Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thrifting & Snowing. Snowing & Snowing!!

Here's a little mystery photo for you.  I'll reveal all at the end of this post ;)
I haven't been to the thrift stores almost all winter, but I decided to pop into a couple on my way home from seeing my dad on Saturday.  I told myself not to buy anything unless I was truly in love with it (because I really don't need anything .... shhh).  But the two small things I found were really nice!!

I actually found this last year, but never showed you.  It's a beautiful brand-new-mint-in-box Portmeirion Botanic Blue heart-shaped trinket box!  I was so happy to see it on the shelf, it hadn't even been opened!  I just love this little box.

Inside is a tiny butterfly ...
  A nice little box that I keep on my night table for my very special earrings.
I found this tiny mustard pot this weekend ...
It's only 2 inches tall ... isn't it cute?  It has such a pretty deep blue glaze,
and a nice detail around the lid.
I think I have a tiny mustard spoon that will fit in the lid too.
Also, a nice pottery lidded cheese dish ...  
I have another pottery piece with a very similar design,
and I thought the two would look nice on the table together.
And that's it.  I showed great restraint compared to what I usually do at the thrift store.  I picked up a knitting book too, with a lot of sweaters in it for a couple of dollars.  I can't decide whether to try knitting a sweater or not.  I was considering making one for my dad, who really loves it when I give him things I've made, but I'm hesitant to delve into this new aspect of knitting (ie. large clothing projects).  I noticed my dad doesn't have any lightweight sweaters, just large bulky pullovers.  He's not able to get in and out of pullovers anymore, the joints in elbows and shoulders have stiffened with age (he is 90!), so a thin cardigan would be ideal.  I'll decide soon whether to make one or just buy one. 
Still waiting for the light to improve indoors to reveal my daughter's project.  I can't wait to show that to you all, but it's doing this outside today... again ...
I know ... hard to believe, but this is how it's looked outside my window pretty much all winter.  There's a very fine snow falling, which you can't really see in these photos, but it's been falling since last night.  Not much snow has melted since the ice storm hit way back in December.
All the bushes have had a thick layer of snow on for the entire time.
The wind is really swirling that snow around off the roof (above) and adding a special zing in your face when you're outdoors.  Doesn't my patio look inviting?  You can't even tell there's a nice walled garden out there anymore.  I'm starting to forget what a colourful place is my patio in the summertime ....
 ah, yes! that's better!
The weather report I read last night said we'd only have about 1 cm overnight.  I cleared about six inches off with the snowblower this morning.  The roar of the snowblower providing an early wake-up call for my neighbours (and daughter, who thought she'd sleep in this week! ha!).  It was all done by 7:30 :)
It's another fairly wide-spread storm, so I'm glad we get to share this happiness, it makes it easier to bear don't you think?  Oh!  And the mystery photo at the start of this post?  Did you guess?  My daughter is home from university for Reading Week this week, and I had a free day today so we took our beloved Cody for a walk through the fresh snow.  We trudged our way across a huge soccer field on the way back, and Cody dropped deep down in the snow with every leaping bound.  When we got home, he looked like this ....
Just a little snowball build-up in those sensitive areas ;) 
Of course we couldn't stop laughing when we saw what he had hanging off him!  We pulled all the little ice balls off him while he whimpered and whined at us ... pooooor ol' Cody!
Hope you enjoyed your visit today.  I notice I have a few new followers and I'd like to say welcome to my blog!  Feel free to leave comments which is always a nice way to get to know each other a little bit.  I can't always send a message to some followers to welcome you because I don't have Google+, but I can reply to comments that are left on my blog.
Well, I won't be putting the mittens & winter boots away just yet.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Poor Cody!! I guessed what they were because we have talked about them before, but I feel so sorry for him! Your garden doesn't bear any resemblance to what it looks like in the summer, there must be several feet of snow out there in your garden by the look of it. I hope that it will melt at some point for you! You did very well with your thrifting, the little heart shaped pot is lovely and such a great find!! Hope that you are staying warm. xx

