Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fun with the Pup ... Updated

**Note:  I accidentally hit "publish" somewhere along the writing of this post before I had finished it, and didn't realize till I went to publish it properly and only saw the "update" button.  The post is complete now  ... sorry if you read the unfinished version  ;) 
When I came home this afternoon my dog Cody, as usual, was right there at the door ready to greet me.  "Where've you been?!"

I'd been visiting my dad and had thought about taking Cody with me, but he's so full of energy that he just whines and cries to get out and do something rather than sit quietly with an old man.  Life can be a bit dull for him some days ... he just wants to play!!

 He loves chasing a tennis ball, and has collected a large bucketful over the years from all over the neighbourhood.  He keeps a couple handy in the backyard, and no sooner do you step out that back door, then you hear the pat, pat, pat of a tennis ball dropping at your feet.
He'll patiently wait for you to decide whether or not to amuse him.
 But once that ball has been sent soaring, you've committed yourself and have to throw it until your arm is about falling off ...
Because Cody will never get tired ..
This dog can happily chase a ball all . day . long .
And he loves to show off all his fancy moves ...
Which are quite entertaining for us to watch ... he's so quick and agile ... and he's now a senior dog at 9 years old!
The best fun is to throw the ball high above him and he poses, ready and waiting for it to return ...

They're so easy for him, and he catches them every time ...
It's the grounders that he goes crazy with ... chasing hard for the ball and then hammering on the brakes ...
He gets all snarly and angry when he just misses it ... it's hilarious to watch!
Such a goof!
He hurriedly returns the ball and drops it down in front of you before you decide to stop the fun ...
And then it's off again ... sometimes our aim isn't too great ... Ooooo! watch out Cody!
He's so intent on this game ... he's a real professional ...
Like I say, he could do this all day, but I just wanted to take some photos and then I came back inside (such a party pooper).  A couple of years ago we actually wore Cody out when we were camping.  We'd been swimming (he loves swimming!), hiking and bike riding all in one day, and he couldn't even bring himself to stand up to eat his supper ... just lay on his mat and ate it up then fell right to sleep.  That was the one and only time we had more energy than he did.
I hope you're all having a nice weekend.  My dad was in good spirits (and mind) today and I took him down to the lake to play 20 questions.  As in he asks the same question 20 times before he's satisfied.  It was ok though, and it was a nice change to take him out for a little even though he can barely walk these days.  I wish he would agree to sit in a wheelchair, but I think he feels that's beneath him, but he covers it up by telling me "You've done enough, I don't want you to have to push me along when you visit me".  Oh well ... just go with the flow Wendy.
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& her spotted dog Cody
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  1. Hello Wendy, thank you for sharing your photos of Cody, he is just adorable and so sweet - I wish I could give him a great big hug, and love his fancy moves, How old is he ????? Lots of barks coming your way Cody.

  2. Oh my lovely friend Wendy, what a gorgeous dog, he looks so healthy and intelligent. I bet he is lots of fun to be with and keeps you company. I have never had a dog and envy people when I see them with theirs. It was good to spend time with your Dad today Wendy, I lost mine 10 years ago and not a day goes by without me wanting him back with me even for just a few minutes. Dads are so precious. Big hugs and loves to you Wendy, always wonderful to come and visit you. Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Cody is an Olympian! He's so handsome. Abby is more sloth compared to Cody. :o) She's content to sun on the deck and watch her world go by. It's just wonderful to have our furry friends, whatever their personalities. And I know they can keep our mind from more difficult challenges we have to face in life. Enjoy a lovely weekend.

  4. You sound really patient with your dad Wendy, its not always easy to go with the flow!
    Great action shots of Cody and so fabulous to see green grass in your photos! spring has sprung?!
    Ali x

  5. Cody is lovely Wendy he reminds me of Broc my nephews black cocker Spaniel, he was just the same with a ball, he would never get tired but he was just a young dog and could go all day, sadly my nephew gave him away because he couldn't be bothered to look after him, I often think about him and hope he's happy at his new home. I'm sure that your dad treasures your visits, I remember it took me ages to persuade my mum to use a wheelchair too when she was alive, once she gave in and agreed to have one it was so much easier, it must be hard to admit that you need your child to push you around, it makes me wonder how I would feel in the same situation. Have a good Sunday Wendy :)

