Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Good Egg

This long weekend is turning out very good indeed!  Thank you everyone with all your kind comments on my last post.  They have all helped me put things in perspective, and have dragged me out of a bit of sadness and I'm enjoying my day fully today!  The sunshine and blue skies also helped, and I even dragged out all the patio chairs from the garden shed and actually SAT OUTSIDE TO KNIT this afternoon!!  All of these were a restorative tonic to me and much needed. 

So with my knitting in my wooden bowl as I sat in my chaise, the dog lolling alongside with his head on my lap drifting off to sleep, and Smudge the bunny wheeled out in his cage with ears at the ready, but also drifting off to sleep in the sun, I was able to knit a pretty Good Egg! 

I even worked out a pattern (she said smugly), and if anyone wants to knit themselves A Good Egg for Easter, there's still time as these are quick to knit up (ok, I'll admit, it took me about an hour to knit one egg, but I'm a very slow knitter ... and there were interruptions from a certain young lady home from university!!).
So here we go:
A Good Egg ... A Pattern
Yarn Used:  Bernat Cotton (4 ply)
Needles:  3 mm DPNs (set of 4)
CO 3 sts
Holding the 'tail' and the working yarn together, knit each stitch onto a separate DPN, ending up with 2 'loops' on each of 3 DPNs
Drop the 'tail'
Round 1:  Kfb of all 'loops'  (12 sts)
Round 2:  K
Round 3:  *Kfb, K1, repeat from * to end  of round (18 sts)
Round 4:  K
Round 5:  *K1, M1, K2, repeat from * to end of round  (24 sts)
Round 6:  K
Round 7:  *K1, M1, K3, repeat from * to end of round  (30 sts)
Round 8:  K
Round 9:  *K1, M1, K4, repeat from * to end of round  (36 sts)
Round 10 - Round 15:  K
Round 16:  *K10, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (33 sts)
Round 17:  K
Round 18:  *K9, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round (30 sts)
Round 19:  K
Round 20:  *K8, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (27 sts)
Round 21 - Round 23:  K
Round 24:  *K7, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (24 sts)
Round 25:  K
Round 26:  *K6, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (21 sts)
Round 27:  *K5, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (18 sts)
Round 28:  *K4, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (15 sts)
Round 29:  *K3, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (12 sts)
Round 30:  *K2, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (9 sts)
Round 31:  *K1, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round  (6 sts)

Break thread and pull through last 6 sts and tie off.

Hopefully you'll end up with something like this ...

You can obviously change colours wherever you wish. 
Happy Easter Everyone and thanks for stopping by!


  1. That is a good egg!!! I need to learn how to knit! Enjoy your time with your family! And have a wonderful Easter Wendy!!!

    1. I'm glad that I finally learned how to knit :)

  2. Wonderful!!! It looks perfect, Wendy. Congrats :-)

  3. Happy Easter, Wendy. The knitted egg looks super :)

  4. ~ Ooh these are EGGTASTIC! Wendy! YOU are a clever one.....
    With chocolate 'Twinkles' ****** To YOU! Enjoy the rest of the Easter break, my friend! ~ Love Maria x

    1. Thanks Maria ;) One day left (Monday) and then back to same old, same old.

  5. Hello Wendy, I'm just catching up with my blogs today as I took to my bed on Saturday, so Easter's passed me by ths year! I've just read your Good Friday post, and loved the pictures and could understand your melancholy, but glad that you enjoyed the day nevertheless. I will send you a long and newsy email, I promise, when I have something interesting to tell you!

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter holidays, and will be n touch soon, I promise!

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Hi Claire, I'm so sorry you missed Easter this year and were feeling poorly. I hope you were at least able to have some family in to comfort you and that they saved a chocolate or two for you. No fun being sick on holidays. I look forward to your email, but don't push yourself ... rest easy. It's snowing here today ... and that is NOT an April Fool's joke!! Thankfully it's nothing serious and only a few flakes skipping along on the breeze. Take care :)

  6. Oh I love your good egg Wendy,thankyou for sharing this pattern,I would love to have a go at this. Thankyou so much for popping in to see me ,lots of love juliexxxx

    1. You're quite welcome Julie! I knitted up one more 'test' egg following what I had written here, and didn't run into any problems with it. Enjoy :)

  7. I just love the egg....but I'm a crochet-er! I also appreciate your cute little vase, too.

    1. Well, I can't help you with crochet :( but there are lots of free patterns on Ravelry. I love my little terrier vase too ... I picked him up at an antique market that used to be up the road from me (now closed).

  8. Oh I wish I had seen this before Easter!! Thank you for the pattern, I have to bookmark it for next year!

    1. I'll admit I was somewhat tardy in getting the pattern up there (the day before Easter!). Glad you found it though ;)

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