Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Ready

Everything here is on it's last burst of glory, and much of the fall splendour is now dwindling.  These bright berries always ripen just before Christmas and make a nice welcome at my front step:

The spirea is clinging tightly to its final showy gown:

A neighbour's rattling poplar has lost all but the uppermost jewels:

And the maples are now bare with the wind whistling through their skeleton bones:

All leading me to one persistent thought ... winter is soon upon us, and with that ... Christmas.  Time to be busy and get some little things made up.

I'm finishing up a small project with the extra hexies I made:

Two little somethings in the works:

A bit more machine sewing before completion (never enough time!):

I gathered some pinecones this week, with another project in mind for my father:

You see where this is going, don't you?  Together with little pieces to be cut out, stitched together, and embroidered.

Wandered through the thrift store recently, and found a few interesting bits.  These beads I would like to make into some sort of garland, not necessarily for Christmas, but for year round.  I'm thinking of adding some wooden spools with a little extra something wrapped around them, but will share more when I have more completed.  These beads are from the 60s or 70s judging by the "macrame" label on the tub.  I once made a macrame lampshade for an art project, and my parents lovingly kept it on a lamp for many, many years.  I remember my fingers worked into blisters braiding that rough hemp. 

Another thrift store find ... who can resist gingerbread?!  We always make a gingerbread house at Christmas, and I never let the kids eat it because I figure they'll break their teeth on it once it's been out for a while.  My kids have always resented me for this, but this year I am relenting and I told them if they make a house, they can eat it too.  It scents up the kitchen so nicely.  This book had some interesting possiblities.

And more thriftiness ...

This book has some very inspirinig ideas for quilting etc.  I plan on working through some of the projects through the winter months.

And this brings me to my Christmas cactus, which is blooming just ahead of the busy season, but never fails to impress us all. 

Such beautiful blooms! 

So goodbye Fall, it's been yet another brief but beautiful encounter, and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. This is all looking very interesting, can't wait to see what you've created! :)

  2. Brrr it has gone ever so chilly and down right wet here too Wendy!
    Don't think there is any going back now , winter is most certainly upon us...
    Can't wait ever to see your creations...
    Sending kind thoughts....
    Love Maria x

  3. Thanks ladies ... I guess I'll have to get crack-a-lackin!! Wendy

  4. I love the bottom photo with all of the leaves. Are they laying on a glass table or pressed in glass? It's so pretty with the light shining through! I love leaves!

    1. Thank you! These leaves are stuck in between two pieces of clear, sticky contact paper, and then just taped onto my window. I like doing this each fall as we get sun through this window and the leaves look so brilliant for just a bit longer after the leaves on the ground turn brown :)

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