  6. I'm glad your dad is doing okay. You're so patient with him. Cody is such a beautiful dog, I love his eyes. My grandparents had spaniels and they needed a lot of activity and exercise, so I can imagine how Cody might feel. It's wonderful that you take him out for some fun. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)

  7. Awww, look at Cody go!!!! He's so pretty and looks smart!!!!
    Looks like you all had a wonderful play day!
    xx Shari

  8. I so enjoying seeing Cody in full flight, Wendy, thank you for all the great pics, you did so well to catch them; isn't he absolutely wonderful! And isn't it also wonderful that he now has green grass to play on instead of all that cold snow underfoot! I send big hugs for Cody!
    I'm so happy for you and your Dad that he was feeling good today - he certainly has a strong sense of dignity regarding thoughts of a wheelchair, but perhaps through time he might be talked around ……
    Happy Sunday to you and yours, Joy xo

  9. Oh, look at Cody's 'in the moment'..we could take some tips from dogs.
    I've done the twenty questions with my Dad...trying to make the answer sound like the first time you've heard it it quite the challenge.
    Jane x

  10. I'm glad you got to spend time with your're making some good memories to hold close to you for years to come! And this dog has energizer batteries! I guess everyone gets their exercise! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!


  11. Glad your dad was in good spirits friend....he sounds so wonderful! My pops would be the same way about a wheelchair!!! He still has spunk!!!! Those shots of Cody are extraordinary!!!! I about fell off the bed when you said that he was 9!!!! The fact that he can move like that and get that much air is simply amazing!!! Pure joy indeed!!! Have a great weekend pal! Nicole xoxo

  12. What great action shots you have of your precious pup - he's a real stunner! Love the one blue eye. I had a dog just like that once - she was a stray, half starved. She was so sweet. I now have a border collie that will catch the ball just like that all day long. They always have to be 'working'. You are sweet to your Dad. Mine had Alzheimer's - sometimes he was 'with us' and sometimes not. I cherish those visits. Enjoy your weekend. xo Karen

  13. Oh, your Cody is a beauty isn't he!! Wish I had half of his energy. How wonderful that you had a lovely visit with your dad. Those are the memories to be held close forever!!

  14. what a cutie! and he's kinda' old too. good for him. :-)

    happy that you had a nice visit with your dad. you are a good, good person. hugs...

  15. Hello wendy, Your Cody is so cute. He is a playful pup! Glad you had a nice visit with your Dad! Great photos, love the action shots.. Thank you for linking up with my critter party.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  16. I popped over from Saturdays Critters to say Hello.
    What a fun series of shots !

  17. Cody is absolutely beautiful Wendy! I love all of those photos you got of him. I often try to get photos of Rilla playing but they hardly ever turn out :-)
    I took Rilla and Spud for a short early morning walk this morning....Spud can't go too far yet....and then I took them into the paddock and let them play in the dam. They had a lovely time, Rilla loves swimming but Spud isn't too sure about it yet :-)

    Sarah x

  18. That brought back memories of our dog Barley who loved to find and play with tennis balls. His daily walk usually went past our village tennis courts so he always found plently. Cody looks like a lovely dog!

  19. Hi there, just catching up! Lovely to see your photos of you and Cody playing in the garden and the grass turning green too! I hope that spring is coming in abundance to you! I will e-mail soon! Hope that you have a good week. xx

  20. I have never seen a dog as spotty and with such fun fur as yours. Not to mention the eyes! Total cutie. I sat here with my 9 year old son as I read your post and laughed so much at his funny poses. Before I knew it my son was intently watching with me and we had a good laugh. Such a big character Cody must be. Love those four legged friends. I think I might have to do a similar post of my little Esja :)

    Glad you had a good visit with your dad.
    Birgitta xx

  21. Great pictures of Cody!! I wish Piper would play catch and bring back the ball, but seems to find it a chore and she quickly realized the fastest way to end the game is to refuse to give me the ball. So our games are very, very short...she gets the ball once, then it's over!

  22. Cody would love to play with my Little Lulu. She too loves to jump to catch her ball.

    Your photos are all fun, but #6 captures Cody's happiness.

  23. These are such great action shots. Your dog would fit in with mine perfectly!


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