Monday, December 24, 2012

Night Before Christmas

Apart from some cookie baking this afternoon, I'd say I'm ready. 

Cody has been a sneaky dog and already scouted out and stolen one chocolate orange!!

This is my first ever quilting project when I was learning how to quilt (from a book).  I worked through the book in preparation for making a queen-sized quilt for my brother and his wife as a wedding present.  There were lessons to learn different techniques in the book, and I made up these blocks and put them together for my Mom in a tree skirt for Christmas (1991). 

I used whatever scraps of fabric I had back then ... which really wasn't much!  No designer brands of fabric here, but I'm still sort of proud of what I pulled together without spending an extra cent on it.

I did it all on the sewing machine (even the quilting), but quickly realized that I wasn't happy with the machine quilting.  I left it though, but if I were to do something like this again, I would definitely hand quilt it.

My favourite block was this one the "Memory Star"

This is one of those things that you make for someone never expecting it to come back to you.  When my mom passed away, and I found this in her closet, it was a happy find, and brought back memories of happy Christmases at my parents' house in the country with this tree skirt around their tree each year.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



  1. A wonderful gift and it looks perfect! Thank you for your frequent visits to my blog and taking time to leave kind comments. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Stephanie ... Thanks for visiting me here too! All the best to you in 2013 :) Wendy

  2. Wishing you and those you hold dearest, a wonderful New Year!dear Wendy!
    It has been a pleasure popping into your blog world to take a peek!
    I will be sure to take your kind friendship into 2013, with me dear friend! hehe...
    Love Maria x

    1. Thank you so much Maria. I have sincerely enjoyed your blog as well! You have been so kind and I've enjoyed reading all your comments :) All the best to you and your family in this New Year. Wendy

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