Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunshine in Winter

It's a gorgeous sunny morning here in southern Ontario!! I hate dreary, overcase winter days which seem to drag on and just make you feel low. But today is crystal clear, the thermometer read -15C (before wind chill) earlier, so I clipped Cody onto his leash and we had a lovely brisk walk out there through our neighbourhood. We have to walk through plenty of shady spots, and the wind bit through any exposed skin pretty quickly. I bundled up well and my woolen scarf was wrapped across my nose, so I was good. As long as Cody keeps moving, he doesn't mind the extreme cold. He felt quite spry this morning and galloped across the soccer field when I let him off the leash. He was ready to play and raced back with a plastic water bottle that he shook to death and raced back and forth across the field with it in his mouth. Silly pup. He's a senior citizen now, but you wouldn't know it!

The pond has been frozen over most of the winter. A little bigger and we could go skating on it. I love outdoor skating, and when my kids were younger, I'd take them and their friends to skate on a large pond in our neighbourhood. It's an old pond that was once a part of a local farm (farm is long gone), but local kids clear it of snow to make a hockey rink and it gets plenty of use. Those are some of my best memories of having all the kids skating on that pond.

I was hoping to catch the mourning doves plumped up and crowding the top of the arbour, but they weren't around when I took these photos this morning. Yesterday, there were about 20 birds nestled together across the top bars. So cute ;)

These grasses look so sparkly and bright through the winter months. Some people despise ornamental grasses, but I just love how the sun reflects off the blades. On a sunny day like today, they just shimmer and catch my eye every time I look out the patio doors. In the summer, they look so lush and provide great privacy around our patio. I plan to put some more of these tall grasses in this summer.

Once we got home Cody enjoyed lying in the sunshine pouring in the kitchen windows. That's the only symptoms he has as an older dog ... he loves to soak up the sunshine now, whereas when he was younger he just couldn't tolerate it.

A tired dog is a happy dog. This saying is so true for our Cody. He's always up for a walk no matter how tired he might appear.

My indoor plants are surviving. The geraniums are doing great in the sunshine, but other things are just hanging on. My in-laws sent a pretty evergreen bouquet at Christmas, and I kept the roses out of it and they've now dried.

I personally would never think to buy white roses, but they do look nice, even dried!

This is my Blue Mountain pottery again. I like the roses draped in this small jug.

And some other bits of colour ...

I mentioned prior to Christmas that I had to complete a bathrobe for my son's gift. I was really cutting it close with a few things, but I did get the robe completed and it turned out really nice.

How's that for some good old-fashioned northern comfort? This is a nice thick fleece. I love this pattern, and this is the second bathrobe I've made from it. I lined the hood, which is a key element in this robe according to my son. No bathrobe should be without a hood says he!

I thought the pattern on the fabric is perfect for my wilderness boy ;)

And now it's time for a small pot of tea!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful day :)


PS Thank you so much for all your kind comments regarding my computer troubles. Although I didn't throw the computer out the window! (so tempting), I did leave it alone for about a week. The battery died down completely, and when I charged it up again, a lot of the slowness issues had corrected themselves. I've only visited a few blogs recently, but have been able to leave comments successfully. I don't know. I had put in a new battery prior to all the issues and maybe it just needed to reboot and get back to it's proper default. I'm no techy, but I wrote this entire post and uploaded all the photos with absolutely no problems. It would have taken me days prior to this to get one post written up. Looks like I'll be able to get some visiting done now too ;)  See you all soon!!


  1. The world around you is so beautiful in the winter!! Your garden shots are spectacular!! But that robe!!! Holy cow that is amazing!!! Have a great one lady!

