoe.


A Chickadee in flight taken with my phone!


When we had our ensuite bathroom remodeled a few years ago,
my husband made this lovely cherry vanity.


A lovely old Rolls Royce that was built the same year as my dad was born ... 1923. 
My dad happily posed beside it, I think he looks quite the part :)
(the photo was taken in 2011)


While on the topic of automobiles, I chose this Ontario license plate from 1919.

Ut incepit Fidelis sic permanet ...
"Loyal she began, Loyal she remains"

Something You Made

I finished knitting up this cabled cushion cover about a week ago.

Whatever You Want

My kids and I in Barcelona on a family holiday  :)

Scavenger Hunt


  1. What a lovely set of photos, they are all really nice especially your mum's painting and the vintage card.
    Amanda xx

  2. Such lovely pictures. Love that you have your mum's painting ang great picture of your dad.

  3. Good choices for the scavenger hunt, although a real outdoor one in Algonquin would be fun too!
    Happy Easter.

  4. Wonderful series of images! I love the name on the canoe and your Mom's painting..The horse's eye is awesome and great shot of your Dad posing with the car.. I would love to visit the Algonquin park someday..Have a great day and week ahead! Happy Easter!

  5. This is such a lovely display of photos you created. I love your Mom's painting and the pillow you made is so pretty. Have a Happy Easter!

  6. Loved every photo in your hunt today Wendy! Your husband is beyond talented making that vanity as are you with your photography! Just beautiful! But my goodness I am just smitten with your mom's painting! It really speaks to me!!! How wonderful that you have that special piece! Adorable family you have there pal! Wishing you a lovely day! Nicole xo

  7. Wonderful finds Wendy and so incredibly moving, the painting of your Mum's - beautiful by the way! - and the picture of your Dad with that great car, and the photo of you and your children - gosh how your son looks just like you! Wonderful memories for you. Thank you for sharing these moments with us. xx

  8. I'm partial to 1919, the year my dad was born. Will be 96 in July. The horse photo is just fabulous. You have a lovely eye for subject and photography.

  9. Lovely interesting photo's Wendy, love your Mums painting and the picture of the car and your dad posing next to it what treasures. :) xx

  10. What an interesting collection of photos. Loved your silo pic and the painting by your mum which must be very special to you. Your dad looks very dapper posing by the Rolls and I'm very impressed by your lovely cushion cover.

  11. These are all such fun! I love seeing the photos of you and your family. It helps me know you better. And that antique card is amazing! So is the knitted pillow. Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Great collection! Took me a moment to get my perspective on that first one.

  13. I can see where your talent comes from, Wendy, your mother's painting is beautiful.

  14. Gosh you take beautiful nice to put a face on things!
    Love this post....
    Linda :o)

  15. Welcome and thanks for joining in on the scavenger hunt. What a great collection of photos. I really like window, circle, and movement. Greenthumb.

  16. So many lovely images, Wendy. Your mother's painting is sublime, the silo photo is amazing, the vintage card is sweet, your husband's vanity is very he is clever, the yellow vintage car is very cool and the horse photo is just stunning. Lovely post, Wendy!

  17. Your pics are amazing especially Movement ... and your mum's painting .... Hav a lovely day !

  18. Lovely treasures and a very beautiful painting by your mother!


  19. Wow, you have some stunning shots here. Love circle, window and movement. Your photo in Barcelona brought back memories as I have a photo of me and my daughter taken in a very similar spot. x

  20. Lovely collection of photos :) I like circle and movement!

  21. I really enjoyed your entries and the photos are lovely. Your cushion cover is fantastic - well done! :-)

  22. Hi September Violet! I enjoyed seeing your collection of photos so much! Circle was a spectacular photo ~ dramatic ~ In my mind it is ART! Your favorite word, Algonquin, really hits me. I have so many memories of the time I lived in Northern Ontario at Lansdowne House, Lac Seul, and Sioux Lookout. I now live on a street called Algonquian Court which makes me crazy because Algonquin is spelled wrong! Thanks for sharing the picture of you and your kids and your dad. It's always fun to see the person who is blogging ~ makes it more real somehow! Happy Easter!

  23. Algonquin is a very fun word. To say and see. Enjoyed your choices for the month and admire your knitting skills. I can knit, but I can't make it look good. How fun was that bird photo to get? I'd be thrilled.

  24. Uma linda coleção de fotos para a caça.Amei o círculo e movimento.
    Sua capa de almofada de tricô ficou linda.
    Gostei de ver sua foto com seus filhos em Barcelona.

  25. I love your photos but the standout for me is your mother's painting. I just love it.
    Anne xx

  26. Hi! How are you? Well, I hope! So glad to see this selection. I can't believe you caught that bird in flight like that! Amazing!!!! Such a lovely antique greeting card and I agree with everyone else, your Mum's painting is fab.xx


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