Monday, October 29, 2012

University Bathroom Bag

My daughter attends university and requested I make her a bathroom bag with just enough space to carry her shampoo & soap.  Of course, being the mother that I am I'm questioning her about all the other things she needs to take to the bathroom (what about clothes!!  what about flip flops!!), don't you think a bigger bag would be better?!  But, no, she doesn't want to carry everything to the bathroom, just the bare necessities.  She's in residence and must run upstairs and down halls to the shared bathroom.  So I sigh and make her just what she wants. 

At first I was going to make it in these fabrics (I'd even made the hexie flower to go with it!):

And as pretty as they were together, I then came across a tiny strip of brown fabric for the top band and liked the contrast better:

I also thought about adding the hexie flower:

But decided it was too large (it's only 'stuck' to the bag in the above pic, not sewn on).  Now that I see the photo, I think it looks quite nice with the large hexie flower.  However, I wanted to have fabrics in the flower that were also in the bag, so this hexie wasn't up to snuff.  I still have a little bit of the brown fabric left and thought I could make a hexie with a few petals of brown, but time was against me, and the girl had to be taken back to her burrow before I could start.

So this is what will be swinging from her arm as she skips down the halls and up the stairs to the bathroom with nothing but shampoo and soap!


And the interior with a polka-dot pocket for the soap :)

AND she loved it, sew mission accomplished!



  1. No wonder she loved it!
    It's pretty special...We are just looking at Uni's at the moment for our daughter, so am thinking this is a wonderful idea.
    My son graduated a last year, but boys just don't appreciate that type of loveliness!! hehe..
    Thanks for sharing.
    love Maria x

    1. My daughter is the first away from home, and I was pleased that she asked me to sew something for her - it doesn't happen often! Wendy

  2. Love the colours in this bag, yes I think the hexie got 'lost' on that fabric! Ada :)

    1. Thanks Ada - my thoughts exactly. I like colours that 'pop'! Wendy


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