  2. I am sure you think I have forgotten you as it's been soooooo long since I did much blog visiting! However, I'm still here just not getting a lot of blogging done. I have been busy chasing mice in my house which seem to have acquired a taste for my quilting fabric and yarn... YIKES!!! Anyway, what a lovely post and gosh yes, isn't this a cold winter?! Here in New Hampshire it has been below zero a lot the 'past two months!
    I love the photos of your garden... it is so lovely! You can come over to my garden and plant things anytime you like, lol! We'll see what I manage to plant this year... maybe that long over due veggie garden?!
    Cody is adorable and you would never know he's a senior. My Raphael kitty is also a senior and loves laying in the sunbeams too! :D
    Hope you stay warm my sweet blogging sister and hope you forgive me for not getting around to say hi as much as I would like to...
    Beth P

  3. My dog is definitely a sun worshipper too, I can't wait to see him in the garden once summer starts here. Oh wow, that robe looks so cosy & what a great thing to make for a male. I always find them tricky to make for so I shall keep that idea in mind. x

  4. I'm glad your computer is working again and allowing you to post! LOVE the beautiful bathrobe. You should make one for yourself, too! And the photos with the sun streaming in are nice this afternoon. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  5. What wonderful sunny moments! Lovely to see them and to see you too. I am glad that ignoring your computer has made it behave. I hope that it keeps it up! Hope that you are having some fun. xx


  6. I am glad you & Cody were able to get out and enjoy a sunny day! Your garden and grasses look pretty.. The robe looks cozy and warm.. I think I'd be like Cody find a nice spot in the sunshine.. Lovely images.. Enjoy your week ahead!

  7. Glad your computer problems have sorted out. It can be so frustrating. I miss having my dog for winters walks

  8. Two of my dogs are like Cody. Kermit whos 15 so loves lazying in the sun. And Charlie is a sun worshipper too.

  9. Love a self-healing computer!
    And a thick, fleecy robe...what a wonderful gift!
    Sending a nice ear-scritch to Cody :)

  10. Good to hear the computer problems are solved for now. The robe turned out great. Did you make the tea cozy?

  11. Glad your computer solved its own problems! I wish mine would do that. Cody is so cute, please give him a hug from me. I love the fabric for the robe! It looks like it turned out great. I like ornamental grasses, too. My allergies don't like them, but I think they're beautiful.



  12. Maybe the computer problem solved itself - one can only hope! I noticed your pond was frozen over completely - we have to keep a hole open with the aid of a heater and bubbler for the overwintering fish and frogs.
    Topaz is like Cody, doesn't take much to tucker him out these days and walking is out of the question unless it's a milder day so his pads don't freeze.
    I like the robe you made your son, and the tea cozy to keep your tea hot.

  13. Your world looks so bright that sunday despite the winter ... It's nice and happy to find such colors in winter but when we're looking at closely we can find them ! Glad to know it's better with your computer !!! Have a lovely wek !

  14. What lovely sunny weather, it's dark and wet here, and your pictures have cheered me up, thanksxx

  15. You seem to be enjoying your winter, at least the bits that aren't grey and overcast! I'm a little bit jealous of your snow. Winter has been a non-event here this year. Well done with that robe! Glad you were able to solve your computer woes. It's a mystery to me how turning one off and on, or in your case, letting the battery run down completely, can fix things, but it often turns out to be the case.

    1. Snow?! What snow? We're having a cold, but snow-less winter so far.

  16. Love your sons bathrobe Wendy lovely colours. I love grasses too they give structure to the garden I think, I'm glad you and Cody enjoyed your work, you are very brave going out in those temperatures. Glad your computer is better. :) xxx

  17. Love your photos and your posts Wendy, although I don't always find time to comment I do read them all.
    That bathrobe looks so snug and lovely, what a beautiful gift!
    Brisk winter walks are the best, as long as it's not too windy!

    Enjoy your tea, I'm about to have a cup shortly,
    Sarah xo

  18. Nice series of photos - Love that one you took of the grasses!

  19. Oh Wendy,
    Even in the cold of Winter , your photos, crafts and green thumb exude warmth! I love these photos and your creativity and nurturing style!

  20. woah ! I had to stop at the ... -15 degrees ..!!! not surprised your dog is sunbathing when it gets the chance , I would be down there too !! you made a great job of the dressing gown, looks really nice !
    Gail x


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