Sunday, March 09, 2014

Shamrocks & Heather

First off I'd like to say thank you for all of your very kind comments on my last post.  Your comments and suggestions have all helped me feel better about things going on here.  I hope for things to improve somewhere down the line, one way or another.  My blog is actually one place where I can find a little escape from the everyday, and I've enjoyed so much the friendships I have made here since starting this blog.  If I have to take a step back from keeping up with everyone's blogs, I'll do that, but I won't be gone for good.  Anyway, thanks again, you're all such good friends ... and now onto something else ...
The shamrock holiday will soon be upon us, and it'll be time to wear green and claim some Irish heritage back in our family trees ... I know I'm part Irish, how about you?!  Last year I picked up a pretty little shamrock plant from our local nursery just prior to St. Patrick's Day.  My mom used to have a large planting of shamrocks in her greenhouse.  The greenhouse was right up against the side of the house, and she planted them right in the ground along the wall of the house.  They were so cute, and I hope the people that bought that house are enjoying them still.

The shamrock I bought last year was green-leafed with white flowers. 
This year they had this beautiful purple-leafed variety with soft pink flowers.

The flowers are fairly small and delicate, but my little shamrock from last year has been flowering non-stop all winter, and it's nice to see them when not much else is happening with the plants.  I also like the way the leaves close up at nighttime, or if you touch them.  It makes the plant seem even more "alive" and personal ;)
And while my husband and I were browsing around the somewhat empty nursery, I saw this pretty little pot of heather. 
I know a lot of you in the UK are quite familiar with heather, and I have seen the heather in the highlands of Scotland myself when I attended my brother's wedding there years ago.  But we don't have heather growing here in Canada, and I was struck by this bright little plant, so it came home with me.  I hope it will survive outside, but I don't think it will survive our winters.  Does anyone here in Ontario have any experience with growing heather outside?  I'd appreciate any advice there.
Cody thought it smelled "wild" and was happily checking it out ...
So even though there's still enough snow out there to look like winter ... these little plants will help to brighten our kitchen nook and make it feel like spring.
As you can see, the plants are starting to take up a good portion of our nook!
My pets were enjoying the sunshine pouring in the front window today ...
I picked up this candle holder at the thrift store last weekend ... big enough to hold a votive candle.  Unfortunately, if the candle is left burning too long, it melts all over the inside :[  I really like the butterfly pattern and will keep it on my kitchen table to light during our dinners.
Well, we just back home after having a nice dinner out, just the four of us, and then dropping my daughter back in university town.  I don't think we'll be seeing her again until exams are finished in April ... I think Cody and I are going to miss her the most.  
When we walked out of the restaurant, it was snowing ... that nasty sleet-like snow ... and earlier today I was going to tell you all how spring temperatures are slowly arriving and it was actually plus ... plus(!) 2C earlier this week!  There really has been lots of melting snow with the sunshine and warmer temperatures this week though, so I really do think Spring has peeked around the corner and hopefully will stay for good now.
I hope you all had a good weekend, and thanks for stopping by!
Wendy x


  1. The Shamrock flower is so pretty and be sure, to be sure!! Your nook looks lovely with the plants and the sun-filled windows looking out on the pretty outlook. 'Tis perfect. I must say that all seems well with Smudge and Cody's world; they look very contented indeed!!

  2. I'm glad the weather is slooowly improving. I've never had shamrocks or heather, so it's nice to see yours. I hope you have a good week.

  3. Oh your plants are beautiful friend! I love that shamrock plant! It is so whimsical!!! And that Heather is AMAZING! Like a punch of garden happiness in your face amazing! Goodness! I have read about Heather but I don't think it grows here in Chicago....though I wish I could grow it!! Yours has a brilliant color! Well you...I wish you a blessed warm week ahead! We may hit 50 degrees here tomorrow! My fingers are crossed! Take care sweet lady...Nicole xoxo

  4. Hello Wendy, hope things get better for you soon, lovely lady. I can still see the snow outside your door, even though the sun is shining ... we've seen you, you can go now!

    I was due to be born on St Patrick's Day, and as my family were of Irish descent, this was a good omen ... I can't be late to save my life, so instead appeared 17 days early on St David's day!

    Hope the temperature continues to rise and warm your days

    Love Claire xxx

  5. Yes I'm part Irish too, but only a bit, a few generations back on my mothers side. I've got some battery operated votive candles for my Christmas lights, no mess & no risk of me forgetting to blow the flame out before bed!

  6. Yes I have Irish descendants too on my mothers side way back when, I love your shamrocks plants Wendy they look lovely in you sunny little corner. I have lots of heather growing in my garden right now, it does look lovely when it's in bloom. Your candle holder is very pretty, would it hold a T light candle, they are the only candles I burn now because I hate the melting wax leaving a mess all over the place. I hope the temperature continues to rise and all that awful snow becomes a distant memory. xx

  7. No Irish in me whatsoever.
    I love heather,and miss seeing swathes of it across the moors. If yours is successful, I'll give it a go!
    Jane x

  8. I'm so pleased to see your post Wendy, and to know you are feeling brighter - just do what you can, when you can - whatever is best for you!
    That shamrock plant is such a stunning colour, and of course heather is always a favourite of mine being Scottish!
    Cody and Smudge are looking very happy and content with themselves and the sunshine aren't they - you all deserve some lovely weather after what you've been through this winter!
    You will miss your girl but before you know it she'll be back again and you'll be having good times together once more.
    Keep smiling and do nice things for yourself my friend, hugs, Joy xo

  9. Your shamrocks are very pretty Wendy, I hope that they keep blooming for you! The heather might be alright outside, it grows extensively in Scotland and although they don't get as much snow as you do, it is often covered very deep in snow all winter long and it survives very well there, so you might be alright. It is probably inexpensive enough to give it a go! xx

  10. Wendy que lindo!!!! yo tenia un trebol morado y lo perdíiiii!!!! cuídalo porque son delicados. Un abrazo!

  11. I love, love your shamrock and your bunny!! Oh my-I adore them both:) Years ago we had two bunny rabbits and we loved them so much, our kids did too, your bunny is so plump - he won't be visiting Mr. McGregor's garden will he? hehehe!

  12. I didn't know one can buy shamrocks. :-)

    Glad you are sounding like you are having bits of fun, here and there. Bits of fun are necessary! :-)

    Oh a pet bunny. In the sunshine. And your doggie too.

    As to the weather, we are having warmer temps and melting snow. But cold is coming back again. It's just the way it is.... What can we do? :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  13. Hello Wendy, you sound as if you are feeling a little brighter - just do as you wish.
    Your shamrock is beautiful as are all of your other plants. Your little tea light lamp is brilliant, I know you can get little lights that would fit and they are batttery operated, Ikea sell them. Not too sure if there is a store near to you.

    Take care

  14. I love your new plants! The two tone leaves of the shamrock are so cool! We have heather here in the northwest. It is blooming all over the place and it is a really a nice plant as it grows pretty big. I need to find a place in my garden for some heather. It is a perennial here but it is probably be an annual where you live. I'd google it. I am glad your family got out and had a nice dinner together. Spring will be there before you know it!

  15. It's going to be a slow road to spring, isn't it? I used to have several varieties of shamrock houseplants but with travelling, had to give them up and put them in our garden club plant sale. Will a tea light fit inside the candle holder? I use them more than votives for the very reason of how they can melt all over.

  16. i love those plants - i wonder if i could keep one alive? i have gotten a more greener thumb as i have gotten older. i just love the candle holder. always a fan of butterflies. i love bunnies too ... so cute!! ( :

  17. The purple variety is gorgeous!

  18. My two youngest granddaughters will be going to the St Patricks day parade in Leeds as their mum is Irish. Actually, I have Irish ancestors too. There is usually a big celebration and all proudly wear their shamrocks with pride!

  19. Your new plants are lovely.. I am also part Irish!! Spring is coming, I am sure it is just around the corner. If only this snow would stop!! We are having warm weather today and into tomorrow but after that temps drop and we are expecting a little more snow.. I hope that is it and old man winter is gone. Enjoy your week ahead!

  20. Looks like you spent a cozy weekend! lovely pets!!!

    I love heather - I had it in my garden in Vancouver. It was beautiful!


  21. I love the shamrock, so pretty, the purple leaves are stunning. I hope that you're having a good week and your spirits are lifted, this was a lovely post! Sarah xo


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