  2. Ha!!!!!!!!! I read your whole post thinking of what you have been up to and how lovely your thrifts are and then bam!!!! That shot of Cody about kicked me out of my seat!! I just couldn't stop laughing!!! Covered in snowballs like that!!! But seriously your thrifts are just awesome! And like you that snow hit us dropping 6 inches yesterday! And can I come over and sit with you on your gorgeous patio!!! Gosh. I have forgotten what green looks like!!! All the best this week you!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Poor poor Cody! I've never seen that happen before but then we don't have snow over here either. I do hope his is feeling better without all that snow attached to him! ( so, so sorry, but .....I just had to laugh!!!)
    I have also forgotten what Green looks like and not to put a damper on your spirits but we are having some pretty pretty warm weather over here. My yard had a ton of birds in it this morning and in the birth bath so that is a for sure sign that spring is near!
    Hang in there with all that snow.....it will come to and end soon, hopefully!
    xx Shari

  4. Poor Cody! Giggle. I've been thinking about snow...how can I not. But I'm so tired of white that I think it should snow a different color -- mint green for St Patrick's Day. I was hoping for little pink hearts on Valentine's Day. Sweet finds.

  5. Oh my poor Cody indeed... I hope he got extra cuddles until he warmed up again!? ;) You always do find the loveliest of treasures when you thrift... I haven't been in ages but I am on the hunt for some new ( to me anyway!) glass cake stands. Shouldn't be too hard right? Hazel x

  6. Oh-poor-Cody!!!!! Poor baby. ,-)

    Yes, the snow just keeps coming, it seems. -pout- It's not so bad when I can stay in. But with appointments, I have to go outside! Eeeeeeek! Lol.

    Come on light, improve! So we can see what your daughter did! :-)))))

  7. Oh Cody, you poor baby...ope you got extra treats for the torture.
    Your thrift stores have some rather nice things in them!!
    Snow? I was driving in whiteouts from blowing snow in between the sunshine today. When will it ever end.
    1cm...yeh right..they didn't measure our driveway for sure.
    Jane x

  8. "Hey Mom, I'm suffering here; these things are cold and horrible and you think it's funny!" Poor Cody, one would think that an experience like this would put him off going out in the snow - what a brave boy he is; I also hope he was given a special treat after all that!
    I love your little heart/butterfly dish Wendy, and other sweet little finds and I do hope your weather soon brightens up, melts all the white stuff, and allows you to enjoy your beautiful patio and garden once again! Hugs, Joy xo

  9. You must be so fed up of the snow Wendy and I bet poor Cody is bless him. I love your thrift store buys but my favourite by far is that beautiful heart dish it's so pretty with the surprise butterfly inside. Keep warm and snug! :) xxx

  10. Oh poor Cody...the perils of a walk in the snow!! Love your thrift finds; particularly the gorgeous heart trinket box, 'tis very pretty and what a lovely surprise inside!! I must say you are a bit of a tease with your promise of revealing your daughter's project. I love the both the photos of your patio...but I'm guessing that right about now you would prefer the lovely green and lush one!! Give your father's cardie a burl.....he will love it and you will delight in a new skill!!

  11. Our dogs got thosee when we lived in Oklahoma...but now we are in Louisiana so there isnt much chance if that happening here!

  12. Oh my...I'm sorry I'm laughing so hard at poor Cody! I hope no one tried to pull these off! Hope they just melted away! How funny! Love your thrift store finds, especially that pretty trinket box. I still haven't gone since before Christmas...taking a break from thrifting. I'll sure be happy to go again soon! Hugs!

  13. Great finds! I love the heart especially!!
    I had no idea what was in that opening picture until the big reveal. You'd think as an owner of three dogs I would recognize the snowballs right away. All four of us were all out shovelling the driveway this morning and I ended picking snowballs off the fur on the fur of 3 sets of dog legs. So you'd think I'd know. I laughed when I saw the reveal. Poor Cody! That couldn't have been fun to have to have all that snow picked out of his fur.

  14. good morning, I have not been to my favorite thrift stores all winter either-and I was just thinking about that the other day. I have a weakness for pottery-and your finds are so special-I love all the pieces-and they are all useable too.
    I never would have guessed where those snowballs were-they look so painful-especially if he pulled them off instead of letting them melt off
    Your snow covered yard is beautiful-but I know how that gets so old. I won't tell you then that we got up to the mid 60s today-amazing-lol winter is back early next week though.

  15. All that snow is bad enough Wendy, but to have the stuff clinging to your nether regions too, and then have the indignity of having to lie there (and be photographed!) and have it painfully picked off ... no wonder poor Cody has that look on his face!

    I really thought Spring was on its way to you ... it will be soon! Glad you've got a bit of thrifting in though, lovely finds!

    Wishing you a warm and wonderful Wednesday!

    Love Claire xxx

  16. A lovely, picture-filled post! And that's a lot of snow, poor little Cody - that's the downside to being long-haired. My two just shake it off, but their best friend is a spaniel and she always carries half her body weight in snowballs too. I'm sure he had fun on your walk though :-)
    Love your little thrift shop finds, especially the little Port Merien one - it's so pretty. Hope Spring starts to appear soon and you can pack away the snowblower. Have a happy week, xx

  17. Awesome finds at the thrift shop! I love pottery. Your snow is amazing! I can't even imagine having a full winter of snow. I'm glad our snow melted quickly. I've noticed that my crocuses are a tad bit late blooming this year and I don't want my bulbs to be late this year. I would have let the snowballs melt on the poor dog! Ha ha! I hope you have a great week with your daughter home!

  18. Hello Wendy, I have to laugh at poor Cody.. I love your beautiful finds, the heart shaped dish and the cheese dish. Your patio is lovely with and with out the snow. I do hope it warms up soon, have a happy week!

  19. Oh poor Cody! I had a little laugh :) I hope he got extra hugs and treats after that! Your thrift finds are lovely. The trinket is especially lovely, I'd use it for exactly the same thing as you too. Have a great week! xx

  20. Hello Wendy, poor Cody in all that snow, I hope he is no worse for wear. I can't believe you have so much snow, up to now we have not seen a single flake. Brilliant thrift buys - I love a good rummage in ours also. Wendy, I live on the NE coast in the UK and love my walks down to the seafront. The NE coast has a beautiful coast line especially further up towards Northumberland. Here is the link for the Celtic monument, let me know if you have problems.



  21. Love your thrifty finds Wendy - especially the mini mustard pot and the heart with the secret butterfly.
    Been thinking about you in all the white stuff...
    Ali x

  22. So much snow! I am in love with your little blue heart shaped trinket box it is beautiful.
    Marianne x

  23. That looks so uncomfortable! Oh my!

  24. Wendy,
    You know, I am laughing here at my computer-I thought those shapes were some special styrofoam crafting supplies you had found in your excursions! Poor puppy! But boy oh boy I bet Cody had the time of his life! Your snow is beautiful and your backyard sanctuary is gorgeous!
    Great finds too!

  25. You've got some lovely finds there. I really like the heart, it's so delicate and feminine looking. The snowballs are funny! When we had our dog, who had longish hair, he would get those too. He would often eat them right off himself, which was pretty hilarious to watch! :)

  26. I knew exactly what the picture was! Piper is covered with iceballs every time we come inside from chores. I "force" her to go lie on a big towel near the heater for a few minutes, for the "thaw cycle" and by the time the towel is soaked, she is ready for an invigorating rubdown with another towel, then a snack. it's like the winter spa, for Piper.

  27. Hi Wendy, I thought that was probably Cody's hindquarters covered in snowballs. My mom's two dogs pretty much have looked like that all winter long. lol Well, I like your summer patio, I just say. Very beautiful. It was snowing here again today for a while but tomorrow is freezing rain, then snow, then just rain, then snow mixed with rain and freezing over night. that ought to be no fun at all. We're staying home.
    Stay safe and warm! Blessings, Bird

  28. Hi Wendy, how beautiful your patio area looks both now in the snow and in the summer! Great thrift treasures, roll on the summer so I can go car booting again! Sarah xo

  29. Oh poor Cody ... love your thrifted treasures ... the little mustard pot is very cute ... I try to be restrained too and stick to things I really love otherwise the house would be coming down with things ... Bee xx

  30. hahaha oh my goodness ...I would never have guessed what that photo was !!! poor Cody but I bet she had lots of fun in the snow! Hope you are keeping cosy over there ...here we have had an incredibly wet winter ...spring is just round the corner ....! have a good weekend...Gail